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Thinking of getting the fastfire for your weapon, but are conflicted between the many models, well best you settle with the Fastfire 2 because it holds one major advantage against the other models.  Burris Fastfire 2 can be used by shooters in the different age brackets, and by this, we mean the older adults who are experiencing problems with their eye sight and the younger generation who need speed for target acquisition.

Investing in a good optical sight such as the Burris Fastfire 2 is one thing but receiving a longer service is another which many people are concerned about. The FF as many enthusiasts refer to features a shockproof design and will confidently counter years of punishing recoil. The sight sits low when mounted is fairly light in weight.

The FF II has also gained a good reputation for being a perfect and budget-friendly sight for training purposes, there has, however, been complains about the optical sight not being able to fit on the big Glock frames. Therefore, users who use the big frame Glocks, such as the 20, 21, and 29 among others might not be able to use the sight, but according to paper, the company differs. Let us, therefore, find out what the Fastfire 2 has to offer.

Burris Fastfire 2 Review and Breakdown

The Burris Fastfire 2 optical sight sports a tough build from the outside, the outer body is made from the durable aluminum complete with a black anodized finish; though not entirely matte the sight can very well complement the firearm that it is being used with. The top part of the sight has quite an interesting appearance that looks like the face of a person wearing a cap, well this can add a light moment as you get ready to tackle the range.

Installation and use is on the fly given the easily accessible mounting holes at the top of the sight and the elevation adjustments. We are, however, disappointed with the placement of the battery because users will have to dislodge the whole sight just to replace the battery. The above could really eat up a good chunk of your time when in the field.

At the back of the sight, you will notice there are two button-like features (lock screws), necessary for holding the diode in place once you have achieved zero. And to enhance the unit’s functionality, you will notice that in the front part of the sight, there is a light sensor, which is used by the sight to sense the light level and the direction of the target.

During use, therefore, the intensity of the dot will be customized depending on the brightness of the light and the target direction. Important to note is that the light-emitting diode will remain on, even when used in low light environments, but you don’t have to worry about this feature depleting your battery because it uses a very small amount of energy and will, therefore, not affect the four-year battery service.

What we Liked;

  • The sight is light in weight
  • Installation and use is pretty easy
  • Is a universal optical sight that can be used on different firearms
  • Equipped with an automatic light and target sensor
  • The outer body is made with durable aluminum material

What we didn’t like;

  • To access the battery, users will have to dislodge the whole sight
  • The red dot is not as intense thus difficult to find

Burris Fastfire 2 Specifications

Burris Fasfire 2, model no 300232
Elevation Adjustment
Automatic setting reactive to the environment
1.8 Inches
4 MOA dot
Sports and outdoors
Battery life
4 years
Picatinny mount

Burris Fastfire 2 features

Optical performance

The optical performance of the Burris fastfire 2 is quite impressive, especially when used in applications where speed is of importance. The above is in reference to the brightness sensor feature found at the front part of the lens, instead of fumbling with the brightness dial trying to get the relevant dot intensity, the light sensor on the Burris fastfire, will have the unit adjust with regards to the light within the environment.

And if we are to look at how fast the sight recovers the dot, then you will be amazed because once the sensor locks on the target it will move with it, which then allows shooters to slam as many targets as possible, the reason it comes highly recommended for competition shooting.

The reticle is only available in red, if you are therefore, having trouble recognizing the red dot then you might have to source for other sights that come equipped with  both the red and green dot. And still, on optical performance, we can’t fail but notice that the objective lens diameter is large. The above is an added advantage when it comes to target acquisition, so when combined with the light sensor the sight will still suffice.

Important to note is that there are advantages to using a large objective lens diameter one which is that you will be provided with high-quality crystal clear images and the field of view would be greatly enhanced.

Waterproofing and submersion

Fastfire 2 is resistant to water, but not entirely submersible, you can, therefore, use it in moist environments but you cannot risk submerging the sight underwater. Despite the above, the fastfire II will still suffice when used in the dynamic environment as its build and design enables it to counter impact and shock consequently remaining functional.


Burris Fastfire 2 is versatile in that it can be used for different applications such as sports, for defense, hunting, and recreation. What’s more is that it can be used with different types of weapons, such as the rifles, handguns, and the shotguns, for the above however, you will have to use the Burris mounting system.

Lens quality

A good lens is resistant from scratch and tough enough to withstand recoil and impact from external forces. For the Fastfire 2 therefore, you have been provided with a high-grade optical glass that will offer you enhanced brightness and clarity and is durable. Even more important as concerns the lens is that it has been furnished with the Hi-Lume multicoating known to offers excellent performance when used in low light situations while eliminating glare.

Build and Design

The Fastfire 2 is a tough but lightweight optical sight, the matte finish allows it to remain neutral in situations where there is a lot of light. So, to get your unit powered up, you have been provided with the manual on and off switch at the side; the hood covering the lens is sturdy and a bit extended on the front side thus protects the sight from impact, dirt, and debris, and minimizes scratches.

The design is simple for all categories of users, (newbies and Professionals), installation is easy and the relevant elevation and windage adjustments are easy to access.

Who is it best suited for?

The sight can be used with a handgun given its ability to acquire a target fast; it can also be used in sports and for daylight hunting. Also, users with shotguns and the tactile rifles can greatly benefit from the fastfire 2 thanks to its enhanced accuracy and the faster target acquisition feature.

Are there any alternatives to the Burris Fastfire 2?

Yes, there are alternatives to the Fastfire 2, which are the Burris fastfire III, the Browning Buckmark reflex sight, and the Vortex optics venom red dot sight.

 Features of the alternative optical sights

Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight
Vortex Optics Venom red dot sight
Burris Fastfire III
3 MOA dot reticle, cross dot reticle, and Circle dot reticle
3MOA dot
Bright ness settings
7 positions brightness settings
10 brightness settings
3 manual brightness levels, and automatic setting to a reactive environment
1.5 oz
Objective lens diameter
9.13 x 5.5 x 1.63
6.7 x 5.1 x 2.9
7.6 x 12.7 x 17.8

Final Verdict: so, should you get the Burris Fastfire 2?

Yes, because the Fastfire 2 suffices in so many levels for example, it can be used by the older individuals who are having problems with their eye sight. During use, users don’t have to go through the trouble of adjusting the brightness settings, to get the right dot intensity, as the process has been simplified by the brightness auto-adjust feature, which will independently adjust dot brightness with regards to the lighting in the immediate environment.


  1. Is the Burris Fastfire 2 waterproof or water-resistant?

Fastfire 2 is water-resistant but not waterproof, meaning that if exposed to extremely moist conditions it will allow water to penetrate into lens, thus rendering it ineffective.

  1. Must I Re-zero the sight after changing the battery?

Yes, you must re-zero the sight after changing the battery because the process involves dislodging the whole sight to access the battery. So after battery placement, you will have to re-adjust it.

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