Feyachi Rs 29 Reflex Sight Review


Sights that are used on firearms come at varied prices some are low cost and we have the high-end units that are highly effective and equipped with innovative features. The Feyachi Rs 29 is a low-cost optical sight for use with firearms and stacks up well; the unit is China made but quite effective given the reputation of the producing country.

The low-cost optical sights are normally not very durable thus users are always advised to be extra cautious when handling them. Extreme abuse to find out if the unit is up to the task is normally not important because you might just end up damaging the electronics or breaking the hood or even the lens. What’s more, users might also need to tone down a little bit from using the high recoil rifles because they might be too powerful for the sight.

So, while a large number of shooters will detest any sight that comes from the regions known to produce knock offs; the Feyachi Rs 29 is one of a kind, though cheap at only $39.99, it will last a few shots and probably give in as some users have recorded. And depending on the weapon that you are using with the sight, it can take up numerous rounds and still manage to hold zero.

Feyachi Rs 29 Review and Breakdown

Feyachi Rs 29 is a compact optical sight that sits low on any firearm and therefore, fits a standard-sized Picatinny rail. The sight has incorporated a rather wide lens, necessary for situational awareness; the unit is a four reticle sight and will provide you with both the red and green dots. Out of the box users will be provided with a wipe cloth used for the lens to protect it from getting scratches.

The unit comes with two wrenches for the necessary adjustments, and while other sights will come with the protective bikini caps the Feyachi Rs 29 comes equipped with a unique protective hood that only covers the sight, and which is easy to put over and remove. The front part of the lens has a mirror-like finish and on the opposite side it is kind of reflective.

To customize your reticle options, the sight has been equipped with a switch at the bottom back and both the red and green dots have three customizable brightness settings, adjustable through the numbered knob that is on the upper part of the sight.

Feyachi Rs 29 does provide for its users a rather intense red dot and users can, therefore, choose from the circle with a dot, the crosshairs, the circle, dot and crosshairs, and the dot.

What we liked;

  • Offers four different reticles
  • Comes with lens protective hood
  • Set up use is easy
  • The sight is compatible with most firearms
  • Holds zero pretty well

What we didn’t like;

  • The sight is quite small thus hard to reach some of the controls
  • Cannot handle the high recoil firearms

Feyachi Rs 29 specifications

Feyachi Rs 29
Reticle color
Red/ Green
Eye relief
Reticle pattern
Star, Bullseye, dot, and the cross
Brightness settings
Field of view
15.7 @ 100m
Windage/ elevation click value
1MOA per click
Lens measurement
22 x 33
4.5 x 3.6 x 1.9 inches

Feyachi Rs 29 features 

Build and Design

The Feyachi Rs 29 is a low profile optical sight, quite compact that you might even have problems getting your arms around it. The outer black color allows it to complement the weapon with which it is used, operation is manual so you must ensure that it is turned off, to help enhance the battery life. When not protected with the hood, the lens is exposed meaning it can take quite some beating when used in dynamic environments or under the harsh climatic conditions.

And the best incorporated feature is the wide lens, which enables a wide field of view; the hood containing the lens, we must say is somewhat lean thus exposes the lens to danger in case of high impact. The unit is operated by two dials, one at the top for the brightness settings and the other at the bottom back used by users to select a favorable reticle.

Red and Green Dot Performance

For a low budget sight, the dot performance is quite impressive, both the green and red dot are pretty clear, and by using the various brightness settings it is possible to achieve the relevant dot intensity with regards to your surrounding. On the box, the provided dots have been encircled with dotted lines, which you will ignore, and to get the red dot, just turn the knob at the top to Red and then using the switch at the bottom back, you can skip from the dot, with the circle and the cross to the dot, and if you switch it again it will move to the cross and finally to the dot with a circle.

The incorporated brightness settings are quite few, so you only get three but we must say they are highly effective and will tweak your sight to match your surrounding.


Feyachi Rs 29 is a bit heavy, thanks to the wide lens and the bulky rear, but due to the low price, most shooters wouldn’t mind investing in the sight, besides they can always manage a few extra pounds. We must however note that enthusiasts are not really drawn to optical sights, that are heavy, because they tend to make it hard to use the weapon. So a sight that has shed off a few pounds and is highly functional is a welcome option for use with the firearms.

Waterproofing and submersion

The Feyachi Rs 29 is waterproof but not submersible, meaning you can use it in moist environments such as in the snowy areas and in areas experiencing light showers. However, when it comes to going underwater the sight will not suffice because it doesn’t come equipped with any of the relevant deep-water ratings such as the IP67 or IPX8.

Who is it best suited for?

Feyachi Rs 29 has been determined to complement different firearms and is convenient for use by the hunters and range shooters, given the high dot intensity that can be picked up on targets that are at a distance. What’s more, is that the wide lens allows situational awareness around targets that are far away and in a dynamic environment.

Are there alternatives to the Feyachi Rs 29?

yes, there are other budget-friendly and highly functional alternatives to the Feyachi Rs 29 reflex sight that you might want to consider, and these are the Feyachi 1x33mm Reflex Sight, the Feyachi RSL-18 Reflex Sight, and the DB TAC Red and Green Reflex Sight.  

Features of the alternative optical sights

Feyachi 1x33mm Reflex Sight
Feyachi RSL-18 Reflex Sight
DB TAC Red and Green Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles 
Objective Aperture
3 ounces
5 brightness settings, Red and Green
5 Brightness settings, Red and Green
4 brightness settings
4 reticle patterns, starburst, cross, dot, and bullseye
4 Reticle patterns, dot, cross, bullseye, and star
Field of view
15.8@ 100m
15.8 @ 100m
15.8@ 100m
Eye relief
Windage or elevation click value
1 MOA per click
1 MOA per click
1 MOA per click

Final Verdict; so, should you get the Feyachi Rs 29 reflex sight?

The Feyachi Rs 29 reflex sight is a low budget option but highly effective nonetheless; the sight can be quite effective for individuals who are starting out and are orienting themselves with the various optical sights in the market, as they learn how to shoot, transition between targets, and practice on how to accurately acquire their target during dot recovery.

The sight does not fall under the professional category, as it is not submersible and cannot be used with the night vision devices. If you are, therefore, looking for a functional low-cost optical sight then the Feyachi Rs 29 will suffice, more especially because it is parallax corrected and offers unlimited eye relief.


  1. Is it possible to install the Feyachi Rs 29 at 45 degrees on a rifle?

Yes, it is possible to install the Rs 29 at 45° on a rifle, you will however need to utilize a 45° rail mount.

  1. How do I turn off the Feyachi Rs 29 reflex sight?

The lack of the obvious on and off switch can be quite confusing when it comes to turning the Rs 29 reflex sight off; the on and off switch has been integrated with the brightness settings, so all you have to do is turn the knob.

  1. Feyachi Rs 29 Reflex sight comes with a warranty but there is no phone number attached, how do I get in touch with the company?

Other platforms are open for communication with the manufactures of the optical sight and the most reliable is the provided email address.

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