MSA Sordin Supreme Pro vs. Peltor – Which is better?

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro vs. Peltor

There is a wide array of noise reduction headsets in the market and while most may be on cheaper side MSA Sordin Supreme Pro and Peltor both lie on the higher end of prices. Nonetheless, they are jammed with features and still popular choices to consider.

Guns can be extremely loud. .22 rifles, for instance can reach average levels of upto 140dB which is way beyond safe hearings levels. Therefore, it is no wander hearing protection is taken very seriously by those who are involved with guns. As a hunter myself, I have grown to appreciate a good pair of hearing protectors and that is how I ended up with MSA Sordin Supreme Pro and Peltor over the years. The military has even recommended these headsets as they have excellent noise canceling features while still providing clear communication with distinctive ambient listening. Though nearly comparable, they do have features that set them apart as this review illustrates.

What are the differences between the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro and Peltor?

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro
Noise Reduction Rating
Gel ear cups for a comfortable feel
Come with adjustable headbands for a better fit
Works better as an amplifier
Works better as a noise reducer
Additional Features
Salt water resistant

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro vs. Peltor – How do they compare?

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) / Hearing protection

Noise protection is among the foremost important features to think about when choosing hearing protection headgear.Peltor in this case proves to be a better noise reducing headset than the MSA Sordin as it can reduce noise to higher levels of dB Peltor Comtac III for example offers a NRR of 20dB while the Peltor SportTacfeatures a thinning level of single number rating of 26dB. Single Number Rating (SNR) is measured quite differently to the NRR values like most hearing protection gear, with SNR figures being higher so 26 dB is still impressive. MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X on the other hand has a noise reduction rating of only 18dB. Nonetheless, the volume is often lowered so that all loud sounds are suppressed while low volume sounds are still amplified. With amplification, the user can more easily hear footsteps and other people talking. Simply put, you get hearing protection but you can still take in your surrounding environment.

When the MSA Sordin and Peltor are compared, you can tell they both possess good advanced hearing protection but Peltor proves better like the Peltor Comtac III possess a far much better NRR rating. Also, for long shooting expeditions with louder fire power, the extra attenuation with Peltor makes it comfortable and an easy choice for proper hearing protection gear.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Both the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro and Peltor host great features in terms of comfort. For example, Peltor Comtac is designed with 3M to make it ideal for use with ballistic helmets and firearms. The headband is also adjustable to enable it fit different users. The ear cup is also designed to give you a far better fit and the gel cushions enhance the comfort of wearing the headset over long periods oftime.

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro on the other hand comes ready fitted with comfortable ear seals as a set. Its covers are lined with gel making them a perfect fit with safety glasses and eyewear for those that use full protective gear. They are easier than the froth cups that go along other hearing protectors. To add, its batteries can be easily installed and can last as long as 600 hours which is incredible. The slim and foldable design of the headsets also makes them easy to hold and carry around. The dimensions are even adjustable to be a good fit on right about any head size. These features slightly make MSA Sordin Supreme the better option because of how easy it is to use them.

External communication

While hearing protection is an important factor to be considered when choosing headsets for noise reduction, another really important aspect is the candid ability to hear conversations and softer sounds. Simply put, you need to be able to hear ambient sounds in the immediate environment. One clear difference between the MSA Sordin and Peltor COMTAC III as an example is that some designs of the Peltor come with an additional, optional, noise reducing microphone while the MSA Sordin is not equipped with such. The Peltor is therefore a better headset choice when looking at external communication capabilities. They are a good choice for team exercises or combat training and other activities that would require communication between users while still using them for noise reduction on shooting. The boom microphone can be easily detached from the main set if it is not needed.

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro vs. Peltor – A Comparison Review

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro

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MSA are highly reputable in the hearing protection sector and are even a favorite among soldiers.

First, this protective headset has built-in reproduction of ambient sounds that protects your hearing without isolating you from your environment. In fact, it can amplify safe sounds up to 4 times better than the Peltor. It functions to compress loud destructive sounds while amplifying weaker sounds.

While other headsets boast of better electronics, MSA has an automatic switch-off battery save function which comes in handy when hunting. After four hours of use, it switches off to conserve the battery life. It also uses minimal power as it only requires 2 AAA batteries, which come provided for in the kit. For those who like entertainment, MSA has also stepped up since it comes with Optical AUX input for connecting external audio sources like a hunting radio or phones.

MSA Sordin is also ideal for outdoor environments as it boasts a waterproof and splash proof feature in its arsenal. To add, the earmuffs have even been shaped to suit both the left handed and the right handed.


  • Waterproof
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Has a good battery life


  • Rather analogue technology
  • Expensive

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MSA Sordin Supreme Pro vs. Peltor

I have grown to love Peltor headsets for a number of reasons. First, the noise reduction ability of the Peltor sits at 20dB which is higher than MSA Sordin Supreme Pro. This noise reduction rating simply means that if you were near a loud machine emitting say a background sound level of 95dB, the quantity level that might be reaching you would be about 75dB. It is all a moment reaction which ends up in immediate suppression of impulse noises. Peltor does a great job at it.

When compared to others, does a recognizably better job of amplifying the weak sounds and transmitting the entire conversation without clipping which is a great feature for users who need to communicate while using the headsets.

Peltor is also comfortable on the ears. It comes with an adjustable headband that is well-padded. To add, Peltor has been proven to be salt water resistant making it a great pick for outdoor users prone to extreme weather environments.


  • Comfortable for all day wearing
  • Cheaper option


  • Can be quite hectic adjusting the battery

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In conclusion, both the MSA and Peltor are high end headset products each great for noise reduction and hearing protection. They also have good additional features like salt water resistance and automatic shutting off capabilities.

Final Verdict – So which is better? MSA Sordin Supreme Pro or Peltor

 All factors considered,Peltor is a better headset for its better performance on noise reduction ratings. Also, Peltor is slightly cheaper than MSA Sordin Supreme Pro while still having premium quality features to match.


Can NRR products be warrantied?

Yes. It is possible to get a warranty for your headset when purchased from their respective dealers.

Are microphones necessary on headsets?

It all depends on the user. Both varieties exist and one can choose which suits them best.


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