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All shooters want to get the most out of their sights, whether they are a simple sight to target bottles in the air or a high-end sight that will precisely acquire a target at both the short and long-distance ranges. For the above, the relevant research and going through reviews from people who have already used the sights, enthusiasts will be able to find a unit that fits their style and budget.

The Pinty red dot falls under the category of basic sights, retails at a low price of $29, and has a powerful battery that will keep you powered up if you plan on spending the day at the field or the range. And while you might have found the perfect optical sight, have you ever given thought to the rails that you will use with the sight.

Most rails have a unique design where one of the slots is milled down at the center, the problem however is that they are not milled down deep enough, to enable users to effectively use the sight. So when you mount the unit you will realize that the bead does not stick out enough to let you see through it.

Therefore, when shopping for an optical sight and a rail ensure that you get the low profile see-through rail, which comes with a slot that has been milled much deeper when compared to the normal rails, on the flip side it could be a good idea if you tested both the sight and the rail at the counter before purchasing.

Pinty Red Dot- Features and Breakdown

The Pinty Red Dot retails at a lower price but is highly effective; the unit has been equipped with extra features, which makes it highly functional, and the overall build quality is also quite impressive given the price. At the front part of the sight, users will find a removable kill flash, the latter is effective if you are using the sight on a personal defense firearm because it minimizes glare.

And while most sights of the same standard are equipped with both the red and green color, Pinty only has one red color complete with up to 11 brightness settings. The glass in the sight is very clear and has obliterated the use of the blue or the green hue on the inside part. The admitter can be seen but you will have to be very keen because it has been buried deep at the center thus does not obstruct the view.

If you plan on getting the Pinty Red dot you might want to refrain from using it in the moist environments because it will admit water into the scope and consequently fog up. When taken through the water bottle test, the sight was found to be highly resistant to impact and shock and managed to hold zero even after being bullied for a few minutes by the water bottle.

Overall the sight performs well thanks to its bright reticles, while the provided brightness settings only make it better. When used on a bright sunny day users will be provided with the relevant dot intensity, which is what most enthusiasts are looking for. And as mentioned earlier the sight is not waterproof but a rather surprising fact is that it works exceptionally well even after water penetrates into the lens.

What we liked;

  • Perfectly holds zero after impact
  • Equipped with up to 11 levels of brightness settings
  • The glass lens is clear with no hue on the inside
  • The unit is in lightweight
  • Offers the large 3-4 MOA dot size

What we didn’t like;

  • The sight admits water into the lens
  • Poor battery performance

Pinty Red Dot specifications

Pinty Red Dot
3-4 MOA
Eye relief
Exit pupil
Objective lens diameter
Field of view
10.7 @ 100 yards
4 x 3.2 x 2.2
7.2 ounces

Pinty Red Dot Features

Optical performance

Pinty red dot allows users to tweak their brightness settings to which end they have provided them with 11 levels to help them get the right dot intensity in the different lighting conditions. We are, however, not impressed by the fact that the sight does not come with any night vision settings, meaning that you cannot use it in the low light situations such as late in the evening or at night.

The lens of the Pinty red dot has integrated multiple anti-scratch coatings, which ensures that the shooter is provided with a clear and distinct image of their target. The sight is additionally parallax-free obliterating the need for manual centering while allowing the dot sight to hold zero for accurate target acquisition.

Build and Design

Pinty red dot we can say is the perfect camouflage unit first because of the matte black finish that remains neutral even when exposed to environments with a  lot of light. The lens comes with a kill flash which can be quite effective when used with a defense weapon because it greatly minimizes glare.

The Red dot is however, bulky especially if we factor in the brightness adjustment knob that has conspicuously stood out, and when used with the riser mount then users can expect to feel the extra weight. However, the addition of the riser mount is a welcome option because it enables shooters to obtain vision over the fixed sight. So apart from mounting the sight on a weapon all the other adjustable operations are tool-less.

Waterproofing and submersion

Optical sights waterproofing qualities are what makes them highly marketable, users will therefore want to use their sights in dynamic and harsh weather environments, such as in the snowy areas, others will want their units to stand up to the light showers, and in the process keep out dirt and debris flying around because of too much wind.

So while the Pinty red dot will admit water into the lens of the sight, it does a good job in keeping out dirt and debris, but even at that, the sight remains highly functional and you can still achieve zero with the little water droplets inside the sight. Low profile enthusiasts who want a sight that they can use indoors, either for recreation or other simple shooting expeditions, then they can find a great companion in the Pinty red dot.

Objective lens diameter

A multicoated clear lens complete with a large diameter objective lens is a recipe for high performance but on a low budget, well that is the Pinty Red dot for you. As most shooters will agree the larger the objective lens the better the resolution provided. A large objective lens admits more light into the lens resulting in the provision of high quality and clear images.

The feature additionally provides an enhanced field of view and users will, therefore, be able to get a clear view of the immediate environment that surrounds their targets.


When it comes to the weight of an optical sight, it depends on what a user wants, because some people prefer a heavy sight, as they say it helps with recoil but others don’t want the burden of the extra load. A lightweight optical sight when integrated on a weapon should not increase the weight as it may theoretically affect its effectiveness when transitioning between targets and dot recovery.

Who is it best suited for?

The Pinty Red Dot is best suited for the low profile users, it can be used by hunters during the day, but not under harsh climatic conditions, and it is also a good recreation optical sights.

Are there any alternatives to the Pinty Red Dot?

Yes, there are other alternatives to the Pint red dot that users can find effective such as the Feyachi RDS-25 Red Dot Sight 4 MOA, the Pinty Pro 1x22mm 3 MOA Red Dot Reflex Sight, and the Pinty 3 MOA Red Green Dot Sight Brightness.

Features of the alternative Pinty Red Dot

Feyachi RDS-25 Red Dot Sight 4 MOA
Pinty Pro 1x22mm 3 MOA Red Dot Reflex Sight
Pinty 3 MOA Red Green Dot Sight Brightness Button Control
Objective lens diameter
9.17 ounces
Field of view
10.7 @ 100 yards
15.8 @ 100m
10.7 @100 yards
Brightness settings
11 intensity levels of brightness settings
11 levels
7 brightness settings
Parallax free
@ 20 yards
@ 6 yards
@ 20 yards
Adj range
+/-30 MOA
@50 yards +/- 45
+/35 Moa

Final Verdict: so, should you get the Pinty Red Dot?

Yes, you should get the Pinty Red dot simply because it is not common to see an optical sight that admits water into the lens and still remains functional. The unit is a worthy investment because it can still hold zero even after being exposed to impact, and the dot intensity is quite sufficient for the different levels of brightness settings.


  1. Does the Pinty Red Dot fit on a Weaver rail?

The Pinty red dot sight has been configured to fit on all the 20-22mm standard weaver or Picatinny rails.

  1. What size scope caps can I get for the Pinty Red Dot?

The optical sight upon purchase comes equipped with a Bungie style F and R cap.

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