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New users of firearms optics tend to have a hard time with the lingo that is used in this industry, most of which are used to describe the various parts of the optical sights. For example the word reticle, almost close to the word retina which is responsible for forming the visual image in the eye. Reticle is found inside the optic and a good description would be that it is the aiming indicator.  

The reticles come in different shapes some would be a red dot, a crosshair, or a horseshoe such as the one in the Holosun Pralow, among other varying shapes. The most common reticle in many optics is the red dot, which come in different sizes, such as the 2 MOA, 3 MOA, or the 4 MOA. So as you choose the perfect optics you will find some with large red dots and other with smaller red dots like the 2 MOA.

The latter has been determined to be effective for precision at a distance, while the larger red dots are normally preferred when quick target acquisition is of necessity but when the target is at a closer quarter situation.  Other common terminologies that must be at your fingertips are such as the Exit Pupil, which is a circle of light, and the larger it is the better because it will eventually provide you with a brighter image.

Holosun Paralow review and breakdown

Holosun is still a young company in the optics industry and has been very strategic in penetrating the already saturated markets. Holosun products, therefore, retail at a rather budget-friendly price, without compromising on quality, the red dots we must say they are very competitive when compared to some of the big brands in the industry.

Coming from a Chinese industry many people would brace themselves for lower performance and short shelf life, but that is not the case with the Holosun check below. The Holosun Paralow HS503G ACSS is the product of the cooperation between the Primary Arms Company and Holosun. The red dot sight sports a compact structure and comes equipped with a high mount that is compatible with the AR platform.

The high mount is not permanent and users can, therefore, remove and replace it with a lower mount which automatically makes it versatile for use with different types of firearms. The initials HS503G in the holosun red dot have meaning, for example, the 5 means that a shooter can switch between a 2 MOA dot and a 2 MOA dot that has been surrounded by a 65 MOA circle.

Now for this specific Holosun configuration is a bit different and users will only be able to switch between a 2 MOA dot and the ACSS reticle. The 0 after the 5, means that the optical sights come equipped with only the standard accessory, so things like the flip-up caps will not be provided. The G relates to the battery, which is characteristic of a big round button located on the side of the sight, while the illumination settings have been conveniently equipped on the top.

What we liked;

  • The brightness adjustments are super easy to use
  • The Reticle is crystal clear
  • The sight does not fog up
  • The Incorporated ACSS reticle makes target acquisition a breeze
  • Equipped with a durable battery life
  • The sight can maintain three groupings at 100 yards consistently

What we didn’t like;

  • The Reticle is at times out of focus
  • The ACSS dots are small and therefore, need a magnifier to use

Holosun Paralow HS503G Specifications

Holosun Paralow HS503G
Objective lens diameter
Brightness settings
Battery life
Night vision compatible
IP67 water-resistant
Lens finish
Adjustment click value
0.5 MOA

 Holosun Paralow features

Optical performance

The Holosun Paralow only has two brightness settings well which is a bit low compared to what most red dots offer. As regards functionality the brightness settings will rarely provide the relevant dot intensity the reason why most people prefer to use the sight with a magnifier. But if you have the relevant shooting skills, the unlimited eye relief, and the sights parallax free design will ensure that you get the relevant shot.

The lens has been finished with a multicoat, which we must say is the best because it allows more light to pass through thus improves vision while consequently reducing eye strain.

Now the Chevron is surrounded with a death donut, the first dot after the chevron base is the 400m hold, the second is a 500m hold, and the third a 600m hold, while the base is believed to be a 300m hold. The above is, therefore, referred to as the CQB mode, where the donut helps in fast acquisition.

Build and Design

The Holosun Paralow sports a black coating, which complements most of the firearms, the outer finish on the sight features the hard coat anodized, which is relatively easy to clean and maintain, improves lubrication, it is resistant to flaking, peeling, and chipping, which makes the sight easy to use in dynamic environments. The outer coating is additionally, flame-resistant has increased abrasion resistance, and is non-contaminating.

The optical sight has toned down on the outside features, so you will only find three protruding buttons, one for windage adjustment, the other for elevation adjustment, and the battery knob. To get the sight up and running, you have been provided with the + and – button at the top part, which will also be used to adjust the illumination levels.

Waterproofing and submersion

Holosun HS503G is waterproof and comes complete with an IP67 water resistance rating which means that this specific optical sight enjoys protection against solid objects, such as sand and dust. And can still be effective, when used for a period of 30 minutes while submerged under 15cm or 1m of water.

Night Vision Compatibility

The Holosun HS503G can be used with both the day and the night vision devices, given the incorporated brightness settings which help shooters get the relevant dot intensity and the low light settings which ensure precise target acquisition in the low light situations. An optical device that doubles up as night vision equipment is quite attractive to the professionals in law enforcement and the marine.

Brightness settings

Did you know that with the Holosun Hs503G you can effectively capture a fast-moving target? Far from that though is that the incorporated illumination settings are enviable at least when compared to other optical sights of the same standard. By using the incorporated brightness buttons, shooters can use the mid-range mode, which will get rid of the donut but still retain the chevron, and the dots.

The brightness settings buttons we must say are convenient and very effective, when used both in high noon and low light conditions, what’s more, is that the buttons are not rigid, thus easy to use.

Who is it best suited for?

If you decide to settle with the Holosun HS503G then you won’t be conflicted when it comes to acquiring targets that are in the close quarter ranges, or when aiming at targets that are at the longer distances, because the unit functions as a close range and a long-range red dot sight.

Are there any alternatives to the Holosun Paralow Hs503G

Yes there are alternatives to the Holosun Paralow such as the Primary Arms SLX Compact 1×20 Prism Scope, the HOLOSUN HS503CU, Paralow Red Dot Sight 1X, and the HOLOSUN HS403R, Black, 2 MOA Red Dot

Features of the alternative optical sights

Primary Arms SLX compact 1 x 20 prism
Holosun HS503CU
Holosun HS403R
Brightness settings
11 settings
10daylight settings
Night vision capabilities
2-night vision settings
Battery life
3,000 hours
100,000 hours
Water-resistance level
1 meter
Yes, IP67 water rating
ACSS Cyclops
9.7 oz
6.4 ounces
Optical coating

Final Verdict: so should you get the Holosun Paralow?

Yes, you should get the Holosun paralow because it has incorporated all the relevant features that are present in the high-end optical sights. Some of the important features are its ability to accurately acquire a fast-moving target; the sight can be used with the night vision devices, is parallax free, offers unlimited eye relief, and features an IP67 rating meaning that it is highly submergible.


  1. With the holdovers on the Holosun paralow work with a 3x magnifier

The Holosun optic has been configured to work with or without the magnifier.

  1. Does the Holosun Paralow HS503G come with a warranty?

Yes the Holosun paralow comes with a limited lifetime warranty

  1. Is it possible to switch between the reticle and the dot only?

What shooters are able to do with this sight is to turn the horseshoe off, around the chevron, but you will not be able to lose the chevron and the three dots.

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