Eotech XPS2-0 vs. Eotech XPS2-2 – What sets them apart?


Made by the same company, both of these riflescopes have identical characteristics. The main difference lies in their reticles and in their price.

The Eotech XPS2-0 and Eotech XPS2-2 are two popular riflescopes used by many hunters, recreational shooters and even military personnel. They are quite small, but there is nothing little about their performance.

Both sots boast similar features, right from their optical characteristics to their actual build. The Eotech XPS2-0 comes with a 22mm objective lens diameter which offers a considerably wide field of view. This lens is made using a combination of high quality glass and laminate, resulting in a hardy and durable lens that delivers crisp vision. It is a parallax free device that also offers unlimited eye relief. When it comes to the reticle, it presents a 1 MOA red dot and a 68 MOA circle which is ideal for short range shooting. In addition, it is fully water proof and fog proof.

The Eotech XPS2-2 follows suit in similar fashion, sharing the same 22mm objective lens diameter with a wide field of view. Also made using glass and laminate, this lens features many layers which are ideal for optimal light transfer for the best vision. Just like the Eotech XPS2-0, this device comes as a parallax free tool that also offers unlimited eye relief. The only feature that sets the Eotech XPS2-2 apart from the Eotech XPS2-0 is that it has an extra 1 MOA red dot beneath the main one, giving it two ballistic dots for better aiming and accurate shooting.

Below is a detailed table.

Eotech XPS2-0
Eotech XPS2-2
Red Dot Size
1 MOA dot, 68 MOA ring
1 MOA dot + 1 MOA dot, 65 MOA ring
Objective Lens Diameter
Brightness Adjustment Levels
Reticle Color
Battery Life
1,000 hours
1,000 hours


With an extra 1 MOA dot, the Eotech XPS2-2 gives more visual options to users than the Eotech XPS2-0 does. However, every other feature and characteristic of both scopes is identical.


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