Howard Leight Impact Pro vs. Peltor Tactical – Which has better hearing protection

Howard LeightImpact vs. Peltor Tactical Sport

When it comes to ear defenders, Howard Leight and Peltor Tactical are popular brands that come fully equipped electronically for safety.While there are plenty of options to pick from these two brands are much better in value and much efficient.

Hearing loss has been the number one sensory disability in the United States and studies by organizations like the World Health Organization have shown that 20% ofhearing loss is attributed to noise exposure. If you are into shooting or you work in a noisy environment, it is always good to know the best protection headsets out there to reduce the risks of hearing impairments. When it comes to Howard Leight Impact Pro and Peltor Tactical Sport, they have proved to be formidable options with the standard headset features as well as 3M electronic protection. Here is an in-depth review of both as they do have notable differences to help you pick the best one for you.

What are the differences between Howard Leight Impact Pro and Peltor Tactical Sport?

Howard Leight Impact Pro
Peltor Tactical Sport
Padded Headband
Lightweight Foam
Battery Type and Life
2 AAA batteries with approximately 350hrs battery life
4 AAA batteries with up to 200hrs battery life
Noise Reduction Rating
22 dB
Communication Response
Its directional microphones  amplify low-level sounds around you with clarity so that you can carry on with conversations and range commands
Has environmental microphones that keep you aware of your surrounding and other low level sounds

Howard LeightImpact vs. Peltor Tactical Sport – How do they compare?

Noise Reduction Rating

The noise reduction rating of a headset is among the foremost important features to think about when choosing hearing protection. With Impact Sport it can significantly cut off harmful sounds upto 82dB. Far from completely knocking out all the noise from your surrounding environ, these earsets are loaded with directional microphones to a clear level, which allows you to take care of environmental and situational awareness. If you’re in enforcement, a gun aficionado, or just trying to find a fun hobby, Howard Leight Impact Pro proves to be better for indoor and outdoor shooting. On the flipside, Peltor Tactical Sport can aptly deduct the overall percentage of loud and potentially destructive sounds from the environment to a very manageable level. However, its noise reduction rating of 19 dB means Howard is the better option with its 22 dB rating.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Howard Impact weighs 3 poundsand is convenient for carry. Its compactable design makes it easy to store on the range or within the field. The muffs are custom fit, non-slip, and built for comfort, with a padded telescoped headband which can be adjusted depending on the user. These are also earmuffs are very easy to take care of.The ear cushions are easily snapon to make them last you a while. All these innovative features make Howard Leight the better option in terms of comfort and convenience when using. Peltor on the flipside is lightweight (measures a mere 8oz), features a foldable design, they are easy to hold and stow away in a gun bag or your jacket pocket. However, Howard proves to be better because Peltor can be a tad uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time and they are less durable.

Additional Features

Howard Leight has a built-in AUX jack which can be connected to an MP3 or other devices. It also boasts an automatic shut-off feature after 4 hours for its battery power while only using 2 AAA batteries which don’t require to be changed.

With Peltor, the volume control operation is easy to use and adjustableon each ear cup which arealso enabled with amplification. Peltor is also equipped with an automatic shut-off function for convenience. It can also be connected to a radio which can be played directly from the headset.

Howard Leight Impact Pro and Peltor Tactical Sport both have quality accessories.

Howard Leight Impact vs. Peltor Tactical – A Comparison Review

Howard Leight Impact Pro overview

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff (R-01902) with Sharp-Shooter Safety Eyewear, Clear Lens (R-03570)
  • Bundle includes Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff (R-01902)...
  • Built-in directional microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82 dB,...
  • Actively listens and automatically shuts off amplification when ambient sound reaches 82 dB; passively...
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries and a 3.5mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners; automatic shut-off...

Howard Leight has led the in-ear hearing protection industry for quite a number of years now and they have always taken it with innovative, quality protection products. On noise reduction ratings, Howard definitely knocks it out of the park because it reduces noises to as low as 22dB.

If you are just hitting the gun range or you work at a loud construction site or office building, such a rating is enough to give you protection by cancelling all hazardous sounds. Still, Howard Leight has been designed to still amplify low-level sounds like range commands and conversation around you without necessarily creating total silence.

The Howard Leight is sort of excellent in noise reduction of this caliber. They significantly reduce the loud unwanted noises within the surrounding while still maintaining good awareness of the entire environment. As for its design it is sleek and has a built-in auxiliary jack which allows you to attach to MP3 players and scanners. They are also comfortable and I quite enjoy the fit even after them for long during my hunting expeditions. The low-profile construction design of the ear-muffs works well for a wide range of people.


  • Has a 350 hour battery life
  • Tight, yet comfortable form
  • Built for indoors too because of its noise reduction rating


  • Not entirely durable especially with heavy use

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Peltor Tactical Sport overview

Peltor has also been reputable brand for quality hearing protection and Peltor Tactical Sport is no less.First, this Peltor headset is comfortable on the ears and you can spend hours with the on. The ear cups are low-profile and the headband is slim enough to fit without taking up too much space. You can use it with other protective gear and you can even attach your phone using the 3.55 audio jack it is designed with.

Peltor Tactical Sport also comes in a wide array of headset cups depending on your needs. Subtle, camouflaged colors fit well when hunting buy you would want to go for the brighter colors if you are into construction. The only downer with Peltor Tactical is that its noise reduction rating sits at 19 Db. This simply means if you were near a loud machine, say a rifle emitting noise levels of 95 dB, you would probably not get enough hearing protection without layering up. All in all, it still delivers on a swift moment reaction which ends up in immediate suppression of impulse noises. It works well for the outdoors, hunting and shooting- really all depending on what you are into.


  • Comfortable for all day wearing
  • Has foam microphone covers that prevent wind noise issues
  • Has improved audio production


  • Quite expensive


 Howard Leight Impact Pro and Peltor Tactical Sport are both great noise-reduction hearing gears. When it comes to choosing which one is best for you, there are many factors at play like your budget and the noise reduction rating you require depending on your shooting needs.

Final Verdict – So which is better? Howard Leight Impact Pro or Peltor Tactical Sport

Considering all features and specs on Howard Leight Impact Pro and Peltor Tactical Sport, Howard Leight Impact Pro takes it thanks to the cozy fit you get and the higher performance in noise reduction ratings is also a winning feature.


Are there headsets that can wipe out all noise and still maintaining ambient surrounding?

Yes, there are headsets designed to dam out abrasive noises while still enabling you to possess an honest awareness of your environment.

Can noise reduction rating headsets be used for basic activities like listening to music?

Yes some headsets are enabled with features to attach to other devices allowing you to access music through radio and such.


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