Aimpoint M68 Vs Pro – Which Sight performs better


Whether you are looking to buy new sights to use with your carbine or handgun; or whether you are looking to replace the less effective sights that you own, Aimpoint has got you covered and will, therefore, offer you a good bang for the buck, and are super easy to use during transitioning.

Aimpoint Pro boasts of highly effective optics to the point of earning the name “Patrol Rifle optics,” the unit has been configured for use by professionals in law enforcement and apart from being durable it is highly versatile and enables faster target acquisition. The Aimpoint M68 also known as COMPM2 is highly effective thus adopted for use by the U.S. Air force, the U.S army among other armed forces of the NATO countries.

Both the Aimpoint Pro and the M68 seem to be highly effective sights so let us see how they fare when they go head to head.

What are the differences between the Aimpoint M68 and the Aimpoint Pro?

Aimpoint M68
Aimpoint Pro
45m (150ft)
Battery Life
10,000hrs of constant use

100,000 hrs on NVD settings

30,000hrs of constant use
Night vision compatibility
Yes with 4 Night vision settings
Temperature Range
-45° – +71° c, (50° – + 160°F)
-49°F to + 160° F
Brightness settings
6 Daylight settings with one extra bright
4NVD, 6 Daylight with one extra bright
Surface finish
Hard anodized, matte


Hard anodized non-reflective surface
Anti-reflex coating and multi-layer coating objective lens
Front solid, rear transparent ( user can shoot with both eyes open)

Aimpoint M68 Vs Pro- How do they compare?


If you have been looking for a rugged sight that can be used underwater then the Aimpoint M68 and the Aimpoint Pro should suffice because they will afford you impressive submersible depths. For example, the Aimpoint M68 can go to a depth of 25m without compromising on effectiveness and the Aimpoint pro will afford you an astonishing 45m depth into the water making it the best overall for use by the naval or marine units and for recreational.

Night Vision Compatibility

When a sight is night vision compatible it is good but being night vision compatible with the relevant night vision settings is the real deal. The Aimpoint M68, therefore, is night vision compatible and that is all that you will get but the Aimpoint pro is not only night vision compatible but comes incorporated with up to 4-night vision settings, meaning you get to customize the unit until you can achieve the most accurate vision.

For the Aimpoint M68, you have only been provided with up to 6 daylight settings with one that is extra bright; with the above settings the sight is highly effective when used indoors or at the range with the sun in full glare. Overall, however, is that the Aimpoint pro is the better unit because it has up to 10 levels of bright settings with 4 dedicated for use with the night vision equipment.

Surface finish

Sights rarely incorporate reflective surfaces because they will surely distort your vision, to which end the Aimpoint M68 features a matte finish, black in color which doesn’t give light the chance to settle on the surface and you can, therefore, peak around your environment without your eyes being stung with reflections.

The same goes for the Aimpoint Pro and given that this unit has greatly been adopted for use by the law enforcement agencies, the manufacturer has, therefore, intentionally incorporated a non-reflective surface thus offers efficiency and precision. Our best choice as regards the surface finish is the Aimpoint M68 with the dark matte finish which instead of reflecting light it will absorb it.

Optical performance

Did you know that the M68 was used as a benchmark against which all the developed combat optics are measured. So for one, you must understand that it doesn’t offer magnification, has unlimited eye relief, is night vision compatible, and has incorporated the Anti-reflexive coating and a multi-layer coating objective lens.

The optics light source is LED, and which is absolutely safe for the eyes, the Aimpoint Pro sights, on the other hand, is fully compatible with almost all generations of the night division devices, and that simple fact makes it the better unit when compared to the M68.

For both sights you must know that they are parallax free, the above is indicative that the red dot will remain visibly parallel to the bore of your weapon, and that is even if you change the angle of your eyes in relation to your sight. The above then means that you don’t have to sweat it trying to center the dot inside the sight.

What’s more is that the Aimpoint sights give shooters the liberty to keep both their eyes open during target acquisition, and besides you will be constantly aware of the on-goings of the surrounding environment.

Aimpoint M68 VS Aimpoint Pro- A Comparison Overview

Aimpoint M68

Aimpoint Comp M2 M68 Close Combat Optic CCO Double Battery Holder
  • lets you install two batteries and thus gives your CCO more battery life

The best thing about the Aimpoint M68 is that it holds up well under rough physical handling and will perform well under severe weather conditions and temperatures. The units are submersible up to about 25m deep, and will seamlessly integrate with every generation of the night vision devices.

The battery life will last with regards to use, so if you constantly use it with the night vision devices and setting then you can expect a service of up to 100,000 hrs.


  • The sight is parallax free thus no centering required
  • Made with high strength aluminum
  • The sight is night vision compatible


  • Fails to properly screw into the CCO

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Aimpoint Pro

Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight with QRP2 Mount and Spacer - 2 MOA - 12841
  • Designed to deliver premium performance under harsh conditions
  • 2 MOA dot with 4 Night and 6 Daylight brightness settings
  • Up to 3 years of continuous operation using one DL1/3N battery (included)
  • Front and rear flip-up lens covers included; In-service and battery change date decal

So apart from just being night vision compatible the Aimpoint pro comes with 4 customizable night vision settings and 6 daylight settings. The Unit can be submerged into water to up to 45m, and the incorporated battery will serve you for a good 30, 000hrs. Using the unit is pretty easy despite its bulky nature, for one the adjustment caps have incorporated the strap retainers so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

The unit comes equipped with a 2MOA dot perfect for precision shooting and fast target acquisition.


  • Incorporated glass offers good clarity
  • The provided red dot is highly dependable
  • Comes equipped with a high-quality mount


  • Not convenient for the long term

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If you are looking for an Aimpoint sight with adjustable brightness settings then the Aimpoint pro will suffice, but if you are looking for a unit that can be used with the night vision equipment complete with dedicated daylight settings then the Aimpoint M68 in your unit.

Final Verdict: So which is better between the AimpointM68 or the Aimpoint Pro?

The Aimpoint Pro is the better unit because it enables accurate target acquisition and precision thanks to the incorporated 4-night vision and 6 daylight brightness settings.


  1. Can the Aimpoint pro acquire a target with the covers closed?

The rear flip cover is transparent which then gives the user permission to engage a target even if both the lenses have been covered, more especially in an emergency.

  1. Can the Aimpoint be used in wet and humid conditions?

The Aimpoint can be submerged into water at 25m deep, besides the outer body has been configured to ensure effectiveness in severe weather conditions and temperatures.


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