Sig Sauer SOR31002 Romeo 3 Review


There are lots of red dots out there, but a quality red dot optic is simple, easy to use, and more efficient than a simple iron sight. Red dots are usually great for both beginners and experienced shooters and are good for anywhere from close range to 100 yards out.;

Red dots are available in different budget ranges even if you’re a beginner on a budget. The Sig Sauer SOR31002 Romeo 3 is a red dot reflex sight with a lightweight feature that is very easy to maintain when in use. When you need to acquire your target quickly and accurately, the Sig Sauer SOR31002 Romeo 3 is perfect to maintain a consistent zero with every shot. This open reflex sight will enhance your weapon with superior aiming capabilities and with its 3 MOA holographic illuminated reticle with adjustable brightness and its spherical lens, you will see your target with great clarity and focus.

Sig Sauer SOR31002 Romeo 3 review and breakdown

Romeo 3 is a reflex open sight that you can use with all types of weapons including your shotgun, handgun machine gun, pistol, carbine, and MSR rifles and is designed with a Picatinny and keymod mount. It’s designed with a spectra lens coating that will help in reducing the surface reflection to very low levels across the visible spectrum to provide you with just enough lighting. It will perfectly fit on the rail of any weapon you use and its compact size allows for co-witness mounting. Romeo 3 has a small 3 MOA dot size that offers you more flexibility than a larger size and gives you more precision shots at a longer distance. If need be you can increase the brightness to make the red dot larger.

Romeo 3 comes with 11 brightness settings, 9 for daytime settings, and 2 for night vision settings. The dot on this sight is incredibly clear and crisp which could be a result of the quality of the glass or the electronics that generate the dot. This red dot uses the MOTAC motion-sensing technology that will power up when it senses any movement and powers down when there’s no motion. This helps to extend the life of your battery. Romeo 3 is designed with a very lightweight and durable aircraft graded CNC aluminum that ensures the reliability and durability of the optic. You don’t have to remove the sight from your firearm when you need to replace the batteries, you can remove and load it from a battery slot on the right side.

This reflex red dot sight has an IPX-7 rating which means it’s waterproof and you can dip it in water up to 1 meter and it’s also fog proof. Once you mount your Romeo 3 on your weapon and begin zeroing it, it quickly picks up your target on either side of your field view. There’s a red notch coating on the side that ensures the dot is bright red in color.

What we liked

  • The MOTAC motion-sensing feature is great
  • Very easy to adjust the settings and dials
  • The aluminum body is very durable and solid
  • The red dot is highly visible during the day or night
  • Can handle most of the weather conditions
  • Holds zero very well

What we didn’t like

  • It’s a bit pricey
  • You need to use the Allen wrench to adjust the sight
  • Battery life isn’t very long

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Sig Sauer SOR31002 Romeo 3 specs

Reflex red dot
3 MOA dot
Eye relief
1.4 ounces
Objective lens diameter
25 mm
Brightness settings
11, 9 daytime illumination settings and 2 night vision settings
Optical coating
Battery type
Battery runtime
40,000 hours
Water-resistance level
Water-resistant mark
400 m
Fog proof and shockproof
Mount type

Sig Sauer SOR31002 Romeo 3 features

MOTAC motion-sensing feature

This motion-sensing technology is very effective, especially when you’re in a hurry to shot your target and don’t have time to set the brightness of your optic. This sight will turn on when it detects any movement, but after 10 minutes without any movement it will go back to sleep and the dot will turn off. Any movement will turn it on and the dot will use the previously set brightness level.


Romeo 5 is constructed with a lightweight, compact, durable, and waterproof aluminum housing that can endure any kind of weather and terrain. It’s also designed with a unique twin-spring adjustment system that is designed and tested to handle recoil from your firearm, deliver a lock-less zeroing performance, and return to zero repeatedly after every shot. An easy to mount Picatinny co-witness mount with a see-through base is also included.

Optical performance

You can clearly see your target with the help of the aspherical lens that have been specially designed to give you flat and distort-free images. To eliminate the glare and improve the transmission of light, the lens is fully multi-coated with an anti-reflection coating that ensures high performance. You can use this reflex sight with both eyes open which gives you great peripheral vision over a larger area around you.

Who is it best suited for?

Romeo 3 is designed to be used by shooters who are aiming at their target from a long distance for superior precision and accuracy. It’s also the ideal optic for all types of shooters including military, hunters, law enforcement, and competitive shooters.

Are there alternatives to the Sig Sauer SOR31002 Romeo 3?

Many reflective red dot sights fit both sides of your budget but they’re all quality sights you can use to quickly acquire your target, get a better shot from a distance, and give you better threat focus.

Features of alternative reflex red dot sights

Ozark armament rhino red dot sight
Vortex Optics Sparc II red dot sight
9.7 ounces with mount
7.5 ounces
Battery runtime
3,000 hours
300 hours
Objective lens diameter
28 mm
22 mm
4 MOA red and green dot
2 MOA dot
Eye relief
Waterproof and fog proof
Brightness levels
5 with red and green settings

Final verdict. Should you get the Sig Sauer SOR31002 Romeo 3?

Sig Romeo 3 is a high-quality red dot sight that will work perfectly with most of your weapons from your small pistol to your big rifle or shotgun. It’s precise and accurate from both short and long-range so there’s no need for sight alignment and is very effective in all kinds of light conditions with excellent dot brightness.


What’s the difference between a red dot and a reflex sight?

A reflex or open sight is designed with a wider field of view because of its heads-up display. The field of view is how much of the image you can see using the objective lens.

What distance do you zero a red dot?

The most doable distance even for a beginner to zero a red dot would be 50 yards since 200 yards is pretty far away to consistently see your target well enough to shot, especially if it’s a small target that will allow you to dial in your optic.

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