MSA Sordin vs. Howard Leight – which is the best brand of hearing protection devices?

MSA Sordin vs. Howard Leight

Hearing protection is necessary head gear for professional shooters especially when training indoors. If you are stuck in a dilemma trying to choose betweenMSA Sordin and the Howard Leightthen you have come to the right place. We are going to extensively look at both brands.

The ears are sensitive organs thatneed regular care, maintenance, and even checkups. Onceyou donot protect your ears from hazardous noises then you stand thedanger of damaging essential parts of the ear and even possibly losing your hearing. Fortunately, this can be with proper precautions. A proper quality hearing fear is almost mandatory and that is where MSA Sordin and Howard Leight come in. Over the years, I have used Howard and MSA brands in hunting and in loud agricultural fields. They are popular brands in the market and they are quite similar in performance with only slight differences really. Here is how to know which one is best for you.

What are the differences between MSA Sordin and Howard Leight?

MSA Sordin
Howard Leight
Average Noise Reduction


18 dB
22 dB
Battery Type


Perfected the craft of sound amplification only
Better in both sound amplification and noise compression
Ear cups padded with gel for ultra-comfort
Low profile ear cups with ventilated inner headband


Indoors and Outdoors


3M electronic technology in-built
3M technology with integratedpower and volume knob

MSA Sordin vs. Howard Leight – How do they compare?

Comfort and convenience features

This is a major factor when choosing the best protection gear because you will often have to wear them for long.When comparing the two, I had a hard time choosing between them because they both have quality convenient features The padding on both cups all round conform to the international military specification meaning you get top class protection which is basically what you need.MSA Sordin also goes ahead with waterproof features like the water proof battery compartment which is sealed completely as well as the padded ear cups with gel comfort ear seal. Howard Leight still proves to be better though as it has a compact design that folds and is easy to store while not in use.It is also really comfortable and with additional money you can get the headset bag that makes it all easy to carry around.

Product Variety

The Howard Leight series has an expansive range of protection gears when you compare to MSA Sordin range so you do get a wider range of features with Howard Leight. Both brands have a pretty close measure in terms of the number of products under their brand but Howard Leight goes further with its many options like Howard Leight Impact Pro and Howard Leight Impact Spot which come with unique specifications. Reputable brands will always offer you a wide variety of models but always remember the more the variety the more the features you are out to get.

Noise Reduction Rating

This is the number one factor that lets you in on the performance of a hearing headset. Howard Leight has perfected harmful noise compression while still amplifying low level sounds in most models compared to MSA Sordin that does a better job at amplifying sounds like conversation and range commands. When it comes to ratings, any rating lower than 20 dBmight not be as effective as you expect especially for indoors which requires a higher level of protection. With the MSA Sordin being rated at18 dB on noise reduction it might not be appropriate when you need to go indoors. Howard Leight on the other hand has a rather impressive 22 dB that makes it ideal for both indoors and outdoors. The upside of all these is that the MSA Sordin actually does a great job you with lower caliber rifles despite its low rating.

MSA Sordin vs. Howard Leight – A Comparison Overview

MSA Sordin Review

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X - Premium Edition - Electronic Earmuff with black leather band, green cups and gel seals fitted
  • The PRO X from MSA Sordin comes with 4 levels (1:4) levels of sound amplification. Integrated speakers in...
  • The sound reduction rating of the headset is rated at SNR: 25dB, a mean value. This means that noise...
  • Each microphone has been water proofed, making the earmuffs perfect for outdoor use in the woods or...
  • Two microphones in the ear muff recreate excellent 3D audio. You will not have to worry about losing your...

MSA Sordin has stood out over the years for a number of reasons. First, Sordin assures youthat there issound amplification of low sounds and the electronic design used on internal electronic components is standard quality.  You also get a unique design with a foldable feature that ensures easy use as well as convenient storage. When I used to go to the gun range, I would often use MSA Sordin since I liked the headband which has been made with a combination of stainless steel and plastic all covered with an imitation leather fabric. So,they are stylish while still being comfortable enough for long periods of wear. MSA Sordin models use PVC/TPFU- foil material well cushioned for proper comfort and usage.

Most of the MSA Sordin models even have an impressive waterproof feature and with the 82db of noise dampened there is minimal power being consumed.  Other features include the high capacity to reproduce natural sounds without chopping or cutting out sound.


  • Comfortable enough for a wide range of people
  • Water proofed parts
  • Better at sound amplification so you are not isolated from your environment


  • Cheap basic models are not impressive

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Howard Leight

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526)
  • Built-in directional microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82 dB,...
  • Actively listens and automatically shuts off amplification when ambient sound reaches 82 dB; Noise...
  • Features low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance; adjustable headband for secure fit; compact...
  • Includes AUX input and 3.5 mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners. Integrated power/volume knob

This hearing protection brand has a rich history in provision of innovating solutions including a collection of various technologies which in turn delivers top industry performance. For example, Howard Leight products are quite expansive ranging from ear muffs to ear plugs but they have all been catalogued uniquely. Most of the Howard Leight models amplify the sound quite impressively ensuring there is communication between users while still protecting you from harmful noises. With an average noise reduction rating of 22 dB, you are assured of this.

To add, Howard Leight can maintain proper optimum function by relying on the Air flow control Tech running on 2 AAA batteries. It remains automatically on but shuts down automatically after 4 hours of dormancy. Also when looking at the standard Howard Leight models,you can tell they are made with not only a durable build but also with patented technologies like the Air flow control for a nice experience.


  • Well-equipped protection gear
  • Has a wide selection to choose from
  • Various comfort and convenience features


  • Some models might be expensive

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Well, MSA Sordin and the Howard Leight are both fantastic brands to consider as they have amazing features to match. They both utilize their innovative design to protect your hearing.

Final Verdict- So which is better? MSA Sordin or the Howard Leight

If you had to go for only one of them, Howard Leight proves to be better compared to the MSA Sordin models. The latter has been outdone by Howard’srange of technology and design. While Howard can be a tad expensive, you get quality service in return.


How long can a hearing protection gear last?

It all depends on how you maintain your equipment. Standard hearing protection headset can last you up to 5 years.

What is the maximum hearing protection?

85 dBis the maximum keeping in mind that regular exposure to 110 dB sounds for more than 2minutes might risk permanent hearing loss.


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