How thrilling can a hunting trip be, the adrenaline rush, the fear of not hitting the target, the sweaty hands, it’s just a mix of so many emotions coupled with fear, and for the first-timers getting a hit is less likely achievable than getting a miss. But then again we have the optical sighting devices incorporated in the rifle to help you achieve a clean hit.

At the Hunting Mark, we are more than happy to provide you with reliable information on the different hunting rifles and offer you information on how to make sure that you get a reliable rifle. Beginners will also get to learn how to sight in scope and the professionals could pick new tactics or sharpen their already existing hunting skills.


Ever heard of tactical scopes well the latter is designed to enable you to hit any target that is at a faraway distance, but you also have to adjust your scope appropriately before you can subdue your target at a range of 1000 yards. The tactical scopes are thus equipped with three adjustment levels that you can customize to achieve the perfect shot.

There is also the hunting sniper scope, which apart from skills; you also have to invest in the best gadget, which we all know might leave a very big dent in your bank account. So basically what a hunting scope does is that it lays a targeting reticule over the amplified image. Hunting Mark has thus provided you with conclusive information on the best sniper scopes that you can invest in when preparing for your hunting trip.

Remember we talked about missing targets at the beginning of this excerpt, well, if you want to hit your target accurately then get a shotgun. The latter is one of the most powerful shooting weapons as it will take down both the small and large wild game. Even more interesting is that it is at its best when used at short-range sights.

If you are not familiar with how they work, then let me give you a refresher course, shotguns in movies are characteristic of small red dots, and mind you the external conditions can never affect the reliability and effectiveness of the gadget. Our aim at hunting Mark, therefore, is to ensure that you understand exactly what it is you are getting when purchasing either a rifle or a shotgun.

The two are thus, very different in design and how they are utilized, shotguns do feature a bead sight, and during use, they are never aimed but rather pointed, because they are used on moving targets. They, therefore, have a round bead at the top of the barrel just a tad bit close to the muzzle. Let us see the available options when choosing the shotgun sights.

For one, there is the Bushnell TRS 25, which apart from being affordable is also very effective; the advantage of using the TRS 25 is that it comes with up to 11 different brightness settings. The shotgun sight is durable, fog proof and waterproof, what’s more, is that it can be used on any shotgun and is very easy to install.

You will also be able to find other more reliable shotgun sights such as the Eotech 512, the Trijicon RMR and the TruGlo Tru-Tec 30mm. We know that you want to make the most out of your hunting escapades and we, therefore, went all out to find the best scope that will offer you an excellent range of spots, which is the Vortex scope. The latter has placed the bar high when it comes to the rifle scopes by upgrading some of the most basic and advanced features.

And the one advantage of investing in the Vortex scope is that they can be used by the different categories of users whether they are the long-range challenger, the hunter or the target shooter. Some of the Vortex scopes with comprehensive information are such as the Vortex optics Diamondback, the Vortex Razor HD Gen II and the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle.

Whether a beginner or a professional you can trust Hunting Mark to provide you with information on whichever type of hunting scope that you need, whether it is a fixed power scope, or if you want the best that you can use on 223 rifles or for the 338 Lapua. Lastly, extensive information on the best FFP scopes for the money has also been provided.

The 300 Mag rifles come in varieties, therefore, our extensive review is to help you decide on the one that best suits your mission. What we mean to say is that you should get a rifle that will not tear your deer into so many pieces but will still kill it and let you do the separating of the meat. We, therefore, offer you information on the Best 300 Win Mag rifles.

Examples of the rifles are the Armalite 30-A1 that does a good job when shooting steel or the prairie dogs. There is also the Kimber Model 8400 Advanced Tactical I & II that besides being hand-built will perform exceptionally well in long ranges. The outer coating material incorporated protects the rifle and can be utilized in any type of environment.

Other interesting options are the Savage Model 110 BAS and the New Ruger Hawkeye Long-Range that is not easily available but will give you good results in shooting.

Another category that you will find useful in the Hunting Mark are the single-stage reloading presses, the latter are a must-have for users who are accustomed to using high power rifles. And by investing in the reloading press the hunter will be able to shoot more and you can thus enjoy the low cost when compared to purchasing ammo.

To this end, we offer you information on the best single stage reloading presses such as the Hornady Lock and Load, which features a quick change die system that enables the loading of different cartridges and calibers.

There is also the Lee Precision Breech Lock that is a good option for the casual re-loaders, it also has a large shell entry opening to allow users to set the case in its rightful place, or remove it after priming. The presser has also been equipped with an effective primer catcher that reduces littering by directing the primers to your preferred trash site.

Other options are such as the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Ammo and the Forster CO-AX whose features make it a viable option for the precision or the general-purpose loader. Information on presses for volume reloading has also been provided, and the progressive presses, that allow users to load up to 300 or even more within an hour.

And to enhance the presses’ volume potential, the presses are normally equipped with a case or bullet feeder. And, as you enter into the world of loading presses there is some basic information that you need to have at your fingertips, for example, a single-stage system is normally used whether it is a shotshell or a centerfire reloading system.

The other thing is that for you to comfortably load a cartridge into the single-stage, press the case, which is then moved into each station on the H- bar system or the turret on the reloader. Hunting requires preparation so that you can ensure you have the appropriate gear and accessories that will enable you to finish your mission successfully, without the unnecessary breaks to get something that you might have forgotten.


One such accessory are the two-point slings that are characteristic of a simple strap that will go between the barrel and your rifle’s stock for ease of carrying in the back, the use of the two-point sling is one age-old tradition that has simply refused to go away, maybe because of convenience. Using the above has some advantages to it, such as comfort and adjustability, and the fact that it ensures that your weapon is firmly placed on your body.

The slings come in varieties such as the Magpul two-point MS that has incorporated some new features like the MS1 slider that has been found to enable quick adjusts. And the major advantage of this sling is that it can be utilized by any long gun. What’s more is that it comes at a length of 60 inches, making it easier for use by the huge guys, who also wear some of the bulkiest armor.

The sling has also been made with strong and durable material that will function even in the harshest of conditions.

Two-way radios

The two-way radio is sometimes known as the walkie talkie or just the two way, this gadget might seem irrelevant if you are going on a short hunting trip, but just like we have not been promised life, you have no idea of what to expect while in the wild, as a lot can happen even in just two minutes.

So before you settle on the walkie talkie that you will use on your mission, ensure that it can provide you with a good signal even if you have to go deeper into the forest and can even send your location. Hunters therefore, prefer to use the police or military-grade walkie talkie because of their efficiency and the fact that many hunters have attested to using them when in trouble and how it saved their lives.

Hunting Mark does have extensive information on the walkie talkies and some of the best-reviewed are such as the Cobra PR562BLT, the Uniden MHS126 and the Midland GXT1000Vp4 two way radios. The latter does have some good sound quality over long ranges; however, in mountains and on bad weather, you are bound to experience difficulties.

The walkie talkie is water-resistant and camo-coated, it will, therefore, give you a long service because it can stand the harsh weather conditions.

Shooting glasses

Have you ever wondered why the yellow shooting glass is preferred by professional hunters and even sportsmen, the reason is that they enhance the contrast and thus make the lighting brighter than it actually is and in the process improves visual acuity. Remember that this is one gear that you should ensure is of good quality because if the glass happens to shatter due to impact then you will end up with pieces of glass in your eyes.

What’s more, is that they come in different styles and types such as the clay shooters that are used in shooting pigeons, there are also the clear glasses that come in handy when shooting in the long ranges, and lastly, there are the tinted glasses.

Hunting Mark has, therefore, sampled for you some of the best shooting glasses, such as the Action Eliters Tactical Eyewear, that feature a protective wrap around that protects your eyes from pieces of flying debris. They are also scratch-resistant and you can store them knowing that either side of the lens are not susceptible to scratches.

There are also the Blue pond Sport Safety Glasses that feature a very cool design and are best for use in the night. Another protective eyewear is the Brownells magnifying safety glasses that have been designed to view the intricate details and act as the correct safety shooting glasses.

The Bug out bags

Bug out bags are necessary for containing the relevant supplies that you will need while out in the wild. And remember if you are planning on going hunting then the bug out should be the first thing that you prepare and prior to leaving you should ensure that it contains at least three days’ supply of water and food.

The bags, come in different sizes, designs and different missions. For example, there are the hiking packs, the wide shoulder straps, and the sling bags that are mini bug out bags designed to take care of your necessities until you get to the big and main bug out bag.


Tactical flashlights are a necessity and should be made of sturdy material, be easy to use, and have very bright light. The lights are normally utilized when carrying out dynamic police operations such as the search and rescue operations or raids. They, therefore, come in two categories, which are the weapon mounted and the handheld.

Hunting Mark also has extensive and important information on the ear protection muffs and plugs and the best military watches and pens to use in your mission.