Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Review


Red dot sights are a great addition to your hunting or shooting gear and with multiple red dots available in the market, you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Most people nowadays want to carry smaller guns that carry more rounds that are as accurate as of the full-size pistols. This firearm also needs a micro red dot that will provide you with fast target acquisition and precision accuracy with every shot. The Sig Sauer Romeo Zero is a micro red dot sight that is less than 1 inch wide that can fit on a slim profile. It may feel weird at first carrying in with your gun and it will take a little getting used to, but once you do you’ll not want to use any other sight. The rate at which it speeds up your target acquisition and shooting is drastically improved.

Sig Sauer Romeo Zero review and breakdown

Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Micro Reflex SGT 6MOA
  • Proofs: impact resistant
  • Reticle: 6 MOA dot
  • Series: reflex sight
  • Wind age elevation: 120 MOA

Romeo zero is a reflex sight that uses the smallest footprint that can fit on very small carry pistols like the P365XL. This gun has Romeo zero already milled to fit and it fits very nicely with the lines and shape of the gun. It has a textured finish that has an aesthetic appeal that matches the gun. The best thing about having a textured sight for your small firearm is that it’s easy to hold onto installing the sight or zeroing the dot.

Romeo zero has a housing constructed with polymer and the glass is also made with a polymer which is 10 times impact resistant than regular glass. It weighs less than an ounce 0.4 ounces so you don’t even notice it on your gun. The glass and the dot are very crisp and clear. It has a battery runtime of 20,000 hours and together with the auto shut-off feature it can give you 10 good years. Although 10 years is a long time without changing the battery it should last you a long time. This sight uses a CR1632 battery that you’ll need to replace by removing the sight. There’s a small brightness adjustment knob on the right side behind the screen and the windage and elevation adjustments.

This sight is a motion-activated red dot that powers on when it detects movement and shuts down when there’s no more movement. It has a 3 MOA reticle with 8 daytime illumination settings and or parallax-free. Romeo zero is designed with a LED emitter for a sharper more vivid red dot. This red dot can be easily zeroed and stay zeroed with use. The included pair of Allen wrenches makes it very easy to remove and install the sight.

What we liked

  • You can quickly superimpose the dot on your target
  • Very easy to remove and install
  • Has a clean appearance and looks good on any pistol
  • It maintains its zero even after use
  • The lens is pretty good quality for a tiny lens
  • It’s lightweight so it weighs less than an iron sight
  • The dot is very clear and crisp

What we didn’t like

  • The battery slot isn’t enclosed
  • It’s not waterproof rated

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Sig Sauer Romeo Zero specs

Reflex red dot
Lens material
0.4 ounces
0.93 inches
1.6 inches
6 MOA red dot
Illumination type
Objective lens diameter
24 mm
Battery type
Illumination settings
8 daytime settings
Battery runtime
20,000 hours

Sig Sauer Romeo Zero features


Romeo zero micro reflex sight is a red dot with unique features that sets it apart from many red dots in the market. The most notable is its housing. It’s designed with a lightweight weapon-grad textured polymer housing and the SpectraCoat HD polymer system for the lens, so bot the housing and lens are made with a polymer. This material makes it light in weight at only 0.4 ounces and less bulky. It’s also durable and scratch-resistant and the lens is 10 times impact-resistant than your regular lens. It will easily fit on your small carry gun like the P365XL. It has a very sleek fit with the lines and shape of the gun and a textured finish that gives it an aesthetic appeal.

Motion sensing

Romeo zero is a motion-activated red dot that uses the MOTAC system. It turns on when it senses any movement and dies down when there’s no movement. It has a battery runtime of 20,000 hours which can even last longer to give you 10 good years and with the auto shut off feature the battery can really last a long time. This sight uses a CR1632 battery because it’s too small to use the common CR2032. You’ll need to remove the sight to replace the battery.


This reticle for this sight has 3 MOA with 8 daytime illumination settings that you can easily adjust to suit your environment. It also comes with an LED emitter to give you a sharper and more focused red dot. This sight is magnified 1x and is parallax-free so you don’t have to worry about shooting out of focus shots. It comes with very standard windage and elevation adjustments.

Who is it best suited for?

Romeo zero is a great micro reflex red dot sight that you can use with your carry gun like a small pistol. Its polymer housing has been optimized to be used with polymer pistols with slim slide profiles. Its textured finish matches with the shape and lines of a P365XL.

Are there alternatives to Sig Sauer Romeo Zero?

Although Romeo zero is a pretty unique reflex red dot sight, there are other red dot sights you can use that will work just as well as Romeo zero.

Features of alternative red dot sights

Burris fastfire II with Picatinny mount
Leupold deltapoint pro reflex sight
3 MOA dot
2.5 MOA dot
Reticle color
Eye relief
1.50 ounces
1.95 ounces
1.90 inches
1.82 inches
Battery runtime
11,000 hours
300 hours
Fog proof

Final verdict. Should you get Sig Sauer Romeo Zero?

Yes, you should if you’re looking for a small red dot sight for your carry gun. It can deliver everything you need at a price that won’t break your bank. It has a nice aesthetic appeal that matches with the P365XL and holds zero very well when you’re using it. It’s very easy to zero and its various brightness levels come in handy in different weather conditions. It will fit well with most of the gun budgets and you can even put it on a full-sized pistol as well.


Can you put a Romeo zero on a P365?

Yes, a Romeo zero can work with a P365, but you’ll need a mounting plate like the outerimpact red dot adapter.

Will a Romeo zero fit the Hellcat?

One issue you’re most likely to experience with a Romeo zero is that its mounting screws are too long or the Hellcat. You’ll need to file them down to about 9.6 mm in length so they can properly fit. Alternatively, you can get the M 4-0.7X10 mm screw that is the proper size for mounting Romeo zero on your Hellcat.

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