Holosun HS403C vs. Holosun HS503CU – A Detailed Comparison


Precision is easily on of a red dot’s main strengths, especially when used to hit fast moving targets. The Holosun HS403C and Holosun HS503CU red dot sights are highly dependable and versatile, but which one is better?

Whether for using on your rifle or small hand gun, a high precision red dot scope comes in great handy. Holosun gadgets have been around only a short duration of time, but they have managed to make a name for themselves as hardy and reliable. On several occasions, I have had to choose between a scope that comes with a simple red dot and one that comes with an MOA circle around the red dot. While they are both effective, I find that they are suited for different settings. Here is a review of the Holosun HS403C with only a red dot, and the Holosun HS503CU with a red dot and MOA circle.

What are the differences between the Holosun HS403C and the Holosun HS503CU?

Holosun HS403C
Holosun HS503CU
Red Dot Size
2 MOA, 65 MOA circle
Objective Lens Diameter
Brightness Adjustment Levels
12 – 10 Daylight, 2 Night Vision
12 – 10 Daylight, 2 Night Vision
Reticle Color
Battery Life
50,000 Hours
50,000 Hours

Holosun HS403C vs. Holosun HS503CU – How do they compare?

Optical Features

The best red dot scopes rely on what would be considered a combination of superior quality gadgets. When it comes to optic features, the Holosun HS403C comes with this combination that allows it to perform exceptionally well. For starters, it has a 20mm objective lens diameter which allows for a wide field of view. In addition, it boasts multi-layer coatings which makes certain that you experience maximum light transmission with minimal glare. Also, it is made to have minimal parallax which guarantees a stable line of vision. Its unlimited eye relief makes certain that you maintain good visual on your target no matter where the scope is installed on the rifle.

Just like its counterpart, the Holosun HS503CU is made using a 20mm objective lens that features multiple layers. This ensures maximum light transmission while reducing on glare. Also a non-parallax lens, it makes certain that your vision remains clear and accurate all through. In addition, it offers unlimited eye relief, keeping your target in focus no matter where the scope is on the rifle.

Both of these devices feature similar optic features, setting them on equal footing in this regard.  

Overall Performance

A smaller MOA dot size is ideal for still or slow moving targets since it covers a very small area on the target itself. The Holosun HS403C comes with a 2 MOA red dot which means that it covers up to 2 inches on the target from a distance of 100 yards. What makes it an ideal device for regular use is that it comes with up to 12 brightness adjustment settings, 10 of which are for daylight shooting, and 2 of which are excellent for Night Mode.

The Holosun HS503CU follows suit in similar fashion, presenting a 2 MOA red dot size which covers an area of 2 inches across on the target from a 100 yard distance. In addition, it has a 65 MOA ring around the reticle for additional visual support. You can, however, use the red dot without the circle, or the circle without the dot. For brightness, it comes with 12 adjustment settings. 10 of these are ideal for using during the day while 2 support Night Vision.

Since the Holosun HS503CU comes with a 65 MOA circle, it outdoes the Holosun HS403C where performance options are involved.


Since riflescopes are usually used in high impact settings, it is important that they have a sturdy build. This is why the Holosun HS403C is constructed using high strength aluminum that can withstand heavy impact and multiple rounds of recoil. In addition, it is created to be fully water and dust proof to make certain that you can use it in the most humid and even dry conditions.

Similarly, the Holosun HS503CU is made using high strength aluminum. It is created to withstand heavy impact and recoil with prowess. Additionally, it is a water and dust proof device that is at home is both wet and dry settings.

Since both devices both similar constructional characteristics, none is placed above the other in this regard.  

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the Holosun boasts up to 50,000 hours which translates to approximately 5.5 years. However, the fact that this device is solar powered means that you do not have to depend on the battery during sunny days.

Similarly, the Holosun HS503CU boasts a 50,000 hours battery which is largely used in the cover of night. Its solar support sees to it that you do not have to depend on the battery full time.

Both devices bear similar characteristics where battery life is concerned, setting them on equal footing.  

Holosun HS403C vs. Holosun HS503CU – A Comparison Overview

Holosun HS403C Overview

HOLOSUN HS403C Solar Power Micro Red Dot Sight, Black
  • Two power systems: Primarily Solar Powered, the red dot brightness auto adjusts according to available...
  • Military grade optics without the military grade price
  • High quality clear lens with crisp red dot and 12 brightness settings (10 Daytime and 2 Night Vision)
  • Parallax-free; when the red dot is on the target, so are you; 2 MOA dot size

This device comes with a small 2 MOA reticle size and a 20mm objective lens thickness which make it ideal for short and medium range shooting. The outer casing is constructed using high strength aluminum which makes it quite hardy. It also boasts water and dust proof characteristics, as well as solar reliance to ensure reliability.

Apart from the Holosun HS03C, there are other scopes under the Holosun HS403 range. They are:

  • Holosun HS403B – This features a 2 MOA red dot, 20mm objective lens diameter, 12 brightness settings, 50,000 hour battery life.
  • Holosun HS403A –Has a 2 MOA reticle,20mm objective lens diameter, 50,000 hours battery, waterproof.
  • Holosun HS403R – Comes with 2 MOA retile, 20mm objective lens, 10 brightness settings, 1000,000 hours battery life, water proof


  • Ideal for short and medium range shooting
  • Water and dust proof
  • Supports night mode
  • Solar enabled


  • Not ideal for long range shooting

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Holosun HS503CU Overview

HOLOSUN HS503CU, Paralow Red Dot Sight 1X, 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle, Matte Black
  • Product Type: Aiming Scope Sight
  • Package Height: 11.937 Centimeters
  • Package Length: 7.62 Centimeters
  • Package Width: 8.89 Centimeters

Also made for medium and short range shooting, this device comes with a 2 MOA reticle that is supported by a 65 MOA ring. This provides users with multiple options where target viewing and acquisition are concerned. In addition, it is made using string aluminum, and it is also water and dust proof. It is a solar enabled device that saves on battery power especially during the day.

The Holosun HS503 range of scopes also includes:

  • Holosun HS503G – Has 2 MOA reticle, 2 brightness adjustment settings, waterproof, 50,000 hours battery
  • Holosun HS03GU – 2 MOA reticle, 65 MOA circle, water proof, 50,000 hours battery
  • Holosun HS503R – 2 MOA dot, 65 MOA ring, 10 brightness adjustment levels, 100,000 battery hours, waterproof


  • Ideal for short and medium range shooting
  • It is water and dust proof
  • Supports solar power
  • Has a long battery life


  • Not ideal for long range shooting

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Verdict: So, which one is better – Holosun HS403C or Holosun HS503CU?

This detailed review has revealed that both of these devices are very similar in almost all aspects. However, since the Holosun HS503CU comes with a 2 MOA red dot and a 65 MOA ring which can be used together or interchangeably, it offers more performance options than the Holosun HS403C. this characteristic makes it the better scope of the two.


  1. How much does the Holosun HS503CU weigh?

This scope comes with a weight of 3 oz.

  1. What is the Holosun HS403C’s tube diameter?

It comes with a tube diameter of 22mm.


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