Aimpoint Pro Review – The Truth About This Budget Model


For many years the Aimpoint manufacturing industry has succeeded in producing a strong and solid red dot for your favorite rifle. The Aimpoint Pro (Patrol Rifle Optic) is one of the most ideal choices especially If you are looking to benefit from a red dot that is bomb proof and can operate for 3 years using only one single battery.

Red dot optics are uniquely manufactured to achieve a fast target acquisition when the shooter is located at a very close range to the target. With a red dot aiming becomes a very simple task. All you need to do is position your red dot to the target. The Aimpoint Pro is specially designed for durability and dependability.

If you normally fire between 25-200 yards this is definitely the fastest and most ideal option for you. It is important to remember that this optic does not provide shooters with any magnification level and it is not the best choice for long range shooting activities.

Aimpoint Pro Review and Breakdown

Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight with QRP2 Mount and Spacer - 2 MOA - 12841
  • Designed to deliver premium performance under harsh conditions
  • 2 MOA dot with 4 Night and 6 Daylight brightness settings
  • Up to 3 years of continuous operation using one DL1/3N battery (included)
  • Front and rear flip-up lens covers included; In-service and battery change date decal

The glass of the Aimpoint optic is very crisp and clear. It also comes with an anti-reflective coating. If you want to make your image sharper, this optic is designed with a threading at the front side that gives you the option of screwing it onto another anti-reflective scope. This 2 MOA red dot has a tube style design and comes with 10 different brightness settings. 4 of these settings are compatible with night vision features. There is also the QRP2 rail grabber mount that functions on 3v lithium batteries. This red dot is one of the budget friendly and affordable options from the Aimpoint catalogue.

If you are looking to benefit from the dependability of an Aimpoint optic, however, you are working with a very tight budget, this is an excellent option to consider. Its rugged design proves that you can drop it in water, freeze it or even torch it and this will not compromise the red dot’s function.

What we liked

  • At 150 feet this optic is resistant to factors such as water. It functions well even when immersed in water
  • It comes with adjustment cap retainer straps and a battery
  • It comes with additional battery changes and shooters can make use of the service reminders
  • The lens openings are recessed
  • The spacer can be removed
  • Works well with all types of ARD devices.

What we didn’t like

  • It is not the most comfortable optic to use
  • It is not designed with a brightness adjustment setting

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Aimpoint Pro Red Dot Specifications

Aimpoint Pro
Reticle Size
Light Settings
Battery Type
One 3V Lithium battery type 2L76 or DL1/3N
7.8 oz

Aimpoint Pro Red Dot Features

The Dot

The Aimpoint Pro has a very crisp and clear 2 MOA dot. This dot can perform both very close-range shots and accurate shots that can cover up to 300 yards. The Aimpoint Pro comes with 10 brightness settings including 4 settings that are compatible with night vision features. This sight works well in any kind of lighting condition. It does not matter if the background is covered with snow or it is a sunny day with really bright reflections, the dot will still perform excellently.

It is important to remember that this red dot can also be easily seen from the other end and this factor can sell out your position if your enemy is facing your direction. If this factor worries you, it is advisable to purchase an anti-reflective device or you can also close up the front lens cap to achieve range shots at a close distance. The rear cap is see-through while the front cap is opaque.

Battery Life

One great feature about the Aimpoint Pro is the amazing battery life. If you are looking to benefit from the dependability and the peace of mind, this red dot is a great option for you. This sight boasts of having 30,000 hours of battery life. This translates to 3.5 years of battery life when operating at a brightness setting of level 7. It is important to remember that exposing the sight to very cold temperatures could affect the battery life of the sight.

Aimpoint Pro is not designed with any kind of motion activated feature or standby mode feature. It simply depends on the low energy usage factor. It is manufactured for an ever ready, always on mode. Shooters can also extend the battery life by choosing the lower brightness level when it is not in use. Another factor to remember is that there is no turn off option for this Aimpoint. Modifying the brightness setting to a lower level will activate the night vision mode which is not visible to the human eye, however, the red dot will still be on. The only way you can completely shut off the optic is by taking out its battery.


This sight is delivered with a QRP2 rail grabber mount which can also be used on Picatinny rail. Once it has been mounted, you can turn the knob until it clicks 3 times and it is ready for use. The QRP2 comes with torque-limiting twist factors that provides you with a great level of pressure. With this pressure, you are guaranteed that your rail will not be deformed in any kind of way.

The height of the mount is specially designed for a complete co-witness with an AR platform. This means that the height will be really high especially for  other scopes. Shooters can make use of any other third-party mount of their choice to fix it.

Sighting In

The turret modifications are precise. When it comes to the click value, one single click is equal to 0.7 inches at 100 yards. These turrets cannot be modified using your fingers. Shooters require a flathead to achieve this. This is not bad because you are only required to modify it only once. It is not advisable to recalibrate it all the time.

The turret caps of the Aimpoint Pro stop any kind of intentional modifications. One great thing is that these straps are designed on both turret caps. Unlike many other red dots, you are not likely to displace the turret caps when you take it out for modifications.


Aimpoint Pro can maintain zero to any round. This includes springer air-gun, shotgun or a. 600 NE. It is important to remember that this sight is air-gun rated. This means that it can withstand the 2 directional recoil of springer air-guns that are quite unique. It is resistant to water up to 150 feet deep. It is also rated at –49 to 160 degrees. Since it is also resistant to water, shooters can easily clean it and wash it.

It comes with shockproof factors as well as chemical, humidity, and vibrational resistance. To sum it all up the Aimpoint Pro is a rugged and dependable option. Shooters also get to enjoy a warranty period of 2 years if they are using the sight for any kind of competition or professional use. There is a 10-year warranty period for any shooter who is using this sight for any kind of normal activity.

Who is it Best Suited For?

This red dot is a favorite amongst recreational shooters, professional shooters as well as hunters. It is specially designed to meet the needs of tactical shooters such as police officers and professionals in the military.

Are there any alternatives to the Aimpoint Pro?

Yes, there are. Some of the most ideal options include the EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight and the Sig Sauer Romeo 5

Features of the Aimpoint Pro alternatives

EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
Sig Sauer Romeo 5
Reticle Size
Weather Proof
11.5 Oz
5.29 Oz
5.6 inches


Aimpoint Pro is one of the best red dots in the market. The capability of this sight to withstand harmful factors from external influence is amazing. Shooters are guaranteed that the sight will perform excellently even when exposed to acute weather conditions. It is also very strong and durable. The battery life can last up to 30,000 hours and it will work well even at your time of need.


  1. Which is a better option, the Aimpoint Pro or the EOTech?

Aimpoint Pro is definitely a more ideal choice especially if you are in a situation where you need to grab your rifle and immediately start firing. The more intricate EOTech that makes use of a sturdy laser is really harsh on the battery. It can only operate with Lithium or Alkaline type of batteries.

  1. Is Aimpoint a good brand?

Yes. The products from Aimpoint are excellent. They come with a great battery life, they are very well manufactured and you are guaranteed that the performance level will be excellent.


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