Burris FastFire III vs Vortex Razor – Which Red Dot Performs Better?


More and more shooters are improving their pistols with high-level red dot sights. Red dots such as the Burris Fastfire III and the Vortex Razor are one of the best in the industry. Both of these sights are specially designed to provide shooters with an enhanced level of precision, improving their performance while on the field.

Over the years, the Fastfire industry as well as the Vortex industry have continued to manufacture high-quality red dot sights. Burris Fastfire III and Vortex Razor are uniquely manufactured to provide shooters with a quick level of target acquisition as they benefit from an accurate aiming point.

When purchasing a new red dot sight, I focus on the housing unit, the durability, and the ability to withstand external factors. Prioritizing these factors will allow me to purchase a great optic.

What are the Differences Between Burris FastFire III and the Vortex Razor?

Burris Fastfire III
Vortex Razor
This optic is light in weight and very strong. With this optic, a bright red dot is placed on your target and you can benefit from a rapid speed and accuracy advantage. Burris Fastfire 3 can be used as a primary sight and it can also be mounted on to the top of any scope.
This red dot sight comes with a very elegant design. The lens is clear and its illumination controls are designed on the side of the sight. There is a 1 MOA adjustment setting that shooters can use with the weaver mounts.
Dot Size
3 and 8 MOA
3 and 6 MOA
Weaver Mount
Material Type
Die Cast Aluminum
Durability Level
Shockproof, Waterproof
Shockproof, Waterproof
0.9 Ounces
1 Ounce

Burris FastFire 3 vs Vortex Razor – How do they Compare?

Size of the Reticle

Both the Fastfire III and the Vortex Razor model are manufactured with two different reticle sizes. The Fastfire III comes with a 3 and 8 MOA dot size while the Vortex Razor is designed with a 3 and 6 MOA dot size. The 3 MOA dot option on both sights is designed with an almost negligible and very small difference, however, when it comes to the 6 and the 8 MOA dot option, the difference is quite large.

To achieve a better aim while you’re out on the field, many professional shooters have quoted the 3 MOA dot as being one of the best options. The rapid acquisition of any target that is in motion is not so easy. A much smaller dot like the 6 MOA on the Vortex Razor is guaranteed to enhance your precision and it is an ideal choice especially if you are often working with different types of tactical applications. The Vortex Razor is a better choice than the Fastfire model that comes with a much larger 8 MOA dot option.

Size and Weight 

Both of these sights are very small and light in weight. Fastfire measures 1.9 inches while the Razor red dot measures 1.8 inches. The difference in size is very small almost negligible, however, the Vortex model is a better option as its smaller size makes it easy to place on any kind of scope. When it comes to the weight, the Razor red dot only weighs 1 ounce while the Fastfire weighs 1.5 ounces. The weight difference of 0.5 is also quite small, however, this small difference could still affect your performance while out on the field. When using the Fastfire, you have to mount the optic on Picatinny rails and this makes it weigh more. However, to benefit from an optimum level of precision and applicability, you must use the Picatinny rails. Since the Vortex Razor is much smaller and weighs less than the Fastfire III, it is considered a more ideal option.

Image Quality 

Burris Fastfire III is one of the most popular red dots in the industry. It is well known for the great quality of the image produced. The Razor red dot is one of the latest red dots to be released. This sight has managed to attract lots of shooters because of the amazing image quality. It has a lens diameter measuring 21 mm while the Razor red dot measures 24mm. The field of view (FOV) of the Vortex Razor is a lot wider than the Fastfire III, proving that the image quality of the Vortex Razor sight is spectacular. Vortex Razor’s wider field of view and ability to produce a better image makes it a much better choice than the Burris Fastfire III. 

Burris FastFire III vs Vortex Razor – A Comparison Overview

Burris Fastfire III 

Burris 300235 Fastfire III No Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black)
  • Material Type: Aluminum
  • Sport Type: Hunting
  • 3 MOA Dot Reticle
  • Tool-less wind age and elevation adjustments

This sight is designed with two different MOA dot options. There is the smaller 3 MOA dot as well as the large 8 MOA dot. To be able to benefit from a great level of precision and applicability, you should mount it on the provided Picatinny rails. The 3 MOA dot is very fine and precise. It works well with all types of shooters. Fastfire III is manufactured with automatic sensors that improve the brightness level.

The sight’s batteries are found at the top. This is great because when you are replacing the battery, you do not have to detach the sight from the scope. If you often use a handgun, the 8 MOA option is the best as it enhances your accuracy. Its 3 MOA dot is an excellent choice for your gun and rifle. Both the 3 and 8 MOA work well firing at targets that are positioned far away.


  • It is compact and light in weight
  • It is a great choice for quick acquisition when firing at a target that is in motion
  • Works well even when it is exposed to dangerous external factors such as water and shock.


  • The 8 MOA dot is not the best
  • Operates with a CR1632 battery type that is not easily found.

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Vortex Razor Red Dot 

Vortex Optics Razor Red Dot Sight - 3 MOA Dot
  • The Razor Red Dot Sight-3 MOA is designed to be mounted to a wide variety of firearms and used in various...
  • A premium wide field lens gives the shooter an impressive field of view. The daylight bright red dot has...
  • Anti-reflective XR coatings on the lenses increase light transmission for maximum brightness while...
  • O-ring sealed and a rugged one piece chasis constructed from aircraft grade aluminum ensure waterproof...

Vortex Razor Red dot is designed with a 3 MOA and 6 MOA dot option. This red dot has a very nice and elegant look. The optic is one of the best options, especially if you are looking to benefit from a great level of flexibility. It has a very large and clear window. Shooters are assured that they will enjoy the edge-to-edge sharpness and design feature. It also has a wide field of view and the lens is safeguarded with thick and strong aluminum housing.

With the Razor red dot, you can make use of any kind of side load battery tray. It functions properly and simplifies the process of replacing the battery. You will not have to detach the red dot from your scope. It is a great option for shooters who often use shotguns and rifles. When placed on Picatinny rails, this optic weighs only 2.4 ounces. Once modified to the highest brightness level, the sight can operate for 150 hours and when adjusted to the lowest level, it can operate for up to 30,000 hours.


  • It is small and light in weight.
  • It is designed with an aluminum coating ensuring that factors such as water or shock do not affect it.
  • Manufactured with an improved light transmission function


  • Replacing your battery is easy, but a very slow process

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Both the Burris Fastfire III and the Vortex Razor function excellently. The Fastfire III model has been in the market for a very long time and many shooters have continued to be attracted to its amazing features and performance. Razor red dot has not been in the market for very long, however, it is a favourite amongst shooters because of the wide array of features that it is designed with.

Verdict: So, which one is better – Burris FastFire III or the Vortex Razor red dot 

The Vortex Razor red dot is the winner. This red dot functions better than the Burris Fastfire III in all of the categories mentioned above. It also has a longer battery life and the adjustment level is so much easier. You can adjust the brightness controls and you will also benefit from the automatic shutdown feature that comes in handy when preserving your battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Are all red dot sights accurate?

Yes, they are. When using a red dot sight, you are guaranteed that the position of your head will not affect the precision of the red dot sight. The parallax will come up as soon as the shooter begins to move closer to the target

  1. Is the Vortex Razor red dot or the Burris Fastfire III compatible with any night vision features?

No. Both red dots are not designed to work with any night vision features.


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