Feyachi Rs-30 Reflex Sight Review


New users who are interacting with the rifles and the AR’s for the first time have a hard time finding the perfect optical sight to use with their newly acquired weapons. For beginners, the relevant optical sight should be easy to use a good example being the Feyachi Rs-30, which sports a rather decent and sturdy build, has a unique distinguishable color, and is light in weight.

Overall, however, before settling with a specific kind of sight or scope, it is important to first research the market. Dig for information; know the differences in the objective lens diameter, the importance of having a large one, and its impact on your weapon as regards the extra weight. Buyers also need to be very conscious when dealing with sights, from some of the most renowned brands.

The reason for the above is because some of the famous brands, still retail the outdated designs and the coatings on the sights make them dim and murky. Another important feature to look out for is usability, if you are planning to use your sight with both your eyes open then the optical sight that you will invest in must show the same image through the sight as your other eye is seeing or you might end up shooting slow.

Feyachi Rs- 30 review and breakdown

The Feyachi Rs-30 comes equipped with only four reticles, can be used with the weaver and Picatinny rails; the unit is super easy to operate and comes equipped with the red and green buttons on each side, which when pressed will light the sight up. The outside hood is made of aluminum meaning that it can withstand recoil and is resistant to shock and impact.

The optical sight comes complete with a wide lens aperture measuring 33mm, necessary for situational awareness. And to make it more functional, the manufacturer has been kind enough to include in the box an extra 45-degree mount, which you can use with your Picatinny rail. Shooters who want to mount their sights at a 45-degree angle won’t have to go through more trouble and can, therefore, use the incorporated accessory.

Feyachi’s Rs-30 battery is loaded from the top, which is quite easy when compared to some of the big-name sights out here that will have you dislodge the whole sight just to have your batteries installed. Battery loading for most optical sights should be easy more especially for the hunters because any extra time wasted means that the target will run out of sight.

The four reticles are operated from the incorporated switch at the back of the sight, the reflex sight is highly versatile and can be used for various applications and with different firearms.

What we liked;

  • Loading the battery is super easy
  • The sight is made with the durable aluminum
  • The sight comes equipped with up to 5 levels of brightness settings
  • The unit is compact thus light in weight
  • The reflex sight has incorporated a waterproof and shockproof design

What we didn’t like;

  • Not easy to achieve zero
  • The reticle is somehow blurry

Feyachi Rs-30 specifications

Feyachi Rs-30
5 Brightness settings both red and green
4 oz
4 patterns
Objective aperture
Eye relief

Feyachi Rs-30 features

Build and Design

Sporting a wide lens the Feyachi Rs-30 is quite functional and effective, the reflex sight is easy to install as it comes equipped with the relevant Allen wrench. The box-like extension at the back makes it a bit bulky though the weight is still low; the lens comes with a protective cap designed to keep it safe, during transportation and storage. Remember that optical sights at times get scratched, or can attract dirt that will end up staining the lens thus render them useless.

The large knob at the top has two functions, one is to hold the battery in place, and second, it is used to adjust the various levels of brightness settings.

Reticle performance

Depending on your target users have been provided with up to four reticle patterns, complete with two illuminations. Well, you might be surprised but not everyone likes the red dot and in fact, some people are color blind and therefore, prefer the green dot. The unit comes equipped with 5 different levels of brightness settings, a feature that allows the shooter to achieve the right dot intensity, one that relates to their existing surrounding.

Though low budget the field of view offered by the reflex sight can be convenient for the different categories of users, so while 15.8 @ 100might seem small for some, it really depends on the application with which you are using the sight for.

Objective lens performance 

When it comes to the performance of the objective lens then the Feyachi Rs-30 is well competing with the likes of the high-end optical sights such as Aimpoint and Vortex. A large objective lens diameter means that the images provided to the user, are high resolution and clear. The above is because the large diameter allows for light to penetrate the sight but does not cause glare.

The only downside with a large objective lens diameter is that it adds to the weight of the overall optic sight. To counter the above, however, is that the lens is multicoated, the latter offers numerous advantages as regards the use of the optical sight, for one some of these coatings are scratch-resistant, thus protect the lens against damage ensuring that it achieves its full shelf life.

What’s more is that the multi-coated lens, incorporates a combination of coatings, are water repellent, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, and are UV repellent, all the above when combined enhance the performance of the optical sight.

Set up and use

Feyachi we must say doesn’t have the best customer support system, so it would be quite hectic if you are unable to install your optical sight. Worry not though because the Feyachi Rs-30 is easy to install all you have to do is loosen the screws, then once mounted on the rail, you can proceed to again tighten the screws using the provided Allen wrench and you are good to take it to the range. So whether you own a rifle or a pistol the reflex sight will well suffice.

Who is it best suited for?

The good thing with the Feyachi Rs-30 is that you can mount it on any firearm that has been equipped with a Picatinny or Weaver rail. Important to note is that the co-witness feature makes it a great unit to use on firearms that have incorporated a long barrel and the iron sights.

Are there any alternatives to the Feyachi Rs-30 reflex sight?

Yes, there are alternatives such as the GOTICAL Holographic 1x22x33 Reflex Sight, the TRIROCK Optic Red Green Dot Holographic Reflex Sight, and the  DB TAC Red and Green Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles 

Features of the alternative reflex sights?

GOTICAL Holographic 1x22x33 Sight Scope Reflex sight
TRIROCK Optic Red Green Dot Holographic Reflex Sight
DB TAC Red and Green Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles
4 patterned reticle
4 type reticle for 20mm rails
4 reticles
1 x 3v CR2032
1 x CR2032
3v CR 2032
Field of view
15.8 @ 100m
15.8 @ 100m
15.8 @100m
Red and green
Red and green dot
Red and green dot
7.05 ounces
3 ounces
Objective lens aperture

Final Verdict; So, should you get the Feyachi Rs-30?

Yes, Feyachi is not a new name in the sights industry which then means that the company has a good idea of what their potential clients are looking for, and are thus able to make their sights functional enough to suffice the various user needs. The company is known to manufacture, high quality, and durable sights, which also retail at budget-friendly prices.

Most optical sights from Feyachi have more than one reticle, with adjustable height for co-witness. The Feyachi Rs-30 in particular comes equipped with up to 4 reticles and 5 customizable levels of brightness settings. The relevant co-witness feature, allows the sight to line up the reticle with the iron sights and is adjustable. Now all the above features, capped with a budget-friendly price, you don’t have a reason for not getting the highly reliable Feyachi Rs-30 optical sight.


  1. Can I use my Feyachi Rs-30 on a pistol that doesn’t have a rail?

No, you cannot use the Feyachi Rs-30 on a pistol without a rail because it will be difficult to mount.

  1. Why is it that when I adjust the sight there isn’t any click?

The sight adjusts well and functions effectively without the click

  1. Does the Feyachi Rs-30 fit on the Glock 19x?

No, the Feyachi Rs-30 does not fit on the Glock 19x as it is too big.

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