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When you are in the market looking to purchase a reflex sight, the main factor that you are looking to benefit from is an improvement in your precision. The Predator V2 is a high-quality sight that has a veteran design. Every shooter gets to make use of amazing standout features that will give them a chance to enjoy the whole experience while out on the field.

This reflex sight is one of the most popular sights in the market mainly because of the fact that it has been manufactured by a combat veteran. Who better to design the features that you need from your sight other than an individual who has actually been in combat and used a sight more than once? The Predator V2 is one of the simplest and best value sights available in today’s market.

It is available at an affordable price and the manufacturers have also included a brand-new high-power transmitter as well as a wide-angle camera. This model is a great choice for beginners as it addresses the need for a transmitter and power supply. As a result of continuously testing different models and working on improvements, this Predator V2 is designed with the latest technology giving you the chance to make use of solid features and functions and an amazing range right out of the box.

Predator V2 Review and Breakdown 

Predator V2 Reflex Sight | Combat Veteran Owned Company | 45 Degree Offset Mount Included | Reflex Rifle Optic with 4 Reticle Patterns | Adjustable Color Settings | Red Dot Green Dot Gun Scope
  • ✔ 45-DEGREE OFFSET MOUNT INCLUDED - This reflex sight was engineered to co-witness perfectly with iron...
  • ✔ WATERPROOF ✔ FOG PROOF ✔ REFLECTIVE PROTECTION - Sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture or dust...

For so many years, the Predator V2 has continued to boast with many fantastic reviews from different types of shooters. When it comes to the design of this reflex, you will get to make use of four different reticle settings. There are also two different color settings which are the red dot reticle or the green dot reticle. These different colors come in handy because the time of the day that you are shooting really will not matter. Whether you are on the field at dawn, in the middle of the day, dusk, or in the night time, the reticle is specially engineered to make sure that you get to choose which one will suit you best between the 4 different reticle types. These reticle types function greatly during different times of the day.

The Predator V2 also comes with an offset mount that is 45 degrees. This gun sight is compatible with all types of iron sights. This is something that you must keep in mind as the TATICON reflex sight is greatly recommended as it performs excellently with this optic. This model is resistant to factors such as water, fog, and it also makes use of reflective protection. It is safely sealed with an O-ring that will safeguard any kind of moisture or dust from seeping into the sight. The nitrogen purging prevents fog from affecting the glass optic. Its lens is also coated making it resistant to any type of reflection. This gives you the chance to effectively fire in the sun without been affected by any type of glare.

What we liked  

  • It is designed with great quality material
  • The scope manages to always maintain at zero
  • This model is available at a very affordable price
  • It is very durable with a sturdy build. Shooters are guaranteed that the optic will survive without any crack on the lens and with no issue no matter what external conditions it is exposed to.
  • Sighting it in is very easy and you are also guaranteed that you will achieve very precise shots.
  • Switching from the red dot to the green sot is very easy
  • The process of modifying the brightness from visible to quite bright is easy

What we didn’t like 

  • Some shooters have mentioned that the dot does not focus on any kind of setting or option. It appears like many circles or like a splatter on other types of options.
  • The circuit board can be seen from the sides of the optic. This could mean that the manufacturing company is willing to replace the reflex sight if it fails to perform because of water ingress. However, this will not come in handy especially if this factor will make the shooter fail when he is out on the battlefield.
  • The selector switch for one of the crosshairs cannot properly lock. This causes the dot to start moving from left to right, and this could affect your point of impact.

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Predator V2 Key Specs  

Predator V2
Reticle Size
Reticle Options
Red or Green Reticle
Aluminum Alloy
Weather Proof
5.15 Ounces
3.5 Inches
6 LR44 batteries

Predator V2 Features  


One of the outstanding features of this reflex sight is an amazing quality that you will receive especially when you consider its affordable price tag. It is manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy; therefore, you are guaranteed that it will not easily break or dismantle and you will be able to comfortably make use of it for very many years.

The optic also comes with some extra features that are really great. This includes the fact that the sight is resistant to water and fog. This means that the optic will not take in any water or fog even when you are firing. This makes it a great choice for beginners and even experienced shooters. As a shooter, you will not have to worry about damaging the sight. Predator V2 is also specially designed not to fog up, meaning that you will be able to use this sight even on a cold misty morning.

This model can also be easily adjusted to 4 different reticle settings. It all depends on what reticle pattern is easy to use. When out on the field, it is advisable to try out all their reticle patterns until you figure out which one is the best for you. This sight is manufactured with both a red and green reticle setting. The one that you will make use of depends on what type of light you are using. Many shooters adjust the light according to the time of day they are working. If you are firing during the day, you can choose the reticle setting that is ideal for you. If you are firing in the night time, you can modify the reticle to another color.

Additionally, the sight comes with an extra set of batteries as well as a lens cleaner. All this is included in your package at no extra charge.


This optic is an excellent choice. It can easily fit onto any type of hunting scope without giving you any kind of problem. You can use this optic with a colt, as well as a Winchester Remington and many other hunting scopes. The Predator V2 can fit into any rifle platform and it can also fit on all types of weaver rail sections and Picatinny rails.

Easy to Modify  

The windage as well as the elevation can be easily and fully modified. This gives you the chance to achieve an accurate zero. As a user, you will not have to modify it so much more as soon as you have set it.

Additional Accessories 

To be able to achieve a backup reflex sight for your rifle, shooters get to use the offset mount that is set at 45 degrees. The optic is mounted at a really high position giving you the chance to absolutely co-witness your iron sight.


The warranty of the Predator V2 Reflex Sight is yet another great factor. Shooters are provided with a lifetime warranty. This means, in case the optic disintegrates or breaks, shooters can easily get a refund on the money spent, or even better, another sight will be delivered to you. It is fully refundable, meaning if you do not like the product that you purchased, you will be able to get a refund.

Who is it best suited for?  

The sight is durably manufactured with high-quality aluminum alloy. The durability of this reflex sight comes in handy or hunters as they will not be affected by any kind of fog or moisture. It is very versatile and the elevation makes it an excellent choice for hunting or any kind of target practice. The durability of the sight as well as the fact that it is resistant to fog and water also makes it a great choice for military use and law enforcement activities.

Are there any alternatives to the Predator V2?  

Yes, there are. Some of the most ideal alternatives include the Predator V3 model as well as the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 red dot.

Features of the Predator V2 alternatives  

Predator V3
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 red dot
Reticle Size
Weather Proof
Aluminum –alloy
11.9 Ounces
3.68 Ounces

Verdict: So, should you get the Predator V2?  

The Predator V2 is guaranteed to equip you with everything that you need at a very affordable price. At this price, you will benefit from a great range of features. The ability to attach this sight onto any kind of scope is one of the reasons why you should purchase this sight? Another reason is the fact that it is resistant to water or fog and this is a factor that you can make use of for a number of years. With this you are guaranteed that you will benefit from a lifetime warranty.

This sight is uniquely designed by a real wartime veteran. This means that it is manufactured by someone who has seen active service and who is a better choice to manufacture this optic than an individual who has been in more than one combat situation. If you are looking for a sight with a great design and boasts of receiving a ton of amazing reviews, this is definitely what you need.


Is the Predator V2 able to withstand any kind of heavy recoil function?  

Yes, this optic is very durable with a sturdy build. When it was designed, manufacturers made sure that they considered the recoil aspect from a ton of weapons. With this model, shooters are guaranteed that the Predator V2 will withstand all kinds of heavy recoil function.

Is the lens of this optic fully multi-coated?  

No, this sight is not designed with a fully multi-coated lens. However, the front lens of this optic is tinted.

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