Sig Sauer Romeo 8H vs. Sig Sauer Romeo 8T – A detailed comparison


The Sig Sauer Romeo 8H and Sig Sauer Romeo 8T are incredibly practical and hardy tools that provide users with a good deal of functionality options, and they are great for both professional and recreational users.

Choosing a red dot sight, no matter how much experience you have, takes a lot of consideration around specifications and other features. There are persons that have a bias towards larger scopes, while another group of users have their taste inclined towards smaller ones. There is a misplaced notion that larger is better, but the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H and Sig Sauer Romeo 8T have re-written the rules surrounding this notion to deliver the best of both worlds. They are both small in stature, but there is nothing small about their performance.

What are the differences between the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H and the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T?

Sig Sauer Romeo 8H
Sig Sauer Romeo 8T
Red Dot Size
Ballistic Circle Dot
Ballistic Circle Dot
Objective Lens Diameter
Brightness Adjustment Levels
10 levels
10 levels
Reticle Color
Battery Life
100,000 hours
100,000 hours

Sig Sauer Romeo 8H vs. Sig Sauer Romeo 8T – How do they compare?

Optical Features

An optic sight is only as good as its optical features, and the Sig Saur Romeo 8H and Sig Sauer Romeo 8T are two versatile yet great red dot devices ideal for mid and long range shooting.

With an objective lens that has a diameter of 38mm, this device promises exceptional views with a wide field of view. In addition, this lens is made entirely of glass which supports incredible light transfer or the best sight. To support maximum light transfer, the lens features anti-reflection coatings which cause surface reflections to be significantly reduced. The lens is also created to give unlimited eye relief so that target position remains as accurate as possible no matter the position of the eye behind the rifle.

Similarly, the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T features a 38mm objective lens which comes with a considerably wide field of view. Just like the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H, this model’s lens is made entirely of high quality glass that capitalizes on maximum light transfer and minimal light reflection. It is also a parallax free tool that keeps your vision accurate at all times. On top of this, it offers unlimited eye relief which ensures that, no matter the position of your eye behind the scope, you are able to acquire your targets with ease.

Both the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H and Sig Sauer Romeo 8T bear similar optical features, setting neither of them above the other in this respect.  

Overall Performance

Seeing that red dot sights are made to be used out in the open, it is imperative that they support multiple functional characteristics. The Sig Sauer Romeo 8H is a ballistic circle dot device that comes with 1 red dot and a circle. This scope features a 2 MOA red dot which is ideal for short and medium range shooting. This dot comes with a ring around it, a characteristic that allows users access to up to 4 visual settings. In addition, the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H comes with 10 brightness adjustment levels for use in various light intensities. Two of these 10 are Night Vision compatible, ensuring that you can keep working even in the cover of dark.

Much like the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H, the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T is also a ballistic circle dot scope. With a similar 2 MOA red dot size, it proves excellent for short and medium range shooting. The 2 MOA dot is able to cover an area of up to 2 inches in diameter on the target from a distance of 100 yards. When it comes to brightness adjustment levels, the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T also makes provisions for both day and night use, presenting up to 10 brightness adjustment levels. Of these 10, 2 are ideal for night vision to ensure round the clock support.

The Sig Sauer Romeo 8H and Sig Sauer Romeo 8T present similar performance characteristics, setting them both on equal footing in this regard.  


To keep it lightweight but incredibly strong, the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H is made using aircraft grade aluminum. With this build, it is able to handle incredibly harsh environments, taking on impact, recoil, extreme heat and cold with grace. In addition, it is made to be completely waterproof so that it can be used in multiple environments that have high moisture. Moreover, it is a fog proof device that resists internal formation of fog to ensure that your vision stays clear all the time. You will notice that this scope features a more streamlined build, and it does not have many external contraptions.

Following suit in similar fashion, the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T is built using aircraft grade aluminum. This way, it is able to handle heavy impact and multiple rounds of recoil with loads of ease. To stay waterproof, it has multiple O-rings that work to keep out all water and dust particles from penetrating the scope. More impressively, it keeps from forming internal fog, ensuring that the lens does not cloud during use. When compared to the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H, this scope has a more rugged look. There are many contraptions that also make it seem larger than its counterpart even though it is not.

Even though both devices have similar construction, the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H has a more composed and streamline look, making it a better scope than the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T.  

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H delivers up to 50,000 hours, translating to years of use without worrying about changing your battery too often.

Comparably, the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T delivers a similar 50,000 hours battery life which means you can go several years without having to think about replacing the battery.

Since both devices have similar battery lives, they are placed on equal footing.

Sig Sauer Romeo 8H vs. Sig Sauer Romeo 8H – A comparison overview

Sig Sauer Romeo 8H Overview

Sig Sauer ROMEO8H RED DOT Sight, Ballistic Circle DOT, 0.5 MOA ADJ, Side Battery, HEX Bolt Mount, Shroud, Black
  • Sig Sauer Romeo8H Red Dot Sight
  • Ballistic Circle Dot, 0. 5 MOA Adj
  • Hex Bolt Mount, Shroud

This device is a high performance scope that is streamlined and physically composed. Presenting a 2 MOA red dot and a 65 MOA ring, you can be certain that you will enjoy both close range and mid-range shooting with ease.

The outer body is made using aircraft grade aluminum to keep it light but strong. You can be certain to use it in multiple weather conditions, especially since it is made to be completely water and fog proof.

The battery also supports long time use, delivering up to 50,000 hours on its medium brightness setting and up to 100,000 hours on its lowest brightness setting.


  • Has superior optical features
  • Water, dust and fog proof
  • Small and light
  • Long battery life


  • It is an expensive scope

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Sig Sauer Romeo 8T Overview

Sig Sauer SOR81003 Romeo8T Red Dot Sight, Ballistic Circle Dot, 0.5, One Size
  • Designed for modern MSR platforms and shotguns
  • Comes standard with solid lens covers and 1/2 hex bolt mount
  • Ballistic Circle-Dot reticle options
  • Users can select from 4 different integrated reticle options (Dot, Circle-Dot, Dot with Holds, Circle-Dot...

Also featuring a strong aluminum body and 38mm objective lens, this scope is made for great performance in multiple settings. Its 2 MOA red dot and 65 MOA ring allow for 4 different visual settings for users.

Since it is completely water and fog proof, it can be used in extremely moist settings without compromising on visual quality. You will notice that it is a more rugged device since it is fitted with multiple plastic caps.

With a 50,000 hour battery, you can be out in the wild for weeks and even months without needing to replace the battery, and when used on the lowest brightness setting, it can last a good 100,000 hours.


  • Light but strong
  • Great optical features
  • Water and fog proof
  • Long battery life


  • It is a bit rugged

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Verdict: So, which one is better – Sig Sauer Romeo 8H or Sig Sauer Romeo 8T?

Both of these devices are almost identical in every aspect, but the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H features a more streamlined look when compared to the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T. This characteristic makes it easier on the eye, and makes it a better scope than the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T.


  1. What mount type does the Sig Sauer Romeo 8H use?

It uses a ½ inch Hex mount.

  1. What battery type does the Sig Sauer Romeo 8T come with?

This scope comes with a CR123 battery.

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