Burris Fullfield e1 vs. fullfield II – Which has the best reticle?

Burris Fullfield e1 vs. fullfield II

Finding the right scope will largely impact your shots. The scope provides accuracy when you are shooting far away objects. However, the market of optics is saturated with varying products each promising instant results.

You do not have to pour out all your savings for the perfect scope. Manufacturers like Burris have affordable scopes with almost all the features you will find in high-end scopes. The scopes are made with quality in mind and the optics provide you with the crisp and clear images.

The Burris fulfilled II scope is one such scope that you should add to your arsenal. However, with the introduction of the E1 things do get a bit complicated as to which one to go for. This review, breaks down some of the features that make the fulfilled II a must have scope.

What are the differences between the Burris Fullfield e1 and fullfield II?

Burris Fullfield e1
Burris fullfield II
3-9X ( the fulfilled II has other options like 2-7X, 3-9X, 4.5-14X, and 6.5-20X)
Objective lens diameter
Eye relief
4mm to 5.5mm
3.1 to 3.8”
Ballistic Plex E1
Plex ballistic Plex
Field of View
33’ @3X:13’ @9X
33-13 feet/100 yards
13 oz.
13 oz.

Burris Fullfield e1 vs. fullfield II – How do they Compare?


The E1 series is Burris upgrade to the fulfilled. The E1 series is available in four power combinations: 2-7X35, 3-9X40, 3-9X50 and 4.5-14X42. This is the same as the fulfilled II with the exception of the 6.5-20X50. E1 stands for “Enhanced Ballistic Plex reticle” and means that the E1 offers an enhanced 10 Mph crosswind dot ballistic fit for each of its sides. You will find other common construction features in both scopes like the Hi-Lume coating for enhanced light transmission and nitrogen purged tubes to reduce fog. To reduce your recoil the Burris Fulfilled scopes come with recoil proof double spring tension assembly.


The turret for the E1 has been improved from the previous fulfilled II. You will notice that the turret cap cover size is larger and is now knurled more with large grooves that make it a bit easy to get the turrets covers on/off. You still get the Fulfilled click adjustments ¼ inch at 100 yards but the new turrets for the E1 now come with 68 clicks for one revolution (17” movements for 100 yards).


Another significant improvement to the Fulfilled is that the magnification adjustment has been moved out of the eye piece and it has been included as a separate power adjustment ring. This enables it to rotate freely from the scope body and eye piece. Everything else remains the same for the optics. You still get the same clarity, brightness and light transmission.

Burris Fullfield e1 vs. fullfield II – A Comparison Overview

Burris Fullfield e1 – Overview

The E1 scopes are not that much different from the fulfilled II scopes. You just have a few upgrades here and there. For example, you have a sleeker profile with an integrated power ring and gnarly turrets. The other outstanding feature is you have the E1 magnification ring turning without the eye piece rotating with it.

The low finely checkered rings of the fulfilled II have now being replaced with protruding deep longitudinal grooves on the new magnification ring. While you will not get more grip from the E1 it does change the aesthetics a little bit. Another new feature is the ballistic plex E1 etched reticle that offers one Windage compensation aiming dots. To help reduce clutter you do not have the crosshairs extending over to the field of view.

Other notable features is that the E1 is completely dustproof, waterproof, and fogproof. The image quality have being improved due to the Hi-Lume Storm multi-coatings. With the lens you have less glare during days when the sun is burning overhead. The scope is light at 13 ounces and this makes it ideal for hunts. You also get a double erector spring like in other Burris scopes.


  • The high magnification helps extend long range shots
  • Ballistic Plex E1 reticle that is very accurate
  • Trajectory compensating technology
  • Parallax adjustment from 50 yards to infinity


  • Slightly pricier than the fulfilled II

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Burris Fullfield II – Overview

Burris 3-9 x 40mm Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Rifle Scope
  • Popular and premium traditional hunting riflescope at an affordable price
  • High-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability
  • Quality, precision-ground lenses are larger than those of comparable scopes, for better light collection
  • Index-matched, Hi-Lume multicoating aids in low-light performance and glare elimination, increasing your...

The Burris fulfilled II scopes are ideal for both hunting small and large game. They offer high-quality optics and great accuracy reticles. The fulfilled II weighs 13 ounces hence making it super light. It can be mounted on a number of rifles hence increasing its versatility. The scopes are nitrogen purged and this helps keep them fog free. A special recoil-proof double spring will protect the scope from recoil damage.

The fulfilled II is available in four magnification modes: 2-7X, 3-9X, 4.5-14X and 6.5-20X. The most popular version being the 3-9X. The most powerful of the scopes is the 6.5-20X that offers 20 times magnification and comes with a large 50mm objective lens. You also get to choose from three reticles – Plex, Ballistic plex, and the Ballistic mil-dot. The Ballistic plex reticle has trajectory compensation ranges of up to 500 yards and is best suited for long range accuracy. The most powerful of these is the Ballistic mil-dot reticle with gives you trajectory compensation for ranges of up to 700 yards.

Eye relief on the fulfilled II scopes largely varies depending on scope. The lower end scopes will have an eye relief of 3.1” while top end models have 3.4” to 3.8”. The Objective lenses varies depending on scope, for the large 6.5-20X you get a 50mm lens this gives you a 6 ft. Field of view on the highest setting and 18 ft. on the lowest. All the scopes feature a standard one inch tube that is nitrogen purged to make them fog resistant.


  • Knurled knob for power ring ensures easy adjustment and accuracy
  • Parallax setting for 4.5-14X and 6.5-20X tubes
  • Large objective lens for maximum light transmission
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction for enhanced durability
  • Multi-coatings for reduced glare
  • High quality glass for enhanced views


  • You may experience some fog

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Verdict: So, which is better – Burris Fullfield e1 or fullfield II?

The Fullfield E1is marketed as an upgrade to the fulfilled II and therefore there some things you will find improved. This include the new E1 magnification ring that turns without moving the eye piece as well as improved longitudinal grooves. The scope looks sleeker than the fulfilled II but you still get the awesome one piece aluminum body construction.


Which is better – the Burris Fulfilled e1 or Leupold VX-II?

When it comes to glass clarity then the fulfilled e1 is way better than the leupold. You get more light transmission and the price is better. The newly improved e1 reticle does most of the work for you if you are into medium range shooting.

Does the fulfilled II comes with magnifying options?

Yes, it does. You have the option of going with the 2-7X, 3-9X, 4.5-14X and the 6.5-20X. The latter is the most powerful scope in the Fulfilled II series and it comes with a whopping 20X magnification. You also get the option of three different reticles – Plex, Ballistic Plex, and Ballistic mil-dot.


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