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Smart hunting requires that you take your time in searching for an efficient rifle scope, and the features that you will be looking out for are such as the sights lenses. If your target is placed far away then you are going to need a lens that provides you with a clear view of your prey at both the low and high magnifications, a good example being the Athlon Argo Btr

Other important features that you must put into consideration are such as the objective lens, the sights parallax, which enables you to acquire the target even when your head has moved from the lens.  The Athlon Argos Btr therefore, retails at a budget-friendly price and is highly effective, the reason why many people are shifting from the famous sights like the vortex to the Athlon Argos, while others are simply looking to increase their optical sights collection by investing in high a performance but a budget-friendly unit.

Athlon Argos Btr rifle scope was made to impress, and you can tell by how effective the new advanced turrets are; the sight also offers the best performance in tracking. If you are, therefore, still wondering why everyone is all of a sudden getting behind the Athlon Argos Btr, below is a comprehensive review of the riflescope and more of its highly functional features that are making it disappear on the shelves.

Athlon Argos Btr Review and Breakdown

To effectively use the Athlon Argos Btr you must ensure that you have an equally effective scope base, and if you are going to use it for long-range shooting then you will need extra accessories such as a scope base, and the proper rings which complement the riflescope tube. The Argos Btr version are available in two models the 6-24 and the 8-34, we will, however, be looking at the 6-24 version.

Argos Btr 6-24 model comes equipped with a large objective lens measuring 50mm, the parallax adjustments begin from 10 yards to 500. The above configuration allows the unit to cater to the needs of the different categories of users, to which end the ten yards adjustments will efficiently suffice the air gunners among other groups.

The rifle scope through the knob at the top of the sight, will afford users about 18mills or 60 MOA of adjustments elevation. The rifle scope comes equipped with 11 illumination settings, which allows the users to tweak the sight until they get the right dot intensity in low light illumination. The 11 levels also allows the shooter to customize their targets background.

And unlike the optical reflex sights that will only offer you a 1x magnification the Btr rifle scope provides up to 4x magnification, which makes it highly effective in the multiple shooting disciplines. To make it more functional the manufacturer equipped the sight with the fully multicoated optics meant to make images observed in dark environments clear.

What we liked;

  • The sight features the advanced fully multicoated lenses
  • Has a large objective diameter lens at 50mm.
  • Made with the durable Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • The scope is waterproof
  • The scope can withstand 1000G recoil for 1000times

What we didn’t like;

  • Fails to hold zero
  • The turret tracking is unreliable

Athlon Argos Btr specifications

Athlon Argos Btr
Objective lens diameter
Aluminum tube diameter
Eye relief
3.3 inches
Field of view
@ 100 yards 16.7-4.5
29.6 ounces
Exit pupil
8.2- 2.1mm
Click value
17 x 5 x 4 inches

Athlon Argos Btr features

Build and structure

Athlon Argos Btr has been crafted from the durable 6061-T-6 Aircraft-grade aluminum which is known to have exceptional strength and comes complete with superior mechanical integrity designed to make the optics resistant when exposed to various levels of impact from external forces. And still, on construction, the manufacturer was keen to protect the lens from dirt, oil, grease, and sand, and to achieve the above, a special XPL protective coating has been applied to the lens.

Because of the above, the scope has automatically been made versatile and can, therefore, be used in any environment regardless of the condition. The elevation and windage knobs are quite responsive; however, for effectiveness users must grease them. And for as much as the rifle scope might seem longer, it is actually one of the shortest and the lightest offering such a magnification.

Optical performance

Apart from being equipped with a large diameter objective lens the incorporated glass is very clear but tends to become blurry when the magnification is increased. The large objective lens works independently by allowing into the sight enough light to offer high resolution and clear images. And moving on to the reticle, we cannot fail but notice that it is illuminated, and shooters are, therefore, able to read in both the bright and low light situations.

The lenses are also fully multicoated, thus enables better light transmission; for the shooter, they will be able to enjoy maximum brightness complete with true color over the whole light spectrum. The Glass is additionally reticle etched offering excellent backing support, for the complicated reticle design and comes complete with enhanced shock resistance features to recoil.

The scope is also capable of holding zero, even when exposed to impact, and when it comes to tracking, the target tracking test at 1000 yards shows that the Athlon Argos Btr tracking offered by the manufacturer is true.

Waterproofing and submergibility

The ability of a rifle scope to resist water makes it attractive to shooters more especially the hunters because they are likely to be exposed to dynamic environments and at times harsh climatic conditions. The Athlon Argos Btr has therefore incorporated the O-ring seals and are nitrogen purged, the above features enable it to be used in the moist environments, and is, therefore, fog proof and shockproof.

Besides the one-tube design limits the number of adjustable parts, consequently making the sight highly waterproof.

Magnification and Illumination

The Athlon Argos Btr reticle is illuminated thus enables greater visibility when used either at dawn or dusk. What’s more is that users get up to 11 brightness settings, which they can adjust to suit the immediate lighting conditions. The large number of brightness levels makes the scope adaptable to the low light situations consequently enabling accurate target acquisition.

As regards magnification the unit offers a 6x- 24x magnifications, which can suffice the different categories of users from the long-range shooters, to the hunters and the target shooters among others. A notable downside on the magnification feature is that if you go past the 20x, images will no longer be clear, so to be on the safe side best you remain between 6X-20X.

Who is it best suited for?

The Athlon Argos Btr rifle scope has been constructed with highly versatile scopes and hardware thus can be used in sports including the various outdoor shooting activities, which comprise of but are not limited to target shooting, hunting, and long-range shooting.

Are there any alternatives to the Athlon Argos Btr

Yes there are alternatives to the Athlon Argos Btr such as the LEB Optics Side Parallax Rifle Scope, Athlon Optics, Argos BTR , Riflescope , 8-34 x 56, Athlon Optics Helos BTR 6-24×50

Features of the alternative Riflescopes

LEB Optics Side Parallax Rifle Scope
Athlon Optics , Argos BTR , Riflescope
Athlon Optics Helos BTR 6-24×50
Eye relief
15.87 ounces
Field of view at 100 yards
34.1- 8.9ft
Tube diameter
Click value
1/10 MIL
0.25 MOA
0.25 MOA
Parallax adjustment
Side parallax rifle scope
15 yards to infinity
10 yds

Final Verdict: so, should you get the Athlon Argos Btr?

Yes, the only possible concerning downside in this unit is the limiting eye relief, which means that if the scope was to be used with a heavy recoiling caliber, then things wouldn’t end up so well, a feature that minimizes the scope of firearms that can be used.

Apart from that, the riflescope has been equipped with great glass, the build is exceptionally durable, and offers the best long-range capabilities. The unit is additionally versatile, in that it can be used in both sports and the outdoor activities and offers a versatile magnification of 6X-24x.


  1. Upon purchase does the scope come with the rings and if not what size is relevant to use with the scope?

Out of the box, the scope does not come with the rings, and you will, therefore, have to purchase the 30mm medium height rings and for the best performance, you might want to get the Warne steel rings.

  1. Does the Athlon Argos Btr come with a warranty?

Yes the Athlon Argos Btr comes with a lifetime warranty

  1. What does the Btr in the “Athlon Argos Btr,” stand for?

Btr in the Athlon Argos Btr refers to the crosshairs pattern on the scope

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