3 Best Red Dots for Hellcat – A Complete Detailed Guide


The Springfield Armory Hellcat is a versatile, micro-compact pistol that has been designed to meet your specific shooting needs as it maintains its portability levels. The Hellcat pistol seamlessly accepts the smallest red dot sights that dominate the electro-optical market. Let us take a look at the best red dots for Hellcat that will elevate your shooting experience and ensure successful hunting.

Have you ever wondered why the red dot sights that are compatible with the Springfield Armory Hellcat are different from the ones that are compatible with other weapons? Well, I would say it startles me too. When I was trying to find the best red dot sight for my Hellcat, I came to realize that the red dots that I needed for a better shooting experience, were entirely different. For this particular reason, I found myself on the most intense shopping spree as there were multiple options to choose from. So, if you are looking for the best red dot for your Hellcat, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, I have compiled 3 of the best red dots for Hellcat that I have come across, to help you find the best companion for your hunting escapades. The table below serves as a summary of their top features, identifies their similarities and outlines the major differences between them.

3 Best Red Dots for Hellcat- A Comparison Table

Dot Size
Optical Magnification
Brightness Adjustment Settings
Call to Action
J Point Micro Reflex Sight
Shield RMSC Red Dot Sight
Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Red Dot Sight
8 manual plus automatic

3 Best Red Dots for Hellcat- Reviews

J Point Micro Reflex Sight – Our Top Recommendation

Crafted from a durable polymer material, the J Point Micro reflex Sight is versatile enough to cater for all your shooting enough and resilient enough to withstand tough use in all kinds of environments. It is compact and lightweight with a matte black finish to help you conceal your shooting position when you are trying to sneak up on your target. You could assume that its super small size may affect gun balance and handling, but its stability is unmatched. It has a 4 MOA dot for precise shooting and it provides you with a nearly unrestricted field of you that effectively contributes to easy target identification and rapid target acquisition.


  • Battery life of up to 5,000 hours
  • 4 MOA dot
  • 1x optical magnification
  • Automatic brightness settings
  • Runs on one CR2032 Lithium battery

The features of the J Point Micro Reflex Sight are always on as it features an effective micro-chip control that does not require any switches or adjustments. Its LED inserts have been designed to sense the light levels in your surrounding environment and then it automatically sets the brightness of your dot for optimum visibility in all ambient lighting conditions. This comes in handy when you are shooting in low light conditions or daylight brightness. Its optical lenses are coated to ensure that you are able to acquire a clear, crisp and bright sight picture at all times during hours of observation. It is fitted with a protective cover that significantly extends its battery life and offers added protection to its lens from oil, dirt and dust. It has 25 inches of both windage and elevation adjustments at a distance of 20 yards.


  • Rapid and accurate target acquisition
  • Compact and sophisticated design
  • Reliable battery performance
  • Exceptionally wide field of view
  • Unlimited eye relief for comfortable viewing at all times


  • Is not compatible with night vision devices


The J Point Micro reflex Sight is a great addition to your Hellcat rifle and it is a guarantee of rapid target acquisition. It has an automatic brightness sensor that easily adjusts the brightness of your dot to match your surroundings.

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Shield RMSC Red Dot Sight – decent optical performance

The Shield RMSC Red Dot Sight features a compact and sophisticated design that ensures it portability and it has an anodized matte finish that helps you camouflage tour shooting position as you try to sneak up on your target. It is crafted from a tough polymer material that makes it rugged enough for use in all kinds of environments. It has been specifically designed for EDC and single-stack pistols such as the Springfield Armory Hellcat. Just to mention more about its construction quality, it is constructed from a Si02 Qurtz hard coating to expand its resilience levels to wear and tear that happens when you shoot frequently.


  • 4 MOA dot
  • Runs on CR2032 Lithium battery
  • 1x optical magnification
  • Automatic brightness adjustment

It allows you to shoot better by providing you with a single point of focus. Its unique design allows you to co-witness with standard iron sights. Its lenses are coated to ensure consistent optical clarity despite the lighting conditions in your environment. It is water resistant and fog proof but only to a certain extent. It has an auto-brightness sensor that seamlessly adjusts the brightness levels of the red dot to match the lighting conditions in your environment. In addition to that, it allows for seamless transition while shooting and ensures that you are able to enjoy an immersive shooting experience, whether you are out hunting or when sports shooting.


  • Immersive shooting experience
  • Durable build quality
  • Holds zero quite well
  • Seamless transition while shooting
  • Water resistant and fog proof


  • Does not have manual brightness settings to choose from


The Shield RMSC red dot sight has been designed for use in all kinds of environments. It delivers an exceptional sight picture and it has a durable build quality.

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Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Red Dot Sight – great option for those on a budget

The Sig Sauer Romeo features a simplistic design with a matte black finish that makes it ideal for use in tactical shooting scenarios. It has been designed for use with concealed-carry and slim side profiles such as single-stack 1911, Polymer pistols and sub-compact firearms. It features an advanced optical system that is fitted with SpectraCoat HD polymer lenses which have proven to have 10 times the impact resistance levels of a traditional glass lens.


  • 6 MOA dot
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • 8 brightness settings
  • 10 year battery life
  • 1x optical magnification

It features 8 brightness settings that allow you to adjust the intensity of the dot to match the lighting conditions in your environment. It features a MOTAC system that powers it on when it senses any kind of motion and goes off when it senses a prolonged level of dormancy.it is parallax free and it provides you with an unlimited eye relief to ensure your eye comfort during hours of observation. It offers a dependable battery life of 10 years and it runs on readily available CR2032 batteries.


  • Decent optical performance
  • Dependable battery performance
  • Large dot for close-range shooting
  • Runs on readily available batteries
  • Durable, versatile and potable waterproof


  • You need to continuously re-zero it to replace your batteries


Considering the fact that the Sig Romeo Zero is crafted from a lightweight polymer material, it will not at any point weigh down your rear and it is an affordable option to your Springfield Armory Hellcat firearm.

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What to look for when looking for the best red dot sight for Hellcat – Buying guide

Alongside the hunting knowledge and skills that you may have acquired over the years, you may need to use the best quality equipment to ensure an immersive shooting experience. Purchasing a red dot sight for your Springfield Armory Hellcat would mean increased speed and pinpoint accuracy during target acquisition. To find the best red dot for hellcat, you would need to consider the following factors;

The Design of the Reticle and the Overall Structure of the Red Dot

The reticle in your red dot sight serves as the aiming point that has been projected towards the objective lens that you will be viewing from before target acquisition. Generally, most reticles differ in terms of their shapes, sizes and patterns. Most reticles are illuminated to help you shoot your target easily and instantaneously. Some reticles have a complex reticle pattern while others have a simplistic pattern.

If you are more inclined to long range shooting, you may want to settle for a red dot sight that has a smaller dot because they provide you with an incredibly wide field of view for easier identification of your target. If you have vision problems and are more inclined to close-quarters target acquisition, you are better off settling for red dot sights with larger dots. The outer rings on your red dot are also important as they provide you with optical consistency and a greater sense of direction.

Design and Structure of the Red Dot Sight

The question here is whether you prefer an open or a closed tube design. But, this entirely depends on what you are using the red dot sight for. Open red dot sights are comprised of a flat base with a simple loop of material that supports their reflective optics. Advantageously, they are lightweight and they have a smaller footprint.

The tube red dot sights are almost similar to what riflescopes look like. They feature dust covers and they provide you with the ability to add filters such glare reducing sunshades and haze filters. Also, if you are looking for a more versatile and rugged option, you would be impressed by the performance of the tube sights when you are moving across unruly weather or dynamic temperatures.

Battery life and power

Considering the fact that red dot sights are electronic devices, their battery life and power sources are things that you would need to keep in mind when trying to find the best one for your Hellcat Reflex sights use LED illumination to enhance your optical experience during target acquisition. This means that they use a very little amount of power and they have a prolonged battery life.

Holographic red dot sights on the other hand, use lasers. This means that they run out of battery really fast and they require a lot of energy to charge. At times, you could find either reflex or holographic sites that use alternative source of power such as fiber optics or tritium capsules. This are a better investment because they lack electronic parts. The only defect is that, they are not as illuminated as the LED and Laser powered sights.


There are multiple options in the electro-optical market but we have selected a few of the best that we have used with the Springfield Armory. To get the best quality equipment, always ensure that you have mastered your shooting needs and have fully understood your personal preferences.


  1. Can the Sig Romeo Zero fit my Sig M17?

Not at all.

  1. Does the J Point Micro Reflex Sight fit on my Ruger SR1911?

Yes, it does.


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