Peltor Tactical Sport vs. Tactical 100 – Which of these is the best hearing protection brand?

Peltor Tactical vs. Tactical 100

Shooting may be a hobby for most people, but you do need to properly gear up by getting good hearing protection due to the loud abrasive noise produced by gunfire.

I know for shooters, professionals and hobbyists alike, it is sometimes difficult to make a clear decision on what brand of ear protectors to go for and especially which model to choose for our specific needs. During my years hunting, I have tested and researched on several products and that is how I settled with Peltor Tactical Sport and Tactical 100 as premium quality ear defenders in the market. The following is an in-depth review to help you choose between the two and see how they match up against each other.

What are the differences between Peltor Tactical Sport and Tactical 100?

Peltor Tactical Sport
Tactical 100




Battery type
2 AAA batteries (included)
2 AAA batteries (included)
Batter life
600 hours
200 hours
2 Recessed microphones
2 Recessed microphones
12” x 8.2” x 4.5”
12” x 8.2” x 4.5”

Peltor Tactical vs. Tactical 100- How do they compare?


Peltor Tactical Sport has a chic design. It has 2 recessed microphones which amplify low level sounds around you and are quite durable. On the right side of the ear cups, you get volume up and volume down buttons together with the on and off button.Tactical100 on the other hand has additional design features that make it stand out more in this category. It has 2 recessed microphones on both sides of the ear cups. They are recessed in order to avoid bumping them into things and breaking while also preventing it from picking up wind noises. To add, Tactical 100 has an audio jack which can take the standard 3.5mm input for connecting it to an mp3 or 2 way radio. The ear cups are also covered with gel material which is easy on your ears and the control on them knob makes it easy to control the volume and switch on the headset.

Sound quality and noise reduction

One of the most important features to look out for with these headsets is the sound quality and noise reduction you can get. With Peltor Tactical Sport, it has a noise reduction rating of 20 dB which is on the lower side compared to Tactical 100 that has a rating of 22 dB. The sound quality of the Peltor Tactical Sort is on the higher side though. It amplifies ambient sounds all around you and it has multidirectional microphones that are able to pick up any sound all around not forgetting to cancel out the harmful noises.Tactical 100 on the flipside is one of the best ear muffs when it comes to sound quality and noise reduction. It allows you to hold conversations with other people on the range and still cancel out any hazardous noise. You can also connect it to any Mp3 player and listen to some music. The knob for controlling volume comes in handy here.

Comfort and Convenience

Peltor Tactical Sport and Tactical 100 both have quality comfort features given they are from the same manufacturer. Peltor Tactical Sport has its controls on the right cup which are easy to use with clear indication marks. As for its comfort, the head band is cushioned and covered with rubber like material which is soft to touch. They can also easily be folded making storage so easy. The auto shut off feature that turns it off automatically after 4 hours also adds to its convenience. With Tactical 100, it also shines out with its tweaked features for comfort and portability.  You can easily fold up the ear muffs and also to carry around as they are compact and firm. The head band is also padded in the inside in order for comfort when wearing it for a long time while on the outside it is fitted with a firm material making it durable.

Peltor Tactical vs. Tactical 100 – A Comparison Overview

Peltor Tactical Sport

Peltor Tactical vs. Tactical 100

Peltor Tactical Sport has made it to our list because of a number of reasons. First, its sound quality is stellar. It is fitted with two microphones that are multidirectional keeping you aware of your surrounding while still protecting your hearing. Even the slightest sound will be picked up and played through its speakers. It also fitted with an audio port that is only compatible with a Peltor cable.

As for its battery, it has a battery compartment underneath one of the ear cups which is easy to access. It also has an auto shutdown feature and makes a beep sound when it is about to go off as a warning. The cups are covered in gel which is a comfortable and durable material. They are comfortable and easy on the head but you also have the option of added a casing over the head band to add some more padding.The only downside with Peltor Tactical Sport is that the noise reduction rating could be better (20 dB).


  • Tight seal throughout shooting
  • The gel cups are comfortable
  • Great sound and audio quality
  • An excellent battery life


  • The audio jack is not the standard shape or sizes
  • Not budget priced

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Tactical 100

Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector, Ear Protection, NRR 22 dB, Ideal for the Range, Shooting and Hunting, TAC100-OTH
  • NRR: 22 dB noise reduction rating
  • IDEAL FOR both indoor and outdoor shooters and hunters
  • VARIABLE SUPPRESSION TIME reduces echoes indoors
  • ADAPTIVE FREQUENCY RESPONSE reduces background noise for clearer conversation and hearing of commands

Tactical 100 are muffs are one of the new and improved ones from Peltor. They are compact and do not break seal easily providing maximum protection. They are light in weight measuring only 9 pounds making it easy on the head. To add, they have a padded head band, foam filled ear cups covered with gel cups for maximum comfort. You can comfortably wear them on long periods at the gun range.

While the battery compartment is not water or dust proof, it still gets the job done. It takes two triple AAA batteries offering 200 hours of battery life. There is also an auto shut down feature which helps when you forget to put it of saving energy. To add, their recessed microphones help to stay durable and filter out any unnecessary sounds like wind. Their only downside is that they are quite expensive and the sound clipping is sensitive at times.


  • Provides 22dB noise reduction rating
  • Comes with an audio jack
  • Big volume dial helps to control volume easily
  • Fast to adjust
  • Has comfortable gel cups


  • Sound clipping can be too sensitive
  • Relatively expensive

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Peltor Tactical Sport and Tactical 100 are well-designed products that use compression technology to help reduce background noise making conversations audible and reduce gunfire noise. While they are quite high end, they are definitely worth the cost.

Final Verdict – So which is better? Peltor Tactical Sport or Tactical 100

I would recommend going with the Tactical 100. It is a little bit improved when you compare it with the Peltor Tactical Sport. It seals better, amplifies sound better and also it is easier to access the battery compartment. There is also a single knob for all the controls making your work easier.


How stable is the Peltor Tactical 100?

When you are in the range, the ear cups stay sealed and provide maximum protection against hazardous noises. These ear muffs are the most stable out of the others produced by 3M Peltor.

How many batteries do you need to power up the Peltor Tactical Sport and how long is its life?

To power up tactical sport you need to have 2 triple A batteries, which you get for free with these ear muffs. Theoretically, they have a total of 600 hours battery life which does come in handy.


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