Burris Fastfire III vs Vortex Venom – Which is A Better Option for A Red Dot Sight


Are you looking for a more enhanced way to achieve a shot at 100-yards, better target acquisition, or perhaps great settings in low-light environments? Then what you need is to mount a red dot sight on your scope. The Burris Fastfire III as well as Vortex Venom are considered one of the best sights for shooters.

The Burris industry as well as the Vortex are one of the greatest forces in the market. Both of these major industries have continued to release very high-quality red dots such as the Burris Fastfire III and Vortex Venom. These optics are a favorite as they are designed with amazing features and are guaranteed to benefit all kinds of shooters.

I enjoy hunting and whenever I am in the market searching for a new reflex sight, I like to prioritize the product’s specs and quality. This practice allows me to pick out a sight that is best suited for all my hunting adventures.

What are the Differences Between Burris Fastfire III and Vortex Venom?

Burris Fastfire III
Vortex Venom
This model is light in weight and designed with very durable material. It places a brilliant red dot onto your target ensuring that shooters get to benefit from the precision and rapid speed advantage. You can use this sight as a contemporary optic or you can mount it right on your scope.
Vortex Venom has an elegant rugged aluminum coating. Its low profile ensures that shooters get to benefit from the wide FOV and the sight picture. The sight is designed to prevent any kind of obstruction from affecting the shooter allowing them to benefit from a rapid target acquisition and great levels of shooting transitions.
1.9 Inches
1.9 Inches
1.5 Ounces
1.1 Ounces
Objective Lens Diameter
Weather Resistant
Eye Relief

Burris Fastfire III vs Vortex Venom – How do they Compare?

The Size of the Reticle

Both the Burris Fastfire and the Venom red dot are manufactured with two different reticle sizes. The Fastfire comes with a 3 MOA and 8 MOA reticle size while Vortex Venom comes with a 3 and 6 MOA reticle option. The 3 MOA options are very similar, the difference is very small and hardly noticeable. However, the 6 MOA option and the 8 MOA have a large difference.

A finer dot is always the best option while out on the field. To achieve the rapid acquisition of a target that is in motion, you must ensure that you are working with an excellent optic. A 6 MOA dot is a great choice especially if you enjoy working with tactical applications. Vortex Venom is a great choice as users can benefit from the crisp and clear alternative from the 6 MOA red dot. This makes the Venom a better choice than the Burris Fastfire that is designed with the 8 MOA dot option.

Weight and Size 

Vortex Venom and the Fastfire III are manufactured with very lightweight material. The weight difference between the two is only 0.4 ounces. This weight difference is so small and almost negligible. However, according to experts and other professional shooters, even a weight difference only 0.1 ounces can influence your precision and your shot.

When working with the Fastfire model, you must mount it on Picatinny rails. This ensures that the shooter benefits from a great level of applicability. This Vortex model does not necessarily have to be mounted on rails and shooters will still be able to achieve great precision while out on the field. Both of these sights measure 1.9 inches. In this category, the Venom model is a better option because of its lightweight, its small size, and its ability to provide shooters with an optimum level of precision.

Quality of the Image 

Burris Fastire III has been in the industry for a long time and many shooters have continued to praise the amazing quality of the image produced. Vortex Venom has not been in the market for as long, however, this optic has continued to attract many shooters especially because of the image quality. These sights are designed with a similar level of image clarity.

Burris Fastfire has a lens that measures 21 x 15mm, while the diameter of Vortex Venom lens measures 26.5mm. The field of view of the Vortex sight is much wider. This proves that the quality of the image provided by Vortex Venom is much better than the quality produced by the Burris Fastfire III. 

Burris Fastfire III vs Vortex Venom – A Comparison Overview

Burris Fastfire III

This red dot is designed with two different MOA dot options. There is the very fine 3 MOA option and the much wider 8 MOA dot option. Both of these dot options can be mounted on Picatinny rails. This 3 MOA option is very precise. It is designed with sensors to intensify the brightness level. The sensors can be adjusted automatically and shooters can benefit from the brightness settings.

The batteries of the Burris Fastfire are designed on the top area. This design simplifies the process of replacing the battery as you do not have to detach the sight from your scope. Fastfire’s 8 MOA dot option is specially manufactured for handguns as it improves your accuracy, while the 3 MOA option comes in handy when you are working with guns and rifles. These dots work well for shooting at targets when you are positioned at a great distance.


  • The brilliant red dot works well for anyone looking to achieve a fast target acquisition for your target.
  • It is small and lightweight
  • Designed with durable material ensuring that it can withstand external factors such as water and shock


  • The 8 MOA dot option is clumsy
  • It is powered with a CR1632 battery that is not available in many shops.

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Vortex Venom

This red dot is one of the most ideal sights in the market because it is affordable and very precise. You will get to benefit from a functional sight that is perfectly detailed. Vortex Venom is available in two different variants that include the 3 MOA option as well as the 6 MOA option. The 3 MOA is much finer and is designed with a great level of flexibility than the 6 MOA. With the 3 MOA model, shooters are assured of a greater level of accuracy. Where speed and accuracy are required this red dot is an ideal choice.

Vortex Venom is constructed with aluminum and CNC. This makes it very durable. On the left side are the intensity controls and the power switch. The lens is of great quality and its multi-coated features provide you with a large view and crisp and clear vision. It is also so easy to replace the battery cell of the Venom model.


  • You will get to benefit from a very wide field of view
  • It is small and light in weight
  • The sights coating is very hard and it is not affected by shock and is resistant to scratches.


  • The sight’s body is large
  • Operates with a CR 1632 battery model that is not available in many shops.

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Both of these red dots have exceptional designs and perform very well. The Burris Fastfire III was released into the market very many years ago and it is one of the best in the market. Vortex Venom is relatively new; however, it is considered one of the best performing models in the industry.

Verdict: So, which one is better – Burris Fastfire III or Vortex Venom?

Vortex Venom is a much better option than the Burris Fastfire III. The Venom model performs well in all the aspects mentioned above. In addition, the battery life of the sight and the adjustability is so much simpler. The controls used to modify the brightness makes the optic versatile and the shutdown feature is automatic. You will enjoy all these great features from the Vortex industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are red dot sights guaranteed to provide you with a greater level of accuracy?

When using a red dot sight, you are assured that your head’s position will not affect the precision of your optic. When the shooter begins to maneuver moving at a closer distance to the target, the parallax could affect the shot.

  1. What is a preferable dot option, a 3MOA dot or a 6 MOA dot?

If your target is positioned 50 yards away from you, a 3 MOA red dot will cover a circle measuring 1.6 inches. The 6 MOA on the other hand will cover a circle of 3.2 inches. When working with a fine MOA dot you will benefit from a great level of precision. With a larger dot, it gets easier to identify your target and shoot.


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