Howard Leight vs. Peltor – Which brand is the best for your hearing protection

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro vs. Peltor

Quality hearing protection comes in handy if you are into shooting or you work in a noisy environment. Howard Leight and Peltor are two quality products that protect your hearing while still not isolating you from your environment. The following is a detailed analysis of these two to help you pick the one best for you.

Besides packing my rifle and one of my favorite magazine by Outdoor Life when I want to go hunting, I always have to pack hearing protection gear. Over the years, I have dabbled with the numerous brands in the market in an attempt to find the perfect one for me. With all my experience, I have narrowed down to Howard Leight and Peltor as formidable brands in the hearing protection industry. Which then of the two reigns supreme? Proper hearing protection is a necessity in every range bag.

What are the differences between Howard Leight and Peltor?

Howard Leight
Average Noise Reduction
21db to 31db
Ideal Environment
Indoors and Outdoors
All kinds of noisy or hazardous environments
Well-padded headband and ear cups for a comfortable, non-slip fit



Wide and soft cushions, ultra-lightweight and easily replaceable ear muff cushions for comfort all through


Communication Response
 Amplifies surrounding sounds like range commands or warning signals with its 3 stereo microphones.


Unique frequency response technology amplifies low level sounds while suppressing any harmful noises


Battery Type/Life
 Can last up to 350 hours of usage and it has auto shut off after 4 hours to help conserve the battery


Rechargeable Li-ion

20 hours

Additional Features
Easily foldable and snap-in ear cushions


Bluetooth Technology,

 Howard Leight vs. Peltor- How do they compare?

Noise Reduction Specs

One of the most crucial features when going for hearing protection is the kind of noise reduction you are can get.Here, Howard Leight has taken it as it has an average rating of 30 dB and still amplifies conversation around you. With Howard Impact Sport for example, the earmuffs are fitted with directional microphones that ensure you are still aware of your surroundings even if the really loud, harmful sounds are blocked out. Peltor on the other hand, can still decrease the loud and damaging sounds that might be around you. Peltor Tactical for instance can drop the volume by 19db while the Peltor Pro Tactical delivers on a whopping 32db. While this is quite impressive, Howard Leight still takes it with an average rating of 30 dB with most of its models.

Ease of Use and Comfort

Howard Leight products are more comfortable and easier to use than Peltor. First, Howard Leight ear defenders come with adjustable headbands that are plushy padded. You can easily adjust them for a snug fit even on long sessions. Howards also come fitted with thin ear cups that just sit well around your ears. While Peltor protectors are not exactly uncomfortable with their easily removable ear cups that are soft as well, Howard Leight takes it.

Communication Response

Here we look at whether you can still easily communicate with the headset on. Howard Leight is designed with frequency response technology that amplifies low-level sounds around you with near-perfect sound reproduction. It suppresses all potentially damaging noise while still maximizing your hearing. Peltor is also ideal when it comes to communication response and even goes a step further with 3M technology. Some models are also fitted with stereo microphones (up to 3) that enhance your communication with your buddies.

Additional Features and Technology

These headsets have both been equipped with different additional technology to enhance their practicality. Here, I would highly recommend Peltor because most Peltor models have salt water resistance which makes them a perfect choice for extreme environments. They also come with advanced digital circuitry that filters extreme loud sounds using the 3M technology that is synonymous with Peltor headsets. Howard Leight also has water proof features but not as advanced as Peltor. It also comes with automatic noise-blocking, 2 AAA batteries with automatic features and an AUX input cord and jack.

Howard Leight vs. Peltor- A Comparison Overview

Howard Leight Review

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526)
  • Built-in directional microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82 dB,...
  • Actively listens and automatically shuts off amplification when ambient sound reaches 82 dB; Noise...
  • Features low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance; adjustable headband for secure fit; compact...
  • Includes AUX input and 3.5 mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners. Integrated power/volume knob

When comparing hearing protection, I usually look at the comfort, clarity and noise reduction levels I can get. Howard is lightweight (weighs 3 pounds) making them convenient to carry around and wear them for long periods. The minimalistic design is sleek and slender enough to accommodate this. Secondly, Howard Leight has top-notch comfort as they come with a padded headband and a custom fit. The telescoped headband can be easily adjusted depending on who is using them so they can be a great fit for a wide range of people.

Another key feature is Howard’s ability to reduce harmful noises. The Impact Sport has 82 dB as its NRR protection level. This means that you can easily follow through with conversations around you (due to fitted directional microphones) while still getting a fully immersive feeling.


  • Low energy consumption (battery can run for 350 hours)
  • Auto shut off features starts at 4 hours of usage
  • Easy volume controls


  • Some models are quite bulky

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Peltor Review

Peltor is a hearing protection brand that is best known for its unique and quirky designs as well as its practical elements that make them ideal for the gun range as well as on hunting expeditions. For example, if you are a hunter, Peltor Tactical 6S comes with a wide array of colored headset cups for better visibility and ultimately your safety.

Peltor has also established a solid reputation due its innovativeness. For instance, its 3M products are designed with technology that amplifies low-level sounds around you e.g. range commands while still protecting your ears from destructive noises like gun shots. The noise reduction ratings are also as impressive because you can go for Peltor Pro Tactical 2 that has a rating of 32 dB. Peltor also shines out because of its battery life. Most models come with automatic battery saving technology and two AAA batteries that swing in to offer up to months of battery life.


  • Good battery life of around 200 hours
  • Mission Audio Profile (MAP) technology enhances the auditory experience
  • Comes with versatile products


  • Quite expensive


This article has reviewed Howard Leight and Peltor which are premium quality sound mufflers in the market. They come in handy for workplaces and the shooting range.

Final Verdict- So, which is better? Howard Leight or Peltor

Well, both Howard Leight and Peltor are premium quality products but Howard Leight takes it. With this brand, you get an affordable pair of protectors that still offer superb support. For instance, Howard Leight has a noise reduction rating of 30dB.


Why are these electronic earmuffs expensive?

With electronic earmuffs such as Howard Leight and Peltor, you get enhanced technology like active volume control which you do not get with passive earmuffs that are much cheaper.

How do you know which headset is best for shooting?

It all depends if you are to do it indoors or outdoors. For example, indoors shooting the main concern is a high noise reduction rating so that is what you should go for.


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