Reflex Vs Tube Red Dot – How do they compare


Reflex sights feature a reflective glass lens that aligns light from an LED to project an aiming point on the objective lens. The lens comes incorporated with a special reflective coating which then makes the illuminated red dot visible to your eyes and therefore, does not transfer to the other end of the lens. 

The word tube is in reference to the tunnel shape of some of the optical sights, and which has become a debatable subject among hunters and long-range shooters; and the main question is how effective is the tube sight over the simple peep sight.

So while the tube peep sight might seem too much, it is actually the best because it pulls the points to the direction of the riser meaning that it will always be straight.

In simple terms is that it will align the peep correctly upon draw thus target acquisition becomes easier, and with that out of the way, let us find out the differences and features of the Reflex and the tube red dot.

What are the differences between the Reflex and Tube Red Dot?

Reflex Red Dot (Trijicon Sro reflex red dot sight)
Tube Red Dot (HOLOSUN HS406A Tube Red Dot Sight)
Objective lens diameter

Sight window

22x 16mm

87 x 63in

Brightness settings
Automatic and 8 adjustable settings
3-night vision compatible settings
Tempered glass
Special glass( multi-layer coating )
Submersible 1m
Adjustments per click
1 Click= 1 MOA
0.5 MOA
1.6oz (46g)with battery
7.0 oz (199g) without mount

247g with mount


Battery life
Over 3 years of service at setting 4 and 8
Up to 50,000 hrs
Available dot sizes
Three dot sizes (1.0 MOA, 2.5 MOA, 5.0MOA)

Reflex vs. Tube Red Dot – how do they differ?

  • Construction quality

The Trijicon Sro reflex red dot sight, has been constructed with aluminum on the outer body, which then means that the unit is light in weight, can withstand immersion in water without being corroded, it is non-magnetic and is even stronger when the temperatures are low. The incorporated objective lens is rather big offering an enhanced field of view, battery insertion has also been made easy and you can do it swiftly without having to remove the lens.

The build of the sight is compact, integration to weapons is a breeze making it the best sight to use on the go and can be used with different types of guns more especially the handguns. The Holosun Tube red dot’s outer body is made of aluminum, the sight is quite simple and sophisticated from the outside and boasts of a PEO/MAO finish.

The above is a type of electrochemical surface treatment process that generates oxide coatings on metals. Now, what the above means is that this sight is wear and corrosion resistant and offers both thermal and chemical stability. Given that both units are strongly built, the Trijicon reflex is the best, one because it is easy to mount, is light in weight a feature that most shooters look out for, and has incorporated tempered glass, which is clear, heat resistant, scratch and damage-resistant.

  • Adjustment per click

Sights are normally produced with different click values; adjustment per click, therefore, is the distance that a turret moves for one click and which determines how much the bullet will impact the target. The methods of measurement vary from country to country for example the measurements used in the USA (¼ MOA = 7mm at 100m on the target) are different from those used in Europe (1cm per click).

Now the most common click values that you will find in the market are ½ MOA for 500m, for the hunting scopes you will find 7mm for 100m. For the long-range sites you will find up to 1cm click, and for the tactical scopes, it normally is 1cm or 0.1mil. Target scopes or sights use 1/8 of an MOA or 225mm of adjustments per click. The significance of the adjustments per clicks is that they enable easy target acquisition.

Users, therefore, need to know their sights capability when it comes to adjustments per click so that they know which environments to use them and the distance that they can work effectively.  The Tube red dot can, therefore, suffice as a tactical scope while the red dot as a hunting sight, which then leaves the Tube red dot as the best sight as it is more versatile given the adjustments per click.

  • Available dot sizes

Most sights have different dot sizes, sights with both the dot and the circle can be used interchangeably thus more effective and that is what you will get from the Reflex Red Dot from Trijicon. The unit has the 1.0 red dot size, necessary for situations where increased accuracy at distance is necessary, we then have the 2.5 and the 5.0 MOA dots. The above then makes the Trijicon Reflex red dot the better unit when compared to Holosuns single 2 MOA red dot.

Reflex vs Tube Red Dot- A Comparison Overview

  • Reflex Red Dot

The Trijicon reflex red dot will no doubt cause some damage to your bank balance but you can be sure that you will get value for your money because this unit comes incorporated with a large unobstructive field of view. The provided dot is crisp and clear and the minor adjustments are tool-less, which then makes zeroing a breeze.


  • The red dot is authentic
  • Offer the best target acquisition without glasses
  • Dot recovery is fast in speed shooting


  • The overall build is not sturdy thanks to the round shape

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The Tube red dot

HOLOSUN HS406A Tube Red Dot Sight with 30mm Cantilever Weaver Mount
  • Parallax free, No centering required; When the dot is on the target, so are you

The Holosun sight features the most advanced technology incorporated to help enhance efficiency, for example, the unique solar technology, ensures that the brightness of the reticle is altered with regards to ambient lighting. The sight is additionally an intelligent unit given the incorporated memory and the auto on/ off feature. What’s more, is that it has been equipped with a multi-layer coating on the front glass which enables light transmission and ensures clarity.


  • The sight is made of high-quality material
  • Has a long battery life
  • Easy to install and use


  • The battery tray is not very effective

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For a highly functional and professional optical sights then the Tube red dot will suffice but if you are looking for a recreational red dot sight then the Trijicon’s reflex red dot is the perfect unit.

Final Verdict: so which is better, the Reflex red dot or the Tube Red dot?

The Tube red dot is the better unit because it is versatile when it comes to usage, and has incorporated the necessary optical features, for accurate target acquisition and dot recovery.


  1. Why is the objective lens in my Holosun HS406A angled?

It is angled to enable light, from the LED to reflect from the inside surface and then be reflected back to the shooter.

  1. Is it hard to acquire the red dot reticle in the Trijicon reflex red dot?

Given the large size of the viewing window acquiring the red dot reticle is a breeze.

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