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Red dots are excellent choices especially for shooters who are looking to achieve an accurate aim at all times. Red dot optics are uniquely designed to eliminate any chance of parallax. This means that you can make use of both your eyes when you aim and you are guaranteed that you will not miss.  

For many years, the Tacticon industry has maintained a high standard by continuously releasing strong and accurate tactical optics into the market. The Predator V3 Micro Red Dot is quickly gaining popularity. A major advantage when firing with a red dot like the Predator V3 is that, the performance of your red dot will not be compromised as long as it is set at a specific target. As a shooter you are guaranteed that you will hit your target. The position of your eyes does not matter. Even if you are not perfectly centered at the back of the sight, you can rest assured that your target will be hit. This factor makes this optic a very vital tool that should be included in your arsenal.

Predator V3 is one of the strongest and most precise models in the industry. It comes with a rapid target acquisition function as well as a parallax free design. Getting to sight-in this red dot is so easy and it will maintain zero even after firing thousands of shots.

Predator V3 Micro red dot Review and Breakdown  

Predator V3 Micro Red Dot Sight | Combat Veteran Owned Company | 45 Degree Offset Mount and Riser Mount Included | Reflex Rifle Optic with 11 Adjustable Brightness Settings | Reddot Gun Scope
  • ✔ 11 ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS - Whether you are shooting at dawn, dusk, night, or the middle of...
  • ✔ RAIL RISER MOUNT & 45-DEGREE OFFSET MOUNT INCLUDED - This red dot scope includes a .83" riser which...
  • ✔ WATERPROOF ✔ FOG PROOF ✔ REFLECTIVE PROTECTION - Sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture or dust...

A crucial feature of this Predator model is the well-built body that comes packed in a strong frame and it also leads to a fast and systemic sight in. The light intensity as well as the terrain will not compromise the performance of the scope. Another factor that contributes to the uniqueness of the Predator V3 more unique is its capability to maintain at zero as well as its compatibility with other iron sights.

This red dot is designed with numerous modification options and this means that the action of aiming at your target is simplified, no matter what lighting environment you are exposed to. The dependable effectiveness that this scope offers as well as its flexible design makes it a good choice even with rifles that have the proper type of mounting systems. This proves that this scope is an ideal option for beginners as well as professional shooters who are looking to enhance their aim while on the range or out on the field.

What we liked  

  • 11 adjustable brightness settings – It does not matter if you are shooting during the day or at night. This red dot is specially engineered allowing you to enjoy 11 different brightness levels.
  • Comes with a rail riser mount and a 45-degree offset mount – The riser measures 83 inches and it is manufactured to work well with iron sights.
  • It is resistant to factors such as water, fog – Predator V3 is sealed with O-rings that protects the red dot from factors such as dust and moisture.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty and a battery – Shooters are guaranteed that they will benefit from a 100% level of satisfaction. It also comes packed with a 1 lithium-ion battery.

What we didn’t like  

  • The windage and elevation modification caps are quite loose and the whole mechanism can easily come out while out on the field.
  • Some shooters have mentioned that they did not receive an extra battery – The manufacturers state that the package should include an extra battery.
  • Other shooters mentioned that they did not receive an additional lens cloth – The product should be received with an extra lens cloth.

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Predator V3 Micro red dot Specifications 

Predator V3
Reticle Size
Light Settings
Battery Type
11.9 Oz

Predator V3 Micro Red Dot Features


The controls of this V3 red dot model are touchable and recognizable. This allows shooters to use fast and critical clicks to reduce the chance of making any mistake while you are out on the field. The reticle that you use will not matter, because you are guaranteed that the image produced will be crisp, clear, and very well defined. This makes it easy for you to position your red dot.

Dot Size 

If you are looking to hit two inches below the target that is located at 100 yards, you will have to set the range of the V3 to 2 MOA. The 2 MOA red dot makes this optic an excellent choice especially if you are aiming at much further ranges. This optic comes with a 2 MOA dot and the brightness settings can be modified to 11 different levels.

FOV (Field of View)

One of the major features of this red dot is the FOV. This factor is amazing, especially on this optic. The Predator, however, has yet another feature that makes it so much better than other sights in the market. This is the red front lens that is designed with a coating that is anti-reflective. This coating gives your red dot a high-quality right out of the box appearance.

Transmission of Light 

The brightness level on the Predator V3 can be modified to different levels. This includes direct sunlight, dusk, dawn, and even night time. The number of settings that are manufactured on this scope makes it so much easier for shooters to achieve that ideal shot no matter what time of the day it is. There is a dial on this red dot that is positioned well clearly showing the brightness level that ranges from the 0 level up to the 11th level. 11 is the most advanced brightness setting.

Adjustments and Turrets 

Both the elevation and windage system on the Predator V3 can be easily modified. This makes it easy for the shooter to achieve zero with minimal attempt. Both the windage and elevation dials are safely positioned behind plastic caps that have a very hardcover.

Mounting Options   

If you are looking to benefit from a precise and dependable red dot to mount onto your scope, this Predator model is an excellent choice. Some of the major advantages of using this red dot is its flexible design. Its design makes the optic compatible with nearly every kind of scope and this will allow you to achieve great results. You can mount this red dot on a ton of firearms. It also fits on all types of Weaver rail and Picatinny rail sections. This factor makes the Predator V3 among the most flexible red dots in today’s market.

Waterproof Feature  

This Predator model is manufactured with a high-quality and durable aluminum alloy material. It is resistant to factors such as water and fog. This the aiming process much easier even when exposed to environmental conditions of a low level of light. In addition. This red dot is designed with an O-ring seal. The seal ensures that you will benefit from a high level of water-proofing and weather-proofing it is nitrogen-purged.

Who is it Best Suited For?  

The unique and versatile design of Predator V3 makes it a great choice for hunters. It can be mounted onto the platform of any kind of rifle and it will easily fit all Weaver rails and Picatinny Rail sections. Police and members of the military who take part in tactical operations will also really benefit from this model. The elevation and windage can be easily modified and obtaining a precise zero are very easy.

Are there any alternatives to the Predator V3 model? 

Yes, there are. Some of the best alternatives to the Predator V3 includes the Tacticon Armament Predator V1 and the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25.

Features of the Predator V3 alternatives

Tacticon Armament Predator V1
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 red dot.
Reticle Size
15.2 Oz
3.68 Oz
6.8 inches
5.4 inches

Verdict: So, should you get Predator V3? 

One of the main reasons why this scope is a favorite amongst many shooters is because of the extreme flexibility level that the scope offers. For example, when it comes to the mounting options provided, the V3 offers a ton of different options such as operating it without a mount or using it with a high mount that is raised or even with an offset mount of 45 inches.

The amount of versatility that this Predator model provides shooters with is amazing and it does not matter if you are using this red dot with your hunting scope or on a firing range. The simple modification system as well as the audible clicks, that guarantees shooters that they will always hit your target.


  1. Is the Predator V3 able to withstand heavy recoil function>  

Yes, this unit is very well and strongly built. The recoil aspect from a variety of weapons was considered and shooters are guaranteed that it will withstand a heavy recoil function.

  1. Is this optic a real red dot, or is it simply a cluster of dots that amalgamate to form one giant dot?  

Yes, this optic is a real red dot. Many shooters have mentioned that it looks like a small star, however, it is not a huge smudged blurry dot.

  1. Is it designed with a fully multi-coated lens?  

No, it is not. The front lens of the red dot is tinted.


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