Peltor Tactical 6s vs. Howard Leight- Which is the best hearing protector for your needs?

Peltor Tactical

To save you a whole load of health issues and stress, you need proper gear for the gun range and your shooting expeditions. Peltor Tactical 6s and Howard Leight are two top options you should consider for impressive protection.

If you have ever been to a shooting range for training or even at busy, noisy industrial firms, you have probably heard the word “eyes and ears”. Theseare usually the most exposed parts in such environments and failing toprotect them can cause long term damage. Even if you do not fit into these categories, you might have been forced to look for protection gear when you are on a do-it-yourself project like renovating your house.

Over the years on my hunting expeditions, I have grown to appreciate a quality pair of hearing protection. This is how I narrowed down to Peltor Tactical 6s and Howard Leight as quality brands in reducing harsh noises and the risk of hearing damage.As it would not make financial sense going for both, here is how to figure out which one is the best for you.

What are the differences between Peltor Tactical 6s and Howard Leight?

Peltor Tactical 6s
Howard Leight
Noise Reduction Rating
19 dB


Additional Features
Adjustable volume control and active volume hearing technology
Adjustable headband with a non-slip fit and comfy gel cups

Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio jack

Weighs 9 ounces and measures

4.5 x 5 x 9.3 inches

Weighs 14.4 ounces and measures 3.2 x 6.3 x 7.5 inches
Battery Type
2 AAA batteries that are long life and can last up to 200 hours
2 AAA batteries, low energy use can last approximately 350 hours

Peltor Tactical 6s vs. Howard Leight- How do they compare?

Noise Reduction Rating

The noise reduction rating of a hearing protector is a crucial feature. With Peltor Tactical 6s it can offer a noise reduction rating of 19db. It also comes with Active Noise Control that amplifies low-level surrounding sounds like conversations with your mates while still muffling out dangerous noises. Howard Leight also has Active Noise Control that instantly muffles out any potentially damaging noises while amplifying others. Howard Leight still proves to be the better option though because it can automatically block sounds with an intensity of up to 82dB and it has a noise reduction rating of 30dB.

Battery Type

With Peltor Tactical 6s you will not have to worry about the battery. It is fitted with 2 AAA batteries that can last you quite some time depending on how often you use your headset. Howard Leight on the other hand has two triple AAA batteries that can last up to 350 hours making it the better option in this regard.


Both Peltor Tactical 6s and Howard Leight are designed to work perfectly well for both outdoor and indoor use. With their technologies like Active Voice Control, instant suppression of harmful sounds this is entirely possible. However, Howard Leight proves to be the better option when used both outdoors and indoors. They are low-profile compared to Peltor and they are also high up on the noise reduction ratings. Peltor Tactical 6s on the other hand works best for outdoor shooting. You might need to double up with ear plugs for indoor use.

Peltor Tactical 6s vs. Howard Leight- A Comparison Overview

Peltor Tactical 6s

Peltor Tactical 6s is an active volume hearing protector that is fitted with all the premium quality features to protect you from harmful sounds. For instance, it reduces noises within 5 milliseconds making it perfect for the gun range. It also attenuates weak and impulse sounds so that you can still follow through with conversations with them on. It amplifies sounds up to 19dB.

This model also makes the cut because of all the accessories you get with it. Peltor Tactical 6s is fitted with an amplifier, receiver, volume control and a microphone. All these features are powered by 1.5 Volt AAA batteries meaning it can last you up to 200 hours.

Finally, I just have to mention the 3M Peltor Technology that lives up to the hype and you do not even need to take my word for it. Simply put on the Peltor Tactical 6s and try to talk to your hunting buddies and marvel at how low-level sounds are amplified yet you are still protected from potentially damaging sounds like gun shots. You also get a wide range of colors to choose from making them even safer on hunting expeditions as you are visible. As for its comfort, the headband is easily adjustable and the volume control can be easily tweaked depending on what you want.


  • Delivers on sound localization perfect for hunting
  • Easily foldable and movable (light in weight)
  • Battery life of more than 200 hours
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


  • It can be tiresome changing out the batteries (2 for each side)
3M Peltor Soundtrap/Tactical 6-S Electronic Headset, Black, one-size, 97043
  • Active hearing protection
  • NRR 19dB
  • Equipped with stereo microphones and independent volumes controls on each cup
  • Low-profile cup design helps minimize gun stock interference

View Price on Amazon

Howard Leight

Howard Leight is manufactured by the renowned Honeywell so you know right off the bat you are in for impressive features. First, Howard Leight is known for its audio clarity while still stopping potentially concussive sounds from reaching your ears.

Secondly, the comfort you get with Howard Leight is unmatched. Its headband can be easily adjusted especially for long periods at the gun range or hunting and the ear cups are also as light as can be. Howard Leight can also be folded for easy storage when you are on the go.Its telescoped headband also has extra padding making Howard Leight a great fit for a wide range of people.

To add, Howard Leight Impact Sport for instance is an electronic earmuff that comes with all the needed specs like an audio jack for Mp3 connections, a 4-hour automatic shut off feature and volume controls that are easy to use.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to fold and carry around
  • Impressive noise reduction rating for ultimate hearing protection


  • Can be a tad uncomfortable with full personal protective equipment
Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526)
  • Built-in directional microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82 dB,...
  • Actively listens and automatically shuts off amplification when ambient sound reaches 82 dB; Noise...
  • Features low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance; adjustable headband for secure fit; compact...
  • Includes AUX input and 3.5 mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners. Integrated power/volume knob

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All factors considered, Peltor Tactical 6s and Howard Leight are quality hearing protectors depending on your price range and what your shooting needs are. For instance, 19 dB is ideal for the outdoors while Howard Leight’s 25 dB rating makes it versatile for all uses.

Final Verdict- So which is better? Peltor Tactical 6s or Howard Leight

Both Peltor Tactical 6s and Howard Leight offer somewhat the same features so choosing the best  is not easy. However, Howard Leight proves to be a better choice because of its high noise reduction rating, comfort features and active voice control technology.


What should you look for when choosing the best ear muffs for shooting?

Aside from your budget, you should look at the noise reduction rating, design and comfort features. The last thing you would want is a headset that works but is simply unbearable to have it on.

Which colors are recommended for hearing protection?

It all depends on where you will be wearing them. If you are into indoor shooting, neon green is perfect but you are better off with hunter green or camouflage if you use them outdoors on hunting expeditions.


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