Burris veracity vs. XTR II – Which offers better glass clarity

Burris veracity vs. XTR II

When purchasing a scope nothing is as important as glass clarity. If your visibility is impaired in any way while in the field then it might cost you a shot. While Veracity and XTR II are manufactured by the same company they do differ in performance.

Your hunting escapades cannot be complete without the right scope. The scope allows you to aim and hit targets swiftly. With time scopes have become more complicated as technology advances and this has meant that you need to look keener when searching for the right scope.

Investing in a high quality scope is a must for those keen on hunting and competitive shooting. Burris has been in forefront in producing quality scopes and in this review we check out these two popular scopes.

What are the differences between the Burris veracity and XTR II?

Burris veracity
Burris XTR II
8-10X (offers more magnification power hence very suitable for long range shooting. It also has a large objective lens of 50mm for more light transmission)
Objective lens diameter
Reticle Type
Ballistic Plex E1 FFP
MOA substensions in first focal plane
Field of View
52-10.5 ft. @ 100 yards
13.2-2.8 ft. @100 yards
Eye Relief
3.5 to 4.25”
22.7 oz.
31.4 oz.
Adjustable Parallax
50 yards to infinity
50 yards to infinity

Burris veracity vs. XTR II – How do they compare?


When it comes to scope power the  Burris XTR II clearly has an edge over the veracity due to its higher magnification power of 8 -10 compared to the veracity 2-10. This means this is a long range shooting scope. You also have a higher diameter objective lens of 50mm. The diameter body for the XTR II is also larger at 34mm which is higher than the standard 1” or 30mm diameter found in most scopes. The XTR II offers a more powerful magnification than the Veracity and this makes it ideal for long range shooting.


The Veracity allows you to increase/decrease reticle as you do the same to the magnification due its front focal plane reticle design. The scope uses the ballistic Plex E1 FFP reticle that has a trajectory compensation for wind compensation for up to 600 yards. You also get progressively thick crosshairs that become thinner as you move from the center. This allows you to engage with targets fast in close compact engagement. The XTR II uses the same retile the ballistic Plex E1 plex with modified duplex crosshairs. However, due to the larger tube and objective lens the XTR II is capable of longer range shots.

Burris veracity vs. XTR II – A Comparison Overview

Burris veracity – Overview

The Veracity comes with low profile capped turrets for Windage and elevation adjustments but you can order you own custom turrets through Burris Modular Adjustment dial (MAD) turret system. Its low 2-10 magnification is ideal for close to mid-range use. What this means is you can use the 2X magnification for close range shots and the 10X for longer distances.

The 42mm objective lens diameter is large enough for low light transmission. The lens is also multi-coated to reduce glare and maximize light. For the adjustments, you have impact point corrections of ¼ MOA per click. You also get a wide 70 MOA for elevation and 40 MOA of adjustment range to take care of Windage. A closer at the reticle comes with progressively thicker crosshairs ideal for both close and long range shots.

The veracity comes with progressively thick crosshairs(PTC) that are finer at the center but as you move away they become thicker. This are ideal for low light conditions and ultra-fast target acquisition. Regardless of the power setting, the reticle measurements remain proportional to the target. The veracity features a first focal plane design that allows decrease/increase in reticle size with corresponding magnification changes. This is ideal for trajectory compensation as it is always proportional to the selected power setting.

Other features that help in acquiring big game include a ballistic plex E1 reticle, front focal plane design, Index-matched Hi-Lumecoating and waterproof construction. You can adjust your parallax on the scope through a side focus from 50 yards to infinity. The scope is covered by Burris forever warranty.


  • Progressively thick crosshairs
  • High-quality construction for maximum shock and recoil absorption
  • Double internal spring tension system
  • Front focal plane reticle design
  • Hi-Lume multi-coating


  • The dots and dashes can be a bit confusing for first timers

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Burris XTR II – Overview

The Burris XTR II is largely a long-range scope due to its high magnification power of between 8 to 40. The objective lens diameter is also larger at 50mm, which means the scope lets in more light for extended visibility and range. Unlike most scopes that have a 1 inch/30mm diameter, the XTR comes in a 34mm main diameter body. However, the larger diameter poses more challenges when mounting it on rifles.

The scope is high quality and features an illuminated reticle with minute of angle (MOA) substensions that allow you to hold adjustments for Windage and elevation. Like other Burris scopes, this one is multi-coated for more lens clarity. The turrets are fully adjustable and come with zero stop feature.

The Burris XTR II comes with a modified duplex crosshair that will help you in dealing with ballistic drop compensation. The reticle is calibrated for magnum, traditional and varmint loads. On the reticle you have progressively thick crosshairs that become thicker as you move from the center. It also has hash marks on the horizontal axis to help you make adjustments for moving targets and crosswinds. The Burris XTR II is a serious improvement to the XTR I that come with a second focal plane reticle and it come with MOA/Mil turrets that require one to make mental calculations while in the field. The XTR II comes with matching Mil/mil and MOA/MOA of your choice.


  • Large diameter tube and objective lens for maximum light transmission
  • Powerful magnification for long distance shooting
  • Nitrogen purged makes tube fog proof
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum housing


  • The glass clarity isn’t one of the best

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Verdict: So, which is better – Burris veracity or XTR II?

The Burris XTR II is the ideal riflescope for those interested in long range shooting. It comes with more magnification power than the veracity and a gigantic 50mm objective lens. This means it feeds more light to its 34mm tube than the Veracity. In addition, you have index-matched multi-coatings to ensure less glare.


Does the Burris veracity come with a FFP?

The veracity does have an amazing first focal point plane reticle that allows you to decrease/increase the reticle size with the magnification. This will help you with trajectory compensation as it is always right with the selected power setting.

Is the glass on the Vortex PST Gen II better than the XTR II?

Many scope buyers want to know the glass quality before they can make a purchase. Here the Vortex Gen 2 line of scopes performs better as they have a slightly better glass with brighter reticle illumination. The XTR however, has better internal adjustment range.


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