Peltor Rangeguard vs. Tactical 100 – Which is the best for ear protection

Peltor Rangeguard vs. Tactical 100

Whether you are into shooting or you simply want to chop out all the unnecessary noise of your day-to-day, noise reduction ear muffs usually come in handy. Peltor Rangeguard and Tactical 100have built a great reputation for having outstanding hearing protection.

Those who spend most of their time shooting are constantly looking for the best hearing protection which lets them maintain their hearing while granting them comfort on the fields or on range.I know that is what I do. Peltor Rangeguard and Tactical 100 have brought innovative technology to the market through a line of electronic hearing protection which muffles gunshot noises and concurrently picking up and amplifying noises such as voices electronically. It is quite impressive, right? They also guarantee comfort, reliability and effectiveness that have been highly trusted by the Special Operation Forces. How then do you know which one is the best for you?

What are the differences between Peltor Rangeguard and Tactical 100? 

Peltor Rangeguard
Tactical 100
Noise Reduction


Adjustable headband
Adjustable headband with additional padding
Battery Type
Microphone availability
Durable type
Durable type
Ideal environment




3M Electronic Technology




3mm audio jack
3mm audio jack

Peltor Rangeguard vs. Tactical – How do they compare?


The best feature of these Peltor hearing protection gadgets is their comfort. This is an area that has been taken into account with both the Peltor Rangeguard and Tactical 100.The Tactical 100 is more comfortable though and a better choice than the Peltor Rangeguardas it comes with additional padding that makes a difference.Hearing protection is often worn for extended period of times so making the comfort key to your overall satisfaction with your selection. Tactical 100 is lightweight and has ear seals that have been made with a soft material that is plush for a good fit and still blocks out potentially damaging sounds.

Noise Reduction Rating

The primary thing to be concerned with these headsets is how much hearing protection you are out to get. Here, the Tactical 100 has a higher noise reduction rating (NRR) at 22db compared to Peltor Rangeguard which is rated 21db. This measure tells you how many decibels the hearing protection is lowering the sound getting to your ears. Simply put, if you are mowing your lawn and the lawnmower sound measures 100db and the hearing protection you have rates at 25db, the sound reaching your ears will be reduced by about that much. Shooting is also quite loud. A 22 caliber rifle loaded with standard velocity ammo releases sound reaching 140db. That sound is loud enough to damage your hearing or even cause a permanent hearing damage. So beyond using a muzzle brake, Tactical 100 can protect your ears against other powerful center fire ammunitions that are loud as well.

Build and Quality

Peltor has really done some impressive improvements to their electronics for both the Rangeguard and Tactical 100 compared to their previous 6s series. They both have installed battery doors on the exterior of the earmuffs unlike the previousmodels where you had to pull the earmuff apart to access the battery compartment. One thing I alsoliked when comparing the design and build is the standard adjustable headband that is smooth when extending to the desired measure. They can also be hooked to anmusic player or the phone through a 3.5mm audio jack in case you want to have smooth entertainment when in session. When it comes to the build, design and quality they are both quality options but Tactical 100 has won it with the extra padding that gives you that added comfort.

Peltor Rangeguard vs. Tactical 100 – A Comparison Overview

Peltor Rangeguard

Honestly, these days it is not hard to get some quality pair of electronic hearing protection without breaking the bank. They are everywhere but the question is then on quality. With Peltor Rangeguard, it is just as affordable but comes jammed with premium quality features. First, it has proprietary 3M technology thatsuppressesharmful gunshot noises and amplifies low level sounds. Another bonus is that Peltor Rangeguard is ideal for the indoors and outdoors. Long range shooters can definitely consider this for their protection. You also get a low profile ear cups that will not interfere when you are shooting and they are still comfortable.

Thirdly, Rangeguard comes with some updated features like a 4-hour auto-shutoff feature, meaning it automatically shuts off conserving the battery power. As for its noise reduction rating, it does 21 dB which can be on the lower side especially for indoor settings. You might need to layer up with ear plugs for more protection. I mean, there is no harm in getting total hearing protection.

It also has two removableAAA batteries that supportan ambient internal speaker system that works to increase your awareness.


  • Budget friendly device
  • Quality outstanding Peltor technology that protects your ears while increasing situational awareness
  • Comfortable fit


  • Does not fit entirely well with a helmet

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Tactical 100

Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector, Ear Protection, NRR 22 dB, Ideal for the Range, Shooting and Hunting, TAC100-OTH (Fоur Расk)
  • NRR: 22 dB noise reduction rating IDEAL FOR both indoor and outdoor shooters and hunters
  • VARIABLE SUPPRESSION TIME reduces echoes indoors
  • ADAPTIVE FREQUENCY RESPONSE reduces background noise for clearer conversation and hearing of commands
  • DURABLE RECESSED MICROPHONES prevent damage and reduce wind noise

I am actually a big proponent of Tactical 100 because noise reduction rating is a super important factor. It has a 22db rating that makes it quality enough. It also features an Adaptive Frequency Response which reduces the background noise for clearer conversations and receiving commands. It is also rather advanced hearing protection because it comes with a Variable Suppression Time feature providing optimal echo reduction especially in indoor shooting environments. Their performance indoors with the loud echo performs even better than expected.

I also recommend Tactical 100 because they give you a better fit than most earmuffs in the market today. They are comfortable enough for long hunting expeditions and at the gun range. The 22 dB also does not falter in whichever environment you place it. These electronic earmuffs also haves high fidelity sound system built with the on/off buttons. The only drawbacks are that they do not come with batteries and is not waterproof.


  • Battery can last up to 200 hours
  • Microphones strategically positioned
  • Has a one volume control knob for both ears
  • Ample padding along the headband


  • Not waterproof
  • The batteries are not included, you buy them separately

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As you can now tell, Peltor Rangeguard and Tactical 100 do not have much apart. They are both premium quality with advanced technology like 3M. They also do not break your bank while you are at it.

Final Verdict- So which is better? Peltor Rangeguard or Tactical 100

After considering all the factors and features the Tactical 100 is better than the Peltor Rangeguardhearing protection. It is a digital headset with additional featureswhereas the Peltor Rangeguard is a tad on the analogue side.


What is the best NRR rating for shooting?

The highest NRR rating one can get is 33 NRR. The best range to choose from is anywhere from 22 dB to 31 NRR that has been recommended for indoor shooting.

Between Earplugs and earmuffs which is best for shooting?

Earplugs fit inside the ear canal perfectly while earmuffs cover the whole ear. Both provide hearing protection well but ear plugs gives you added protection.


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