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Range shooting and hunting expeditions are a whole new level of fun proved to keep one yearning for the next time, while at the same time offering gratification. Target acquisition when hunting or range shooting is at times hard given the type of optical sight in use. So even if you have the best weapon but your sight cannot provide you with accurate images, then the chances of your prey escaping are real.

The markets both online and the brick and mortar stores are flooded with the red dot sights, (original and knock offs), which then means that finding the perfect unit for the relevant application can be a daunting task. What is even more puzzling for some of the new users are the features that actually make a sight good. Things like the absence of parallax, varying levels of brightness settings, and NVD are relevant to accurate target acquisition.

Feyachi Rds-25 is a renowned optical sight, sporting a robust build, though not exactly high end this 4MOA red dot will afford you an accurate vision, both in range shooting and hunting. There are so many features in an optical sigh that contribute to its overall functionality, most of which have been incorporated in the Feyachi Rds-25, thus making it the perfect versatile and durable sight, read on.

Feyachi Rds-25 review and breakdown

Out of the box, the Feyachin Rds-25 comes with two batteries, meaning that you can take it out and be provided with the relevant juice from your sight when you need it the most. Important to note, however, is that when compared to other optical sights in the market the Feyachi Rds does not offer the best performance.

Others sights such as the Aimpoint Micro’s battery offers its users over 5 years shelf life with continuous use both day and night at pos 8 of 12. The CR2032 battery, on the other hand, equipped in the Feyachi Rds, has a limited shelf life and will only offer you about 220hrs, but which can be sufficient for the not so active shooters.

Now given that you will get two batteries upon purchase, it might interest you to know that  it remains highly functional more especially when used in areas with varying environmental temperatures, ranging between 22° Fahrenheit and 140° Fahrenheit. The unit is quite compact from the outlook thus enables situational awareness and comes with a 1inch riser making it easy to mount on different weapons.

Sights can easily get spoilt during storage or transportation the reason why the Feyachi Rds-25 comes equipped with the easy to install rubber bikini covers, which will help keep your lens safe from shock or impact during storage or transportation. The packaging also includes a soft wipe cloth, that we encourage you to use instead of using other rough materials that might damage the sight’s lens. Lastly, the necessary adjustments can be carried out with ease as the manufacturer has been kind enough to provide their clients with the Allen wrench, be careful though because not all the Feyachi Rds-25’s come with the keys.

What we liked;

  • Can be used in moist environments
  • The optical sight is shockproof
  • Offers faster dot recovery
  • The 1-inch mount enables easy sight acquisition
  • Comes equipped with two batteries

What we didn’t like;

  • Short battery shelf life
  • The dot is not visible at the highest setting

Feyachi Rds-25 Specifications

Feyachi Rds-25
Objective lens diameter
Battery life
Field of view @ 100yards
Eye Relief
3-4 MOA dot

Feyachi Rds-25 Features

  • Waterproof and shockproof

It is one thing to have an optical sight and quite another to have one that you can use in whichever environment that you find yourself in whether it is range shooting or hunting, besides the weatherman is not always reliable and there is the chance that you forgot to check the weather report. So despite all the above, you can still your Feyachi Rds-25 in the range and hit your target with minimal effort.

The reason for the above is because the optical sight has minimal movable parts, designed to ensure either water or debris doesn’t penetrate into the sight when in use or during transportation. And with the good waterproofing qualities comes a disadvantage, where you will not be able to use the optical sight if you were to submerge yourself underwater. However, if your user profile does not involve going underwater then the Feychi Rds-25 will well suffice.

  • Brightness levels

Will you be able to use your optical sight at night or dusk, well even if you are not planning to use your weapon in the evening there are the isolated occasions where you will find yourself late in the range, and besides if you are a hunter then the best time to catch your prey more especially the deer will be either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

The above times call for your sight to have various levels of brightness settings that you can tweak for accurate target acquisition; the problem with the Feyachi Rds-25 however, is that if you are going to use it under the bright afternoon sun then the dot intensity will not be at its best as it seems a bit faint, and when used in the late afternoon, the highest setting is brighter.

The above then means that you will have to adjust your schedule to get the most out of your hunting or range shooting expedition.

  • Objective lens diameter

A large diameter objective lens works to the advantage of the shooter in that the light gathering capabilities are enhanced; in which case most shooters would prefer to settle with a wide objective lens diameter ranging between 50 and 40mm. So while the above is practical and will even provide a greater depth of field there is concern about the weight of the lens and how it will feel on your weapon.

A large diameter objective lens makes the optical sight heavy, which as many shooters relate makes the handling of the weapon in overall a hurdle. For the Feyachi Rds-25 however, you have been provided with a 22mm objective lens diameter, which is not too big nor is it too small to afford you the perfect sight for you to accurately acquire your target. What’s more, is that the sight is not as heavy at least when compared to the 50 or 40mm objective lens diameter.

  • Unlimited eye relief

For you to obtain the maximum field of view, there is the distance that the eyeball has to be positioned to the sight. If your eyes are too close to the scope then you will suffer because the recoil will directly have an impact on your eyes and head in general. Feyachi Rds-25 offers its users unlimited eye relief which in the long run enables quick target acquisition.

The sight is parallax corrected

Feyachi Rds-25 is parallax corrected meaning that the lens intelligently follows the movement of the shooter’s eye but remains fixed on the target, users, therefore, don’t need to center.

Who is it best suited for?

The Feyachi Rds-25 is a highly adaptable optic sight that can be used for a wide range of applications including but not limited to tactical scenarios, precision shooting, general and close-range shooting, and hunting.

Are there any alternatives to the Feyachi Rds-25?

Feyachi Rds-25 has a couple of alternatives, the Aimpoint pro, the Sig Sauer SOR50000 Romeo5, and the Trijicon Sro.

Features of the alternative Wi-Fi extenders

Aimpoint Pro
Sig Sauer SOR50000 Romeo5  
Trijicon SRO Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight 
Brightness level settings
4 night and 6 daylight brightness settings
8 daytime, 2 night vision
Automatic and adjustable 8 settings
Aiming red dot size
5.0MOA,2.5MOA, & 1MOA
Waterproof up to 10meters
122mm x 49mm x 49mm
4.96 x 3.58 x 3.19
2.2 x 1.3 x 1.4 in
Objective lens diameter

Final Verdict: so should you get the Feyachi Rds?

Feyachi Rds-25 is a high-performance optical sight that comes in handy when used for various applications, including range shooting and hunting. The unit is perfect for people who just want a basic optical that is highly functional and retails at a fair price.


  1. Can the Feyachi Rds-25 be effective when used with an AK47?

Feyacih Rds can be used on the AK 47 only that you must ensure that you have the correct picatinny/1913 rail.

  1. What range is the best to use with the Feyachi Rds-25?

The Feyachi Rds-25 can be used for both the indoor and outdoor activities and is exceptionally effective for both long and mid-range shooting. Feyachi Rds-25 opticals sights are parallax corrected, which in the long-range ensures that the reticle doesn’t shift despite the target range and the aiming position.

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