Burris vs. Vortex – A Brief Comparison


Burris Optics and Vortex Optics are two of many riflescope manufacturers across the globe. So, what are the main characteristics of each?

When it comes to the manufacture of riflescopes, Burris Optics and Vortex Optics are counted among the most reliable globally. Each of them has an impressively wide variety, and they are known to use high quality material.

Burris is, however, knownfor highly tactical gear. They develop larger and more versatile scopes while Vortex Optics is largely known for smaller but highly effective scopes.

Below is a compilation of each company’s most popular scopes.

Burris Optics

  1. Burris Fullfield IV 3-12x56mm
Burris Fullfield IV Hunting Rifle Scope, 3-12x42mm, Ballistic E3 Reticle
  • Improved 4x zoom system with premium, multi-coated lenses for edge-to-edge clarity and low light...
  • Sleek new design with finger adjustable turret knobs; Wide selection of reticles for both hunting and...
  • Positive steel-on-steel adjustments assure repeated accuracy
  • Nitrogen-filled 1-inch scope tube prevents fogging, even in cold and rain, and is waterproof; Guaranteed...

This scope is one of the best and most effective devices for hunting. It has a clear objective lens diameter of 42mm, has a long range reticle and is fully waterproof. Even though it is quite long, it is lightweight and easy to carry. Users enjoy a wide field of view through its high quality multi-coated lens.

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  1. Burris Handgun Scope 2x20mm
Burris Handgun 2x20mm Plex Reticle Pistol Scope, Matte Black - 200218
  • Burris 200218 handgun scope, 2x20mm
  • Simple plex, matte, 1 inch tube, fixed
  • This product is manufactured in United States

Made specially for hand guns, this scope comes with a clear objective lens of 20mm. You will be surprised at the amount of recoil and compact it can handle, and this is largely because of its high quality hardy build. It is a fully water proof device that can be used anywhere under the sun.

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Vortex Optics

  1. Vortex Optics Venom

This scope presents a pleasantly compact build when compared to Burris Optics devices. It comes with a 3 or 6 MOA reticle, a 26.5mm objective lens and 10 brightness adjustment levels for using in different light intensities.

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  1. Vortex Optics Razor 


Vortex Optics Razor Red Dot Sights
  • The Razor red dot is a high-end reflex sight built for top-tier performance and incredible versatility....

With a 20mm objective lens and 3 and 6 MOA reticle sizes, this scope comes as a great device for both professional and recreational users. It is a waterproof device that has a battery life of 150 to 30,000 hours.

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The table below gives a general summary of Burris Optics and Vortex Optics devices.

Burris Optics Main Features
Vortex Optics Main Features
·         Have a wide variety of hunting scopes, tactical scopes and sights for professional use

·         Makers of long range shooting devices

·         Use extremely high quality glass to manufacture lenses

·         Produce highly automated devices

·         Often manufacture small scopes for recreation and professional use

·         Mainly focus on short and mid-range shooting devices

·         Lenses are made of both glass and laminate

·         Most devices come with manual adjustment



If you are looking to get yourself a highly automated scope that you can use for long range shooting, Burris Optics will have you sorted. However, if you are looking to focus on mid-range and short range shooting, Vortex Optics is your plug.

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