OTW Red Dot Sight Review – Wallet-Friendly Optic


If you are looking to benefit from a red dot that is high quality and functions excellently, the OTW is a smart choice. The market is filled with a ton of red dots that are available at a higher price, however, the quality of these sights and the functionality is not as great. This makes this model one of the greatest bang for your shooting activities.

Many shooters today prefer to make use of a low-profile red dot sight and the OTW is specially designed in this way. It is small in size, lightweight, and performs excellently. If you are looking to benefit from an affordable red dot that is available at less than $50, the OTW Red Dot RS-25 is a really good option. One of the best advantages is that it is versatile and can be used as an optic on a pistol, a shotgun as well as an AR15.

This feature-complete sight is strong and flexible. You cannot go wrong with purchasing this red dot. When using this sight on your shotgun or pistol and firing around 500 rounds with it, you will notice that it will manage to hold very well. It does not really require to be modified; however, the adjustment level will depend on the preference of the shooter.

OTW RED DOT Review and Breakdown  

OTW RS-25 1x22x33mm Reflex Sight, Multiple Reticle Red Dot Sight with Picatinny Rail Mount, Absolute Co-Witness
  • Multi-Reticles - Reticle allows for 4 different styles. 5 MOA Dot, 10 MOA Dot, Crosshair, 5 MOA Dot & 50...
  • Wider View - Tubeless design with 33mm reflex lens aperture provides quick target acquisition,also a...
  • Multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on every glass surface provide bright, vivid pictures and...
  • More Accurate - Parallax corrected & unlimited eye-relief. Fully adjustable height, brightness, windage...

As mentioned earlier, this red dot is quite strong and maintains at level zero even after taking it through a very thorough strength test. With this model, shooters get the chance to switch from the red dot to the green dot. It comes with 5 different brightness levels that function excellently in different lighting environments. With the OTW, you are assured that any kind of black light condition or sunny condition will not affect your performance while out on the field.

With a very large sight window of 33mm, 1.30 inches, this model gives you a very large Field of view (FOV). The FOV is averagely 15.7 meters. The lens is multi-coated ensuring that you are not affected by any kind of harsh glare. The hard 6061 Aluminum material works well in protecting your optic from the heavy impact and bumps that it could be exposed to during your shooting activities.

To ensure that this sight is fixed on your target, the OTW comes with a fast centering parallax-free feature. The red dot is also delivered with a simple MIL-Std 1913 Picatinny mount of 20mm with a weaver rail base. There is also one CR1632 battery that is included and the red dot can perform well even when immersed in 10m of water. Shooters get to make use of the 6-Month warranty for service and quality guarantee.

What we liked 

  • The OTW red dot is very affordable.
  • This model is designed with strong Aluminum material making it durable
  • It is reliable and flexible.
  • OTW has a very elegant design
  • The light weight feature makes it an excellent choice for shooters who take part in tactical shooting activities.

What we didn’t like  

  • The FDE paint can chip off very easily and you may have to always carry it in a gun case that is padded to ensure that the paint does not chip off easily.
  • Some shooters have complained that after a few weeks the dot of their optic failed to light up
  • Short battery life

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OTW Red Dot Sight Specifications 

OTW Red Dot RS-25
Reticle Size
Elevation/Windage Click Value
1 MOA per click
Eye Relief
Sight Window
33mm, 1.30 inches
Field of View
168 inches
Lens Coating
3.2 inches

OTW Red Dot Features 


If you are looking for a high-quality and great performing red dot, this is the right fit for you. Shooters are guaranteed that the optic will perform excellently even when it is banged against the ground, immersed in water, or even hit with a heavy object. The performance of the OTW is great. It maintains at zero and you are provided with a crisp and clear image with the ideal red dot size for many shooters

The turret caps on the OTW red dot are quite ideal. To adjust or turn these caps shooters can make use of a coin or any similar tool. They are not exactly low profile; however, they are not in any way obtrusive. The dial to modify the brightness level is nice and stiff. This proves that you will not have any kind of situation where you will accidentally turn it.

Shooters are satisfied with the performance of this red dot on their pistol as it always manages to maintain at zero even if dropped 6 feet and lands on hard concrete. If you are a fan of red dots, you will enjoy using the five different brightness intensities that you can choose from. You do not have to sight in both the red dot and the green dot separately. As soon as you a single color on point, then the other color is sighted.

The turrets are tactile and crisp and at the brightest levels, these dots are really bright. The optic’s camera stabilizes the dots out so that they can appear dim in the final picture that appears; however, they are bright in person. That proves that even if you are out on the field on a sunny day, the light will not compromise your performance in any way. This optic has a low-profile design and it will co-witness with much taller red dots. This is an entry-level dot red dot, but for the money spent it is an amazing choice.


Most of the time, when one purchases a red dot at a very cheap price, he may assume that it does not work, or perhaps it will not work for an extended period. Maybe it will work at first, or perhaps it will fail to maintain at the zero setting for a long time. But that is not the case with the OTW red dot. At a very affordable price, you will be able to benefit from a sight that has an amazing design, it is strong and reliable.

This sight comes with a rail mount bolt which can be tightened down really well. When it gets a little loose, shooters can simply tighten it with a wrench and a socket and it will not break even when it gets tight making it a great choice for tactical activities. The mount lifts are high enough off the rail. This makes it a really comfortable fit when sighting in. It’s compact design and the fact that it is light in weight makes it so easy to store this red dot and not have it accidentally bump into anything.

The low price of the OTW red dot makes many believe that it is designed for only an airsoft gun, however, it functions well on all types of pistols. Other shooters are also dubious about the high-rise, believing that it may be flimsy and this is not the case as it can hold very well. The quality of the finish is amazing, especially for such an affordable optic. The caps of the lens are spring-loaded with tactical knobs. Shooters are assured that the brightness level will be clear and crisp at all levels. This model is resistant to all dangerous external factors such as dust, shock, and water. There is no need to re-zero your optic.

 Who is it best suited for? 

This RS-25 OTW red dot works well in all types of lighting conditions. This makes it one of the best options for hunting activities. The Red and Green Dot Sight can not only be mounted onto any airsoft scope but also all types of hunting gun scopes. Also, it is specially manufactured to withstand a lot of punishment. This proves that it is an amazing choice during different duties and military use.

 Are there any alternatives to the OTW red dot?  

Yes, there are. Some of the best options include the Aimpoint Pro-Optic and the Vortex Strikefire 2

 Alternatives of the OTW red dot sight Features

Aimpoint Pro
Vortex Strike fire 2
Reticle Size
Light Settings
Light Source
Battery Type
DL 1/3N Battery
3v CR2 Lithium Battery
7.84 Oz
7.2 Oz


A 4 MOA red dot optic just like this one is an amazing choice because it works well for a ton of scopes. The size of the dot makes it easy for you to identify your target and it is not too large ensuring that your target is not obstructed. Besides the MOA size, the OTW red dot also provides shooters with a quick centering parallax-free dot. This ensures that you maintain a fixed position on your target and you get the chance to toggle between 5 different light settings.

The short battery life is the biggest drawback of this sight; however, the battery life should last for an ample amount of time allowing you to complete your hunting session. If you are looking to benefit from an affordable red dot that will function well, the OTW RS-25 is one of the best options in the market.


Is the OTW red dot sight precise?  

With this sight, the position of your head will not interfere with the accuracy of the red dot sight. However, it is not 100% parallax free, as parallax will occur at a certain point when positioned at a closer range.

Can this optic withstand any kind of shotgun recoil?  

Yes. The optic has a very strong and durable design allowing it to withstand heavy recoil functions.


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