Meopta vs. Swarovski riflescopes – Which offers better quality glasses?

Meopta vs. Swarovski riflescopes

Scopes help you make shots with precision. They act as your hidden eye by magnifying objects that are far away. In a world of high quality scope brands the search for the ideal scope is not an easy one. In this review, we help you make the right decision between the Meopta and Swarovski brand of scopes

The main purpose of a good scope is to magnify the image that is before you so that you can make an accurate shot. When hunting for game it is safer as you reduce your chances of hitting something you shouldn’t. However, once you have identified your need for a scope the real work kicks in when choosing the ideal scope.

The Meopta and Swarovski brands of scopes are almost similar in quality so choosing in between the scopes can be quite a challenge. However, with the right information making the right purchase should be that difficult.

What are the differences between the Meopta and Swarovski riflescopes?

MeoptaMeoStar S2 spotting scope
Swarovski Z8i
20-70X (while both scopes brands are designed with the highest quality in mind, the Meopta scopes have a slight edge when it comes to glass quality)
Effective objective lens diameter
Field of view
144.36-68.9 feet/100 yards
63-7.8 feet/100 yards
Parallax correction
55/55 to infinity
51.29 oz.
23.8 oz.

Meopta vs. Swarovski riflescopes – How do they compare?


If you are talking about optics then the Meopta S2 20-70X82 is one of the most popular Meopta scopes due to its amazing scope quality. It will deliver good optics up to 1500 yards. The Meopta brand has become one of the largest consumers of Schott glass which is one of the highest of quality as such the scopes are very good. The range of products under the Meopta brand extends to binoculars, spotting scopes and riflescopes. For the glass quality we would recommend the Meopta brand of scopes.


The Meopta line of scopes comes in different varying tubes. You have the 1-inch tube, the 30mm tube found in the 4 series, and 34mm tube in the 1 series. For magnification the scopes with come in 1-4X power all the way to the more powerful 6-24X56 power. Most of the scopes are SFP models but you do have the Optika6 line that uses FFP. If you are looking for a heavier version of the Swarovski brand then they have the Z3 which comes with a BRX ballistic reticle and 50mm objective lens. The field of view is very wide and you can mount it on a variety of guns. The Swarovski 1-6X24 is ideal for short range shooting and comes with a 24mm objective lens and 6X magnification. The Swarovski Z5 series is one of the most popular in the market as it comes with 44m objective lens and 3.5 to 18X magnification. Overall the Meopta brand has a more line of available scopes than the Swarovski.

Meopta vs. Swarovski riflescopes – A comparison Overview

Meopta – Overview

Meopta scopes are less well known but they have left a mark in the world of optics by producing high quality scopes that last a lifetime while delivering exceptional glass quality. The Meopta line of scopes is registered in the Czech republic by a company called Optikotechna. It’s in 1930 that the journey of the Meopta line of scopes begun with the company supplying scopes to the Czech military.  The company later moved into the US around 1996.

The Meopta scopes come in 1”, 30mm and 34 mm diameter tubes. You also have magnification options from 1-4 power all the way up to 6-24X56. Most of the Meopta models are SFP but lately they have produced the FFP for its Optika6 line of scopes. For reticles you also have a wide range of reticles to choose from: BDC reticle, Z-Plex, McWorter reticle, mil-dot, and German #4.

One great scope from the company is the Meopta MeoStar S2 82 HD spotting scope. This scope comes with MeoBright, MeoDrop, and MeoShield coatings. It also has interchangeable eyepieces, a centric drive focus system and special security for its eyepieces. The MeoStar comes with interchangeable eyepieces – 20-70X and 30-60X WA.


  • Interchangeable eyepiece
  • Dual focus
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Special security system for the eyepiece
  • Three varieties of special coating


  • Heavy scope

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Swarovski riflescopes – Overview

Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56 - 4W-I 68405
  • Perfect for poor light conditions at twilight
  • Delivers a razor-sharp images
  • Precision over long distances
  • 4W-I Reticle

The Swarovski Z8i is another great addition to the scoping world. The scope is super light hence making it ideal for hunting. With a 8X magnification you are sure to hit game that is far away. The design is great for a scope but you have to pay more for it. You can choose the Z8i from four powerful variants: 1-8X24, 1.7-13.3X32, 2-16X50, and the 2.3-18X56. The “I” on the scope stands for illumination. You operate this through an illumination switch that has both night and day mode.

For the turrets you have the option of ordering for the ballistic turret flex which comes in handy for long range shooting. On the surface the tube is well burnished with an extra layer of hard anodizing. You do get a light transmission of up to 93% from recessed 50mm recessed lens in the 2-16X50. On the tube, you have your parallax controls from 50 to infinity on the left, and upper Windage and elevation on the right. The scope uses a CR2032 battery for illumination.

The illumination will automatically be switched off when the rifle is placed at an angle of 70 degrees and above. It will then automatically switch itself back on when you position it uprightly. You can adjust for brightness by using the allocated plus and minus buttons. The elevation and Windage gear is compatible with ballistic turret flex.


  • High light transmission ideal for long range shooting
  • Lower profile illumination unit
  • Automatically shutting off illumination
  • High precision ballistic turret flex
  • Delivers razor sharp images


  • More costlier than similar models

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Verdict: So, which is better – Meopta or Swarovski riflescopes?

When it comes to glass quality then the Meopta brand of scopes outperforms the Swarovski riflescopes. Even if you were to choose a lower priced Meopta scope you will find that the glass quality is as good as the high end scopes. The company also has a larger line up of scopes hence increasing the customers choice.


Where are the Meopta riflescopes made?

It will depend on the type of scope. The company has a plants in the USA and Czech republic. For the less expensive models like the MeoPro then the optics are made in the Czech with the assembly being in the USA. For the MeoTac, ZD and MeoStar the production is in the Czechoslovakia facility.

Which Swarovski riflescope is ideal for long range shooting?

That would be the Swarovski Z5 3.5-18X44. The scope offers a magnification of 3.5-18X magnification. The scope is also super light and slim making it ideal for a variety of hunting environments. It also features two reticle types – Plex and 4W. If you are looking for something less expensive then you can go with the Z3 3-10X42 which offers crystal clear images with a 42mm objective lens.


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