Holosun Paralow HS503G Review – Excellent Performance at a Reasonable Price


Holosun Paralow HS503G Review – Excellent Performance at a Reasonable Price

Many shooters today are looking to benefit from a dependable sight that allows shooters to aim and fire without experiencing any kind of problem. A red dot that can accurately fire no matter what climatic or environmental condition it is exposed to is exactly what the Holosun HS503G is designed to be. Whether it is during the day, or perhaps you are exposed to environments where there is low light, you are guaranteed that with this model, you will get to aim at your target with a better shooting capability.

The Holosun industry as well as Primary Arms have come together to provide you with the great power of a CQB reticle for the first time. When it comes to red dots, one of the constant problems is the large dot. When positioned close to your target, this dot looks great, however, it is a lot less useful when set at a distance that is further than 100 yards. This is because the dot gets much larger and aiming.

When you have a small dot and you use it in conjunction with a magnifier, this problem is fixed. However, it gets slower to achieve your shot when firing at a close range. The Holosun Paralow HS503G model is uniquely designed with a very small aiming point that is a great choice for firing accurate shots. With this sight, the action of zeroing on your target is so easy. This is a major reason why this model is among the highest-performing optics in the market.

Holosun Paralow HS503G Review and Breakdown  

For very many years, the Holosun industry has continued to release very high-quality and exceptional optics. These optics are all considered accurate, efficient, and very affordable. This Holosun HS503 optic is designed with a similar body to the very popular Aimpoint sight. It is also manufactured with a circle reticle on the outer side just like the EOTech red dot. The HS503G model also provides you with the chance to turn off the circle reticle on the outer side if the need arises. This enhances the flexibility of the optic.

This innovation marks a brand-new perspective from the industry in the optics world that at the moment has not been able to adopt to this new customization. The Holosun HS503G s definitely an ideal choice for any shooter who is looking to benefit from an optic that they can depend on and a precise red dot even when working with a budget.

What we liked 

  • It comes on and goes off automatically depending on the motion around the optic
  • Designed with a 2 MOA dot and a 65 MOA circle
  • The training time is reduced as well as the ammunition
  • The build of the sight is strong and dependable
  • Users can make use of the low mount as well as a 1/3 co-witness mount that is included in the package.

What we didn’t like  

  • Manufactured with zero adjustment
  • The control functions are of low quality

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Holosun Paralow HS503G Key Specs

Holosun Paralow HS503G
Reticle Exclusive
Reticle Size
Click Value
0.5 MOA
Reticle Color
Reticle Brightness
10 Settings
Night Vision Compatibility
Aluminum 6061-T6
Hardcoat Anodized
4.87 Oz
Battery Type
CR2032 3V Lithium Coin
Limited Lifetime

Holosun HS503G Features  

Range for Zoom  

This HS503G model is manufactured with some high-quality technology that is still  relatively new in the industry. It is the first optic in the world that makes use of this ACSS CQB sight. This factor is a very big deal, mostly because it allows you to resolve a big issue that many optics are experiencing today.

Other red dot models are manufactured with different types of reticles that have a relatively similar design to the more traditional models in the market. As mentioned earlier, one of the issues that dot sights face is while a larger reticle size is ideal to use when you are positioned at a close distance, it cannot be as effective when you need to aim at a target that is positioned at a distance that is more than 100 yards. The red dot may  become very large and firing a precise shot is not that easy. Pairing a smaller dot with an easy-to-use magnifier rectifies this issue, however, it makes the firing process a little harder.

This Holosun HS503G reticle easily solves this issue by making use of a large chevron which has been easily identified through your eye when you are positioned at a close -quarter while you fire. When shooting at a long distance, the tip of the chevron will appear to be quite small. This makes it an ideal choice for all types of shooting activities that are long-distance. The HS503 model is an excellent choice for holdovers positioned from 100 yards to over 500 yards. This is made possible by the compatibility of the 5.56 and the 7.62 NATO.

The Reticles  

This Holosun Paralow model provides shooters with three different BDC dots. These dots are under chevron and they allow for a great bullet drop of 600 yards when you make use of your caliber rifle of 7.62 or 5.56 NATO. This red dot also comes with a click of 0.5 MOA. With an audible clicking level, shooters are guaranteed that they get the chance to precisely zero in. It also gets easier for the shooter to switch between the ACSS reticle and the 2 MOA.

Different types of models in the industry provide you with a more generic red dot reticle that can fire at a shorter distance. This ACSS model is uniquely designed for any kind of shooting activity that is at a medium to long-range distance.

Remember to put FOV 

This HS503 red dot model is manufactured with a 2 MOA reticle dot size that is placed at the center within a circle that is 65 MOA. This improves the capability of your vision. A factor that improves the precision of this sight is the circle reticle’s diameter. This measures around 5.5 inches when set at a position of 91 meters, or 170 meters at 100 meters.  s.

The Size of the Dot  

The Holosun HS503 reticle is manufactured with a 2 MOA reticle size. This dot is placed in a center position that is 65 MOA and it provides you with microdots that have 4 different positioning points.

The very popular Primary Arms ACSS reticle has been designed in this red dot. This reticle is well known because it provides you with all-round features that you cannot find anywhere else. These features include BDC dots, precise ranging, and many more.

Adjustments and Turrets 

This red dot optic is designed with auto-ranging features and wind leads. These factors make it so much easier to aim precisely while making use of a very small reticle. The windage of this HS503 model is put at 0 MRAD. To modify the windage and elevation of this red dot, the click value is set at 0.5 MOA. This leads to pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Who is it best suited for?  

Holosun HS503 sight is one of the highest performing red dot optics in the industry. It is very reliable and it has been specially manufactured to make aiming and firing at your target very easy. Its design makes it an excellent choice for hunters and sports marksmen. It is very robust and lasts for a very long time even when you are firing on the range. It is also great for military personnel and authorities.

Are there any alternatives to this sight?  

Yes, there are. Some of the best alternatives include Holosun HS510C and the Sightmark Ultra Shot M Spec.

Features of the Holosun HS503 alternatives

Holosun HS510C
Sightmark Ultra Shot M Spec
Reticle Size
4.94 Oz
10.2 Oz


This Holosun HS503 sight is an ideal choice for all types of shooters who want to make use of an effective and reliable red dot. It is available at a very reasonable price, which is exciting for any shooter who is working on a budget. If you frequently make use of this sight, you get to benefit from a battery life of nine months. It comes with flexible mounting options. In addition, you cannot forget the ACSS reticle.

With the HS503 optic, you are provided with a ton of features and functions. This allows the process of aiming very easy whether you are out in the wild hunting or busy shooting at the range. There warranty of 5 years is a great addition to your purchase. With this you are guaranteed that the sight will continue to perform well without fail especially on precision and quickly achieving your targets.


Are the Optic sights from Holosun any good? 

Yes, the optics from Holosun are considered of great quality and improves the shooter’s performance. It is also affordable and it is an ideal alternative to some very expensive red dots in the market. The dot itself can be seen and it comes with a variety of brightness settings.

Is the Holosun Paralow HS503 sight a better option than Eotech? 

Both of these sights have many similar features and functions, however, the HS503 model is manufactured to provide you with a battery life of 50,000 hours unlike the Eotech that has a battery life of 600 hours. The Eotech also does not come with any type of shake weight feature. This makes the HS503 model a better option than the Eotech.


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