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Innovation keeps businesses afloat and retains clients, a good example of a red dot sight manufacturer who keeps their clients interested is Burris; the company has raised the competition bar high with the subsequent introduction of highly effective optical sights. Burris’s new invention that has taken over the sight industry with a storm is the Fast fire 4, which has incorporated new features, ones that are significantly missing in the two previous models, Fast Fire 2 and 3.

Burris Fastfire 4 comes equipped with up to four different reticles,   (the 11MOA dot, and the 3 MOA dot; then there is the 11MOA dot and circle and the 3 MOA dot and circle). Dot sizes are essential to target acquisition, the dot size that you will, therefore, use for a large target is not the same one that you will use for the small targets; the above consequently contributes to accurate target acquisition.

So while shooters will have different preferences when it comes to the dot size the 3 MOA offered by Burris, is big and clear enough for anyone with good sight to see without experiencing any problems. The sight can, therefore, take down targets that are 25 yards away, and conveniently cover the bull’s eye. What’s more is that the dot intensity is enhanced on the brightest settings, and will appear even bigger.

The 11 MOA is also highly effective and will allow accurate vision under different lighting conditions, and provide a good dot size when used with close-range targets.

Burris Fastfire 4 Review and Breakdown  

The Fastfire 4 comes equipped with a unique removable weather shield, designed to protect your sight when used in areas with adverse weather conditions. Apart from the above, the overall unit that houses the lens is impact resistant and you can, therefore, expect it to be at its best during recoil and when it is accidentally dropped on the ground.

The 3 MOA and 11 MOA dots, and the 3 MOA and the 11 MOA dots with circles offered by this unit are exceptionally intense, whether you are transitioning from one target to the other, during dot recovery and when engaging targets that are both close and far. The incorporated bigger sight window is a welcome option for many shooters because it allows quick target acquisition.

The Fastfire 4 is additionally, versatile and can, therefore, be used on either the shotgun or the handgun; hunting and tactical rifles can also benefit from using this unit. The sight is also recommended for use in the different shooting disciplines, beginning from the 3-Gun to wing shooting, among other uses such as patrol.

What we liked;

  • Allows users to switch in between four different reticles
  • The sight comes equipped with a longer life battery
  • Unique protective weather shield keeps the sight safe
  • The sight window is pretty huge enabling faster target acquisition
  • The provided 11MOA dot reticle and circle is perfect for use with the personal defense weapons.

What we didn’t like;

  • The sight is not easily available for purchase

Burris Fastfire 4 Specifications

Burris Fastfire 4
4 Multi reticles
Reticle color
Type of mount
Picatinny mount or doctor optic
Eye relief
Click Value
Windage adjustment
90 MOA
1.9 inches

Burris Fastfire 4 features

Structure and Design

The structure and design of the Burris Fastfire 4 is quite contemporary, so for starters, the removable weather shield has been designed to remain effective, even when you are out in the field shooting. The above has been facilitated by the slide mounting option, now this extra piece of hardware will keep your sight functional when used under harsh climatic conditions.

The shield prevents debris, rain, and snow from making a dwelling between the diode and the lens, which will then prevent you from seeing the dot. The invention is significantly missing from the previous version of the Burris 2 and 3 optical sights. Apart from the above, there aren’t any other significant changes, except for the large sight window meant to provide high-resolution images and to encourage enough light penetration.

Fastfire 4 is a high-end optical sight that will cost you about $398 to over $400 depending with the retailer.

Fastfire 4 Reticle performance

It is not a common thing to come across reticles with up to 4 dot sizes, the incorporated 3 MOA circle with wings, works well when used with targets that are at a closer range, with this options the incorporated circle and wings will automatically draw the shooters eyes to the dot thus encourage faster target acquisition.

Users will also be furnished with the 11 MOA dot and circle making the optical sight perfect for use with the personal defense weapons, and close quarter shooting. And in a bid to make the optical sight highly effective, the 11MOA large dot, will be provided to you when using the sight under different lighting conditions, this option is especially effective when used for slug gun hunting at closer ranges.

The last and smallest dot for this sight is the 3MOA, which allows shooters to effectively capture their targets in long-range shooting. The 3 MOA dot performs exceptionally well; in situations where the environment is dynamic thus establishing the correct visual of the target might be hard.

Battery performance

According to Burris, the CR1632, battery which carries on from the Fastfire 3 has been enhanced in that it offers extended operating time, its positioning hasn’t changed, so all you have to do is uncap the protective battery cover and install or uninstall the battery. Battery installation on optical sights is quite important because it can make the difference between capturing the target and letting it escape if you were to remove the whole sight from the firearm just to install the battery.

Waterproofing and submersion

We do know that Fastfire 4 can be used under the light showers given the removable hood and its sturdy build that has minimized the movable hardware thus helps keeps debris, water and dirt out. So, apart from repelling water, the sight can be used in a snowy environment though not submersible as there are no indications of whether it is an IP67, an IP68, or an IPX7 waterproof sight. Well, the later is a total let down from Burris, especially if we consider the price point.

Who is it best suited for?

Given the customizable reticle that allows users to achieve precision when using the sight on different applications, the sight can be used for shooting at both the close and mid ranges, will integrate well with the personal defense weapons, and can also be used for slug gun hunting at closer ranges.

Are there any alternatives to the Burris Fastfire 4

Burris Fast Fire 4 has up to three alternatives, the Burris Fastfire 2, the Burris fast fire 3, and the Vortex Optics Venom Red dot sight

Burris Fast Fire 2
Burris Fast Fire 3
Vortex Optics Venom Red dot sight
6 MOA, 3 MOA
Objective lens diameter
21 x 15mm
Water Proof
Illumination settings
Automatic setting reactive to environment
3 manual brightness levels, Automatic setting reactive to the environment
10 levels of brightness in manual mode, auto mode available
Windage and elevation adjustment
Tool less
Tool less
Battery life
Offers up to 20, 000hrs of battery life
5,000 hrs of battery life
Offers up to 30,000hrs in the lowest setting

150hrs in the highest setting


Final Verdict; so, should you get the Burris Fastfire 4?

The Burris Fastfire 4 is quite an advanced unit with notable differences in specs and performance at least when compared to its predecessors the Burris Fastfire 2 and 3. Most shooters are eager to invest in this sight once it becomes available in most markets and so should you. The innovative switchable reticles are worth a try as it makes the unit versatile for use in the various applications. The above then means that you can switch the reticles with regards to how close or far your target is.


  1. When is the estimated release of the Fastfire 4 into the markets?

The new Burris Fastfire 4 stock is expected to reach retailers, beginning January 2021, but the timelines vary with the different countries.

  1. What weapons are recommended for use with the Burris Fastfire 4?

Burris has made the Fastfire 4 quite versatile in that you can use it with your handgun, the hunting or the tactical rifle, and the shotgun.

  1. Is the Burris Fastfire 4 convenient for long-range target acquisition?

The Burris Fastfire 4 is effective for use in both the long and short-range target acquisition, what’s more, is that among the 4 reticles, the 3 MOA dot size is especially for use with targets that are far away.

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