Peltor vs. Sordin- Which of these is the best hearing protection brand?

Peltor vs. Sordin

While shooting is just a hobby for most people, you do need to gear up and get hearing protection because of the loud noise produced by firing guns. Here is a look at Peltor and Sordin that have stood out over the years as premium quality ear defenders.

For quite a number of years now, I have grown fond of my hunting expeditions with my buddies. From the very beginning, a good quality hearing protector proved to be the most crucial. I have dabbled quite a bit with all the numerous brands in the market. Even with all of the choices available to us as shooters, it is chaotic to know which brand to pick and particularly which model to choose for your specific needs. That is why I have done this detailed analysis of Peltor and Sordin that are the top contenders for the best hearing protector. When making the almost life-changing decision of which hearing protection to go with, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you are about to see.

What are the differences between Peltor and Sordin?

Battery type
2 AAA batteries, Lithium Cell type
2 AAA batteries, Alkaline type
Communication direction
2 way
2 way
Item weight
Product dimensions
7.9” x 5.7” x  4.8”
7.4” x 5.12” x 3.45”

Peltor vs. Sordin – How do they compare?


Peltor is fitted with a slim headband which is easily integrated and it also has large ear cups which you can opt for either the foam material or gel ear cushion. Personally, I prefer the gel ear cushion as it is easier on the ears making it comfortable for long periods. To add, on the ear cup there are controls; the on/off button, volume up/down. These controls are easy to use and are responsive.

Sordin on the flipside has a battery compartment that is weather sealed and well thought out. The muff takes two batteries that are AAA and can offer a battery life of 600 hours which is great for whatever use.  The ear cups are made of foam cushion where you have the option of having gel cups fitted, making it comfortable and the plus side is that it absorbs sweat. Peltor and Sordin almost have the same design but Peltor proves to be better because for example, the ear cups on Sordin are relatively larger making them less steady and a tad uncomfortable.

Sound features and sound quality

Peltor has amazing well engineered noise circuits with a noise reduction rating 25dB. It is also fitted with high quality boom microphones which have a great amount of resilience making them have the ability of withstanding almost all abuse. To help with keeping your situational awareness up, they take quiet sounds from outside of the ear cups and play them inside and when the microphone picks up noises that are loud then does not play them. Once you increase the volume, the sound is reduced and vice versa unlike with the Sordin, when you increase the volume the sound from outside is louder.

Sordin on the flipside also has great sound quality. The ear muffs have two microphones that are fitted on both sides. While their prices might be on the higher side, if you want the best quality of sound then Sordin is the way to go. The volume can be turned up high enough to pick up sounds from the smallest movements and can also be turned down low to minimize any distractions in a noisy environment. This makes it the best option in terms of sound quality.

Comfort and Convenience

Peltor is not exceptionally comfortable so you might find yourself opting for Sordin when you need to wear your hearing protection for long periods of time. They both have well-padded ear cups as well as adjustable headbands to make them a good fit for a wide range of people. Sordin proves to be better because you have the option of fitting in gel cups for an even more comfortable experience.

Peltor vs. Sordin – A Comparison Overview


Peltor vs. Sordin

Peltor is one of the most common hearing protective gears and it is generally a great benchmark because of its premium quality features. First, it helps provide protection from any hazardous or impulse noise as it ought to. It is even fitted with a removable microphone that can be placed on either ear so that you are not totally isolated from your environment once you have them on.

Secondly, there are 2 AAA batteries which offer 500 hour battery life in any good conditions. The external communication and talk through do have independent batteries so that in case of any electrical failure or battery depletion, they will continue working. The battery compartment is also water and dust proof so you need not worry about them when you are out in the wild.

Peltor also makes the mark because they are fairly slim for a good fit with any other protective gear like a helmet. They also fit high on the head which is very convenient because even as you are shooting they stay where they are supposed to.

The only drawback with Peltor is that they tend to be costly even for second-hand options.


  • Has a great battery life
  • Clear intelligible 2 way audio
  • Multiple color options to choose from
  • Has different modes with the equalizers


  • Expensive

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Peltor vs. Sordin

Sordin headsets have been constructed to be able to withstand extreme conditions and are even used for military related uses. It combines ideal protection with high amplification, an AUX input and a waterproof battery compartment. To add, Sordin is very durable and can last forever if you fit it with good quality batteries and you take decent care of them. All moving parts are constructed with steel and all the microphones, battery compartments and circuit boards are water proofed in order to withstand all rugged situations.

Another winning feature of Sordin is their comfort. They are fitted with foam cushion on the ear cups and you have the option of fitting in gel cups making them comfortable. They are also adjustable to help fit different head sizes.  To add, they are fitted with a forward-biased microphone put together with the neck band setup stopping you from movingbackwards unnecessarily. You can also tweak the volume levels and it is fitted with a 3.5mm audio jack if you are one to jam to music while you are out shooting.

Their only downside is that they are large when they are collapsed so they are not as easy to move around.


  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Great amplification
  • Long lasting battery


  • Aux jack sound is not so good

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This article has reviewed Peltor and Sordin that are both giants in their own rights. Peltor for example has many models boasting all kinds of technology like 3M while Sordin is highly recommended for all kinds of environments. It also has a great battery life lasting up to 600 hours.

Final Verdict- So which is better? Peltor or Sordin

While Sordin does cost a pretty penny, there is a lot that makes it the better option. In terms of functionality, comfort and usability, you get the best deal with Sordin. As much as the price is on the higher side compared to Peltor, it is still worth the investment.


How much does the Peltor headset cost?

It all depends on the model you go for but they can cost you anywhere up to $600. Also add on the gel cups that will cost you a bit more to fit it on top of the standard foam material.

Can you use an iPod with the Sordin headset?

The headset comes with a 3.5mm jack that is there purposefully for that reason.


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