5 Best Red Dots for AK – Reviews and Buying Guide


The AK-47, formerly known as the AvtomatKalashnikova, is a 7.62 by 3.9 mm rifle that is gas-operated and developed in the Soviet Union between the year 1945 and 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov circa WWII. To acquire more accurate shots with the AK-47 rifle, you would need to make use of a red dot sight.

For me, finding the best red dots for my AK47 rifle was the most daunting task because I didn’t really know what exactly to look for. Thereafter, attaching the best red dots to my AK provided me with the most immersive observation experience which entirely transformed my overall shooting experience. Sports shooting became more satisfying and hunting became more successful. Here, we will look at some of the best red dot sights for AK and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using red dot sights for shooting. The table below serves as a summary of their top features, their similarities and their differences.

5 Best Red Dots for AK – A Comparison Table

Dot size
Optical Magnification
Eye Relief
Call to Action
EOTech XPS2-0
Primary Arms Classic Gen II
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25
Holosun HS510C
Aimpoint PRO Patrol


5 Best Red Dots for AK- Reviews

EOTech XPS2-0 Red Dot Sight – great holographic red dot sight for AK

EOTECH XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight
  • EOTECH XPS2-300 - Holographic Weapon Sight in black with 68MOA ring & (2) 1 MOA dot reticle
  • 300 Blackout - Custom 300 BLK laser etching on hood
  • Ballistic Drop Reticle - Allows users to zero subsonic or supersonic .300 Blackout rounds in the same...
  • Compact Design - Leaves more rail space for rear iron sights or magnifier

The EOTECH XPS2-0 holographic sight features a 68 MOA ring and two 1 MOA dot reticles to ensure rapid target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy in all your shooting applications. It has a custom 300 BLK laser etching on its hood and its ballistic drop reticle allows you to zero supersonic or subsonic 300 blackout rounds within the same reticle pattern.


  • 2- Dot reticle pattern
  • 68 MOA ring
  • Water resistant to a depth of 10 feet
  • Battery life of up to 1,000 continuous hours

In addition to that, it features a compact design that leaves enough rail space for a magnifier or rear iron sights, depending on which you would want to add. It has a battery life of up to 1,000 continuous hours when you use it at nominal setting 12 at room temperature.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Good field of view
  • Holds zero well
  • Durable build quality


  • Not night vision compatible
  • Middling battery performance as compared to other sights


The EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic weapon sight combines quality and an incredible optical performance which seamlessly integrate to meet your shooting needs.

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Primary Arms Classic Gen II Red Dot Sight – decent optical performance and durable build quality

Primary Arms Classic Series Compact Red Dot Sight Gen II with Removable Mount
  • 2 MOA RED DOT: The canted front lens design reflects the crisp 2 MOA dot projected by the emitter into...
  • ILLUMINATION: Powered by a common CR2032 battery, this red dot features 11 illumination settings with...
  • RUGGED AND DURABLE: Constructed of 6061 aluminum housing with a durable black hardcoat anodized finish...
  • INCLUDED: A removable Picatinny rail mount and CR2032 battery are included for easy set-up right out of...

The Primary Arms Gen 2 red dot sigh features a crisp 2 MOA red dot alongside a canted front lens design that reflects the red dot projected by the emitter into your eye to ensure that you acquire quick shots at short ranges and extremely effective shots at medium ranges. It runs on a readily available CR2032 Lithium battery and it provides you with a decent battery life of 1,000 hours when using it on its medium setting.


  • Night vision compatible
  • 11 illumination settings
  • 2 MOA red dot
  • 1,000 hour battery life when used at medium setting
  • 1/2 MOA click adjustments

It features 11 illumination settings that allow you to adjust its brightness settings to match your surrounding lighting conditions. It is crafted from a rugged 6061 aluminum material and it features a durable anodized finish. Its optical housing is nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to ensure its fog proof and waterproof performance at all times. It comes with a removable picatinny mount and a bikini lens cover that ensures glass protection.


  • Clear, bright and crisp sight picture
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shock proof
  • Rapid and accurate target acquisition and identification
  • Rugged and durable design structure


  • Its control knob is not bi-directional


If you are looking for a red dot optic that is extremely affordable and entirely reliable, you would be impressed by the overall optical performance and the sturdy construction structure that the Primary Arms Gen II sight has to offer.

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Bushnell Trophy TRS-25- most affordable red dot sight for AK

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x25mm, Black
  • Matte black featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings; Mounts easily on most picatinny...
  • Waterproof construction: O ring sealed optics stay dry inside, even when totally immersed in water....
  • Shockproof construction: Built to withstand bumps, bangs, drops and the rough and tumble environment of...
  • Nitrogen purged fog proofing: Nitrogen inside the scope ensures interior optical surfaces won’t fog due...

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight is a small and compact optical device that has been crafted with a durable and good quality metal housing. It rugged construction allows you to use it comfortably in all kinds of environments and for all your shooting applications. It is easy to mount and it works seamlessly with most picatinny rails.


  • 3 MOA Dot Reticle
  • 1x magnification
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed
  • 11 brightness Adjustments
  • Compatible with handguns, shotguns and rifles

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is compatible with shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders and pistols. It allows you to easily adjust the brightness of your red dot through its easy-to-use and convenient adjustment dial. It is nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed to ensure its waterproof and fog proof construction. It runs of a CR2032 battery and it has a decent battery life that is reliable enough for all your shooting applications.


  • Waterproof and Fog proof
  • Rugged construction
  • Decent optical performance
  • Rapid target acquisition


  • It does not get bright enough to see when it is too sunny outside
  • Intense red glare that could distort sight picture


If you are looking for the most ideal red dot sight for low light conditions and you are trying to avoid breaking the bank, you would be impressed by the optical performance and overall features that the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 has to offer.

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Holosun HS510C Red Dot Sight – great red dot sight with open-tube design and an exceptional battery life

Holosun HS510C 2 MOA Dot Or A 65 MOA Ring Open Reflex Circle Dot Solar Power Holographic Red Dot Sight
  • The Holosun HS510C New advanced technology LED allows up to 50,000 hours of operation on one CR2032...
  • 2 MOA dot and a 65 MOA ring, Dot only, Ring only, or Dot and Ring reticle combinations
  • Unlimited field of view, Titanium-alloyed, shock resistant hood
  • Powered by both battery and solar

The Holosun HS510C is a multiple reticle red dot sight with a sleek housing design that features an open frame for an incredibly wide visible spectrum and reduced obstruction of vision. It runs on a CR2032 battery and it delivers a battery life of up to 50,000 hours with advanced LED technology. In addition to that, it is powered by Advanced Super Solar technology alongside a battery backup that allows for its solar charging abilities and further contributes to its dependable battery performance.


  • Multiple reticles
  • Battery life of up to 50,000 hours
  • Advanced LED technology+ Advanced Super Solar technology

It is equipped with a durable titanium alloy hood and its optical housing is O-ring sealed to ensure its waterproof performance. It provides an unlimited eye relief to ensure your eye comfort during hours of observation. Also, it is parallax free and it has superior light collecting abilities which come in handy when you are out hunting or shooting at dusk or dawn.


  • Exceptionally wide sight picture
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Waterproof
  • Decent light collecting abilities
  • Exceptional battery performance


  • Its auto-brightness feature is not as bright
  • Quite bulky


You may want to go with the Holosun HS510C when you are looking for a red dot sight with an exceptional battery life. It has two power sources; solar cells and its normal battery. However, its solar power is a supplementary power source and it cannot turn on the highest illumination level on its own. It has been designed to lengthen battery life and power lower brightness settings.

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Aimpoint PRO Patrol Red Dot Sight- compact and lightweight red dot optics with a decent optical performance

Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight with QRP2 Mount and Spacer - 2 MOA - 12841
  • Designed to deliver premium performance under harsh conditions
  • 2 MOA dot with 4 Night and 6 Daylight brightness settings
  • Up to 3 years of continuous operation using one DL1/3N battery (included)
  • Front and rear flip-up lens covers included; In-service and battery change date decal

The Aimpoint PRO is a compact and lightweight reflex sight that features a minimalistic design that fits comfortably into your hunting gear. It features a bright red 2MOA red dot that ensures accuracy at all distances when you are out hunting. It has 11 illumination settings; 6 daylight settings, one of which is for use in bright sunlight and 4 night vision compatible settings. It is compatible with almost all Night Vision Device generations and it is parallax free.


  • 2 MOA red dot
  • DL 1/3N battery
  • Submersible to 150 feet
  • 10 illumination settings

Advantageously, the Aimpoint PRO red dot sight provides you with 30,000 hours of consistent battery life when you are using it at its 7th brightness setting. It comes with a QR2P tightening knob that ensures accurate focusing and mounting.


  • Parallax free
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Waterproof performance
  • Reliable battery performance
  • Good clarity on the glass


  • Slight blue tint on the lens


The Aimpoint PRO Patrol reflex sight is dependable and versatile enough to meet all your shooting application needs. Also, it has a reliable battery performance that would last you for a year plus.

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What should you consider when purchasing a red dot sight?

Finding the best red dot sight becomes a challenge when you come across the variety that exists in the electro-optical market. It gets even more confusing when you do not know what exactly you should be looking for. To find the best red dot sight for your AK, you would need to look into the following factors;

Physical Size and Weight of the Red Dot Sight

The reason as to why you would need to consider the physical size and weight of your red dot sight is because you wouldn’t want to end up with something too bulky. You are better off purchasing a compact and portable red dot sights which does not take up so much space on your shooting gear and on your rifle. Also, you would need to evaluate the size of your weapon to find a great match for it. If you are using a large weapon, you would need to purchase a bigger red dot sight but if you are using a smaller rifle you would need to consider using mini red dot sights.

Reticle Size

The reticle size generally depends on the types of shots that you will be taking and the distance from your shooting position to your target. A smaller reticle is ideal for taking more accurate shots at longer distances but it may be harder to see while larger reticles are suitable for close-range shots and for newer shooters as it is easier to use.

Battery performance

Generally, you are at a higher advantage when you settle for a red dot sight that features readily available batteries that one that runs on special order batteries. Also, you would rather settle for a holographic weapon sight with a prolonged battery life as it allows for the longest possible operating times. At times, you would find red dots that are rechargeable thus an added advantage to your hunting gear.

Brightness Settings

The brightness of your red dot sight determines how much you can see across the entire visible spectrum and how much clarity you are able to access in your sight picture. In the event that the brightness is too high, your target will be washed out and when the brightness is too low you will not be able to see your target clearly. To avoid any of these scenarios, you would need to purchase a red dot sight with multiple illumination settings that allow you adjust the brightness levels according to your needs.

In addition to that, you may want to settle for a red dot sight with night vision compatibility. Red dot sights that are night vision compatible provide you with a consistent optical clarity across the entire visible spectrum even in the darkest conditions.


When you are trying to ensure pinpoint accuracy when long distance shooting, you would need to pick the best red dot sight for your AK rifle. All you need to do is evaluate your shooting activity needs so that you are able to selectively narrow down your options and settle for the best red dot sight.


  1. Are you able to attach the Aimpoint PRO patrol red dot sight without the riser?

No, you cannot. You would definitely need a riser/base mount for better performance.

  1. Will the Holosun HS510C red dot sight fit a Springfield XD 9?

No, it will not. The Holosun HS510C red dot sight has been designed to fit on rifles and not pistols.

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