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Exposure to Moisture and shock are some of the most relevant tests that optical sights are subjected to, to see if they offer value for money. Some people, however, go to the extremes when carrying out the strength tests, and surprisingly the sights pull out and remain highly functional and effective. The Bushnell Tac Optics Big D is among the optical sights that are admirably stable no matter the type of beating that they are exposed to.

So while some people will do preposterous things just to find out if their sights can hold zero, there are some realistic tests out here that will prove to you whether you threw money or invested it wisely. If you want to perform a moisture test, and here we are not just talking about splashing water around your sight but rather leaving it out in the rain for about five hours, and then later check if water has penetrated or if it has fogged.

You can also drown it in a bowl of water, and let it stay in therefore for a few minutes then check to see if water has penetrated through. Once out of the water, you can then subject it to the impact and shock test and beat it up with a water bottle, or drop it down a few meters high and see how it holds up.

Another real test that can give you real answers, is putting your new sight on a rifle and then ensure to zero it and set the rifle against the wall but on a tough base and then try and tip it over and see if it maintains zero.

Bushnell Tac Optics Big D Review and Breakdown

The Bushnell Tac Options Big D is the opposite of a microdot thanks to its size and can take any kind of strength test that you throw at it and still maintain its functional integrity. The sight has incorporated a fairly large objective lens at 37mm, which apart from adding to the weight of the sight it enables users to interact with a better field of view most especially when engaging the rather stressful scenarios.

The Big D (Dot) as it is famously known can be quite intimidating yet the operational controls are pretty simple. So some of the easy to use features are the on and off knob protruding from the side, the sight has also been equipped with the flip-up lens covers, meant to protect the lens from impact or scratches when in transit or storage.

And when it comes to holding zero, the sight offers the best performance even after being exposed to high impact situations. The presence of the turn knob means that you will have to do everything manually, and that is turning the sight on and off; most optical sights come with an auto shut off feature, so if you leave your sight on for the recommended hours it automatically goes off.

The Big D is, therefore, waterproof, and shockproof; the incorporated lens system is quite effective but with a greenish hue when observed from the back. Even more important is that it has a powerful dot intensity which is very clear especially when used under the full glare of the sun. In overall the optic lens is super bright thus provides the shooter with a clear vision of the surrounding environment.

What we liked;

  • Equipped with a large objective lens diameter
  • The sight is resistant to water and shockproof
  • The lens is pretty clear thus allows situational awareness
  • The sight can be used in the harsh weather conditions
  • The sight has a long battery life offering up to 12,000hrs

What we didn’t like;

  • The sight is heavy when used on firearms
  • Retails at a hefty price

Bushnell Tac Optics Big D Specifications

Bushnell Tac Optics Big D
Battery life
Adjustment range
Objective lens diameter
Brightness settings
6 levels

Bushnell Tac Optics Big D features

Structure and Build

The Bushnell Tac Optics sports a big structure at 4.2 inches long, offering a tunnel kind of view; there isn’t much going on the sides, apart from the adjustable on and off knob. The sight is a low mount, complete with a large objective lens measuring up to 37mm that comes equipped with the O rings, which seal the optics leaving it dry even when it has been completely immersed in water.

The outer construction is made to withstand shock, be it the bangs, drops, or when exposed to a rough and tumble environment.

Brightness settings

The various levels of brightness settings allow the shooter, to achieve precision during target acquisition. By tweaking the sights levels of brightness you can be able to get the right dot intensity when using the sight under the full glare of the sun, or when using it in the low light situations such as late in the afternoon or in pitch-black darkness.

For the latter, however, your optical sight must have incorporated the relevant levels of the night vision settings failure to which you can only use the optical sight during the day. Bushnell Tac Optics Big D has incorporated up to 6 levels of brightness settings and is very capable of offering you the right dot intensity when used during the day.

Submersion and Waterproofing

An optical sight can be waterproof but not submersible, meaning that you can use it under the light showers, but you cannot completely submerge yourself with the sight underwater. Bushnell Tac optics Big D is waterproof but doesn’t have a reliable rating to let the user know if the sight is submersible. The above notwithstanding, the sight can be used under harsh climatic conditions and still work effectively.

Reticle performance

Parallax on the big D has been enabled to cater to only 50 yards, the optic is multi-coated meaning that glare and reflections are minimized. Shooters will not strain as the multi-coat improves vision. The equipped objective lens is also huge, which admits into the lens enough light consequently providing high-resolution images.

At 37mm the field of view is also enhanced and shooters get to know about their target’s surroundings before taking the shot. The sight has a 3MOA dot and can, therefore, shoot up to 6 groupings at 100 yards. Some shooters are however not into the 3 MOA DOT as it is presumed that the rifle could be off by 3 inches, from the point of aim and that is per 100 yards.

Who is it best suited for?

The Bushnell Tac Optics Big D is a good hunting and range shooting optical sight, as it can withstand the beating of a tough terrain, and even hold up well under the recoil of a heavy Ar-10. The above is thanks to the illumination of the red dot, which we must say is quite intense.

Are there any alternatives to the Bushnell Tac Optics Big D?

Yes, there are alternatives for the Big D, the Sig Sauer Romeo 5, the Aimpoint Pro Red Dot, and the Feyachi Rds-22 micro red dot.

Features of the alternative optical sights

Sig Sauer Romeo5 1x20mm 2 Moa Red Dot Sight
Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight 
Feyachi RDS-22 Micro Red Dot Sight – 2 MOA 
Dot size
2 MOA red dot
7.8 ounces
Eye Relief
Night vision enabled
2 night vision settings
4 night vision settings
Brightness settings
10 illumination settings
6 daylight brightness settings
11 intensity brightness settings
Battery life
40,000+ hours
30,000 hrs/ 3years
Offers up to 2 years
Waterproof to 150 ft
Fully waterproof
4.72 x 3.03 x 0.76
6.75 x 4.63 x 3.38 inches
5.3 x 3.6 x 2.4 inches
Objective lens diameter

Final Verdict: So, should you get the Bushnell Tac Optics Big D?

Yes, the Bushnell Tac Optics Big D is an effective optical sight, providing users with up to 6 different levels of brightness settings, thus allows them to achieve the relevant dot with regards to their environment. The sight has been established through various strength tests by enthusiasts that it can take the beating of a harsh environment without compromising on performance.

What’s more, is that it has a longer battery life, can be used in moist environments without allowing water to penetrate the lens. The multi-coats on the sight enable it to minimize reflections thus avoids eye strains and the dot intensity is quite impressive, a feature that also goes for dot recovery.


  1. Is the Bushnell Big D easy to use?

Bushnell’s big D has not incorporated any automatic features, so everything is done manually from switching it on to turning it off and adjusting the six levels of brightness settings.

  1. Is the Bushnell Big D durable?

The big D is durable given that it can function effectively when used in adverse weather conditions; the overall construction is designed to resist water, does not allow the formation of fog and it is absolutely shockproof. The sight has been configured to counter the accidental bumps and drops.

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