Best Spotting Scope Tripod For Sheep Hunting


Best Spotting Scope Tripod For Sheep Hunting

A hunting gun or a bow is, without a doubt, an important piece of equipment for hunting, but what really makes the difference when you are out in the mountains hunting is your optics. The success of your forest or mountain hunts depends on your ability to spot game or the sheep in this case, which means that you must invest in the best type of glassing equipment, as well as support for the devices you will use. What that means is that the 3rd most important hunting tool you need to consider is your spotting scope tripod.

You also need to remember that with mountain hunting, your physical endurance will be tested, and this means packing the lightest gear you can find.

In this review, we’ll take a look at some of the best spotting scope tripods you could use for sheep hunting.

While your spotting scope is the gadget that takes you to that next level when finding sheep and other game, meaning you are looking for a specific animal rather than a legal harvest, you need to get a high-quality, lightweight spotting scope with a small objective lens. But even if you opt for a heavier scope, you must look for that lightweight piece of spotting scope tripod. Specifically, you need a compact, lightweight, and strong tripod compatible with your spotting scope.

Below, we look at some of the best spotting scope tripods for sheep hunting.

Comparison of the Best Spotting Scope Tripod For Sheep Hunting

Best Spotting Scope Tripod For Sheep Hunting
Best for
PedcoUltraPod II Lightweight Camera Tripod
Best Overall Tripod
Sirui T024SK VA5 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Best Carbon Fiber Spotting Scope Tripod
Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod
Best Full-Size Tripod
Celestron 82050 TrailSeeker Tripod
Best Compact Spotting Tripod
ZOMEI Z818 Tripod
Best Multi-Functional Heavy Duty Tripod
Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 Carbon Fiber 4-Section Tripod
Best 4-Section Tripod
Slik 522/Benro S2 Carbon Fiber Hunting Tripod
Best Ultra-lightweight Hunting Tripod

Reviews of the Best Spotting Scope Tripod For Sheep Hunting

  1. PedcoUltraPod II Lightweight Camera Tripod – Best Overall Tripod

First on our list is this versatile and reliable spotting scope tripod. It features a removable D-ring Velcro band with a cinch strap to keep the tripod well secured to the post, railings, tree railings, or any other sturdy object. It features three fold-out legs with durable non-slip vinyl feet for that stable platform. You only need to find a flat surface to set upon.

This tabletop tripod has a ball-head camera count with a unique socket and ball function for easy and fast angle adjustments. It also comes with a secure universal mounting screw that works with most optical devices.

You might also like it because it; of the durable design of the tripod made possible by the 30% nylon resin (glass-filled) frame along with threaded aluminum components. The aluminum design means it won’t break apart too soon. There is also the non-slip feet made of vinyl for easy usage outdoors.


  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Small compact design
  • Folds down to 7 inches
  • Ideal table tripod for spotting sheeps
  • Sturdy mount
  • User-friendly and removable Velcro strap


  • The feet are a little wobbly on unbalanced surfaces.
  • Velcro strap only works for smaller gadgets#
  1. Sirui T024SK VA5 Carbon Fiber Tripod – Best Carbon Fiber Spotting Scope Tripod

Next on the list is this fluid head tripod by Sirui. Although it isn’t the most popular brand around, it offers high-quality tripod performance. The head design is elegant, and it works very smoothly. You might also like it because it offers some extra height, and the carbon fiber legs leave you with a high-quality, lightweight, and very strong tripod. The spring-loaded design if the head and the center post ensure the best hunting performance outdoors.

The tripod’s height is just perfect for hunting, and you can spot animals from a distance easily. Just be careful not to overextend the height of the tripod because it won’t be stable. It has a maximum load capacity of 14lbs, and the center post enhances its stability. You might also like the quick-release plate and rubber feet, which are wide and large enough to avoid it from digging into the soil.

Note, however, that you have to loosen then handle before you move the head around. Also, the legs have a narrower stance, affecting its stability, especially with heavyweights.


  • Large weight capacity of up to 14lbs
  • Smooth and robust weight adjustment
  • Fluid head with a smooth spring-loaded design
  • Good stability
  • Great rubber feet


  • The positioning of the plate release is not ideal.
  • The twist-lock knobs aren’t easy to use
  • The extra release plates are expensive
  1. Bushnell 784030 Advanced TripodBest Full-Size Tripod

This Bushnell spotting scope tripod is a full-size hunting tripod that makes a good option for persons mountain hunting sheep.

It is one of the best stand-up tripods build sturdily with robust, reliable, and durable aluminum legs. The legs allow for easy height adjustment, allowing for easy hunting. It features a 3-way pan-and-tilt head, and the best part is that it comes with a big mounting platform to support your spotting scope. While the design of the tripod’s head is not a quick-release, you can adjust the head mounting easily for hunting. You can easily mount a maximum of 5.5lbs on the tripod head. Unfortunately, this tripod isn’t suitable for everyone, especially if you will be carrying the tripod in a backpack.

The other impressive feature of the tripod is the padded cushioning for the legs, hence a higher level of comfort and protection, especially on uneven, rough, or slippery surfaces.

It also features a sliding center column with rubber feet, tension control, and, most importantly, it boasts a rugged and nice corrosion-resistant finish, making it the best option for outdoor use.


  • Legs allow for easy individual adjustment
  • Padding for extra cushioning on the legs
  • Large weight capacity of 5.5lbs
  • Tension control on the sliding center column
  • Large mounting platform
  • Lightweight aluminum design


  • No leveling bubble
  • No quick-release function for head mount or the legs
  1. Celestron 82050 TrailSeeker Tripod – Best Compact Spotting Tripod

This is one of the best compact tripods you could get for sheep hunting, and one of the things that stands out from the tripod is its high weight capacity of 9 pounds. It is an aluminum tripod with aluminum legs with an adjustable length. You can adjust the scope’s angle easily.

The legs are each made of 4 sections, and the length can be lengthened or shortened thanks easily to the flipping lever lock. The legs allow for setting up at three different angles, meaning that you can set the tripod up easily on uneven surfaces. The fact that you can adjust the length of the legs individually make this an excellent spotting scope for sheep hunting.

The legs of the tripod have rubber feet that will keep the legs from sliding on wet and slippery surfaces. Besides the adjustable legs, the tripod also features a center column with a retractable balance hook at the bottom.

Regarding mounting, the tripod head has a fluid two-way pan head, as well as a single handle, which makes it easier for you to move the tripod’s head around with ease. There is also the quick-release plate fitted with a ¼ to 20” thread count for easy attachment to your spotting scope, binoculars, or any other optical devices.


  • Easily adjustable legs
  • Sturdy legs and overall tripod build
  • Lock-down for elevation and circular movements
  • The mounting plate is removable
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable design
  • Integrated compass for ease of use
  • Legs come with integrated bubble levels
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • 4-section extending leg design
  • Compact, pan head


  • Rubber feet fall off after some time
  1. ZOMEI Z818 Tripod – Best Multi-Functional Heavy Duty Tripod

This is one of the best sheep hunting spotting scope tripods on the market, and one of the things that really stands out from this tripod is its compact design. The small compact size of the tripod is made possible by the fact that you can invert and fold back the legs at 180 degrees, saving space and making for its great portability.

The multi-functional 2-in-1 design of the tripod also stands out as you could use the tripod as a full-sized monopod by simply screwing in place the removable center post to the tripod leg.

It boasts a stable design, too, thanks to the column hook at the center bottom of the center column, meaning that you will be able to easily hang on more weight since the tripod’s center of gravity enhances its stability. You might also like the separate pan and head lock. The individual head tension for the pan head and the lock knob meant that you would be able to adjust the mount’s set up perfectly.

Its setup is easy too, and you can easily screw the mounting plate’s quick release for enhanced tripod mobility. The adjustable three angle positions for the legs enhance its flexibility, meaning that you can easily use the tripod in smaller spaces.

The heavy-duty design of the camera design is enhanced by the lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy, which has undergone anodic oxidation and anti-corrosion processing. The build of the tripod makes it ideal for mountain hunting, outdoor and indoor photography.


  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • 4 shooting angles
  • Can be used for inverted shooting
  • Foldable
  • Durable magnesium-aluminum alloy legs and die-cast head
  • Strong and reliable Twist-lock locking system
  • The maximum load capacity of 33lbs
  • Reversible center post
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Three shooting angles


  • The sliding leg joints are too greasy and get messy
  • A little bouncy when you spread out the legs
  • The legs can fall off if you unscrew them in the wrong direction
  1. Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 Carbon Fiber 4-Section Tripod – Best 4-Section Tripod

This is a solid tripod that boasts an easy setup thanks to the quick-power lock system, the link-plug that allows for easy addition of accessories, as well as a Q90 column that allows for different positioning.

It features a built-in rotational bubble level as well as the new leg angle selectors; all fitted to enhance the performance of the tripod out in the mountains. You might also like it because it withstands extreme temperature conditions easily.

The legs are made of carbon fiber, which boasts shock absorbent properties. The carbon fiber tubes also enhance the stability of the tripod and the scope. You might also like the quick-power lock, as well as the fast and strong ergonomic locking that allows for the easy one-hand opening of the tripod. The tripod also features 4 leg angles that will easily adapt to different terrains.

The 90-degrees column at the center post makes for the best one-finger operations and easy hunting. You might also like it because it can swing vertically or horizontally, enhancing your shooting/ hunting flexibility.


  • 90-degrees center column for enhanced maneuverability
  • Adaptable 4-angle legs
  • Quick-lock power system
  • Easy rotating bubble level
  • Easy setup
  • Instant connection for accessories
  • Works on all terrains


  • Expensive
  1. Slik 522/Benro S2 Carbon Fiber Hunting Tripod – Best Ultra-lightweight Hunting Tripod

Last on the list is this Slik carbon fiber hunting tripod. It is an ultra-lightweight hunting tripod with a maximum weight capacity of 3lbs. It’s ideal for backcountry hunting, easy to use, and works smoothly, with the best part being that it won’t break the bank.

It has a tension screw for easy adjustment, and you might like its compact, low weight design, as well as its tall design.

It has a quick-release plate, a reliable ball head, and a removable center column. The legs are foldable, meaning easy transportation, and two of the legs have rubber-molding grips for use outdoors.


  • Large weight capacity of 6.6lbs
  • Good leg rubber grips
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Durable carbon fiber design
  • Easy quick-release plates
  • Smooth and compact leg sections that are easy to fold at 180 degrees
  • High-quality build


  • Rubber grips only on two legs
  • The head’s smoothness could be better.
  • Legs are too narrow and dig into the dirt

What to look for when buying spotting scope tripods

  • Weight

As mentioned above, the best tripods for your hunting spotting scope has to be very light in weight because you will be carrying it along with the rest of your gear for hours. To determine whether the tripod you’ve selected is lightweight or not, look at the materials used to design the tripod.

Generally, tripods are made of either aluminum or carbon and in most cases, you can get one made of either of the two materials because they often work great. But between the two, carbon tripods boast significant savings in weight, and they are just as durable as aluminum tripods. Carbon tripods also tend to be lighter to the touch, meaning your hands won’t be freezing when you touch the tripod legs as your glass. The carbon tripods are also quieter, and you won’t have to worry about knowing starting the sheep you’ve seen as you release your bow. The catch is that carbon tripods are quite expensive.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind a little more weight to the tripods to save some money, you could buy the tripods made of aluminum. These are not only affordable but also generally lightweight compared to the tripods made of stainless steel or other materials.

Now, in terms of the total tripod weight, you might want to keep the weight of the legs at under 5-6 pounds for aluminum or between 3 and 4 pounds for the carbon legs.

  • Height

The tripod’s height depends on your needs and preferences. But avoid the tripod whose height is below your eye level.

  • Tripod’s Head

The tripod’s head is either a ball head or a pan head. The ball head has a rounded ball plus a clamp that locks the head in place. It offers a great deal of maneuverability as it moves in different directions when unlocked. However, it’s a little unstable, with a lower load capacity; and more affordable. You will also come across the pistol grip heads, which are more or less ball head tripods with a pistol grip rather than a knob for loosening the tripod head.

On the other hand, you have the pan-head tripod, a preferable choice for hunting. This tripod allows you to search an area methodically by grid lines. It offers a higher level of stability, especially if you will be using a heavy spotting scope, and you can move the optics while viewing. Note that some pan head tripods have a type of head called a fluid head – this is pretty much a pan head with a drag function to control and reduce friction when tilting and panning.

Others have a gimbal head, specially designed for the heavy lenses of at least 300mm.

  • Legs

The legs of your tripod are either tubular or non-tubular. The carbon tripods have tubular legs with a threaded twist-lock mechanism that secures the legs. The aluminum, steel, and basalt tripods, on the other hand, have non-tubular legs with a flip-lock. Not that the tripod legs may have between 3 and 5 sections depending on the tripod’s maximum height, but the higher the number of sections, the less stable the tripod.

  • Feet

Advanced tripods allow for the replacement of feet with different kinds of feet ideal for different conditions – you can unscrew the original feet. But generally, tripod feet are designed for indoor or outdoor use, with plastic/rubber or metal spikes, respectively. But the rubber feet work well unless you will be using the tripod in slippery, icy, or rainy conditions.

  • Center post

Some tripods have center posts or that single leg in the middle of the tripod for increasing or decreasing the scope’s height. The center post isn’t a necessary feature for your hunting tripod, though.

  • Quick Release system

This is the other feature that stands out in modern tripods capable of supporting the weight of heavy lenses. It is threaded and allows for easy adjustment of the scope on the tripod.


How do scope tripods lock in place?

The tripods have three main locking systems – the twist lock, locking screws, and the flip levers, and they all work to keep the scope safely in place.

Which is the best spotting scope tripod head?

Generally, the pan head is the best tripod head, but tripods with ball heads, pistol, and fluid heads are the other options you could try out.

Should you buy a spotting scope tripod?

Yes, if you need some stability when spotting sheep out in the mountains, a spotting scope tripod would be an excellent investment for you.


These are some of the best spotting scope tripods on the market today. They boast the best features and are ideal for sheep hunting.

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