Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Review – Best Night Vision Sight QD


Red Dot optics are known to act as prerequisites for any shooter looking to achieve a quick target acquisition. These optics are believed to be very hard to defeat especially when it comes to speed and precision. Sightmark Ultra Shot is designed with a user-friendly sighting structure. It also has an advanced look and features and the good news is that it is available at a very affordable price.

The Sightmark manufacturing industry is well known for producing high-quality optics at a very affordable price. Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro is yet another example of a great quality optic that has become a favorite amongst very many shooters. If you are looking for an optic that you can depend on and is a great choice for hunting and other shooting activities this model is exactly what you need.

This reflex style optic is designed with an aluminum body and a protective shield made of metal. This improves the durability of the Ultra Shot proving that it will still perform excellently even when exposed to different environmental and climatic conditions. As a shooter, you are assured that it can be precisely zeroed and it will be able to hold that zero. It is an excellent choice for beginners as well as experienced shooters. Many have mentioned that it can fire more precise shots when compared to other models. This factor is great especially for those taking part in range shooting activities.

Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Review – Review and Breakdown 

Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot Pro Spec Night Vision Quick Detach
  • <5Mw 632-650nm class IIIA red laser
  • Low power consumption
  • Aluminum body with metal protective shield and a water resistant rating of IPX4 Rating
  • Wide field of view and Parallax corrected

The Ultra-Shot Pro is designed with four reticle options and several brightness settings. Some of the most ideal features include how easy it is to install, set at zero, and use it. The side of the optic comes with an easy clip. This allows it to easily be attached and detached from the railings of any basic AR scope or any other tactical weapon. The clip also comes in handy at tightening to fit the railing system of your optic.

When compared to other optics, this is a great advantage. Some shooters may suggest that this will compromise the precision of the red dot. This is not true because the sight can successfully maintain at zero no matter what external factor it is exposed to. Therefore, it will not be difficult to notice and correct this type of issue.

Setting the sight at zero is so easy. All you need is an Allen wrench and in just a few moments the sight will be at zero. Using this sight is also a walk in the park. For experienced shooters, it could not be easier. Simply turning on the optic, modifying the brightness levels, and fire downrange with both eyes open. It is very easy to spot targets and fire precisely.

What we liked 

  • Affordable Price – Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro-Optic is available at an economical price but it is very high quality
  • Wide Field of View – Shooters get to make use of a large view of the target even from a distance and this improves the precision
  • Designed with a very thick glass – The thick glass makes the optic stronger and you are guaranteed that it will last for a long time. In addition, the body of the Ultra Shot is resistant to factors such as shock.
  • Consumes very little power – It may not be manufactured with the most ideal battery; however, it operates on very little battery consumption and it will still be able to complete the task.
  • The Brightness of the reticle can be modified – This feature allows the shooter to modify the brightness depending on the requirements of the environment that you are in.
  • Easy to Use – This optic is not complicated in any kind of way. It is a great option for beginners as it is simpler than more complex models.
  • Amazing features – The Ultra Shoot Pro model is designed with high quality features even though it is sold at a very affordable price. Also, it is guaranteed to serve you for very many years.

What we didn’t like 

  • Low Battery Life – When set at a minimum level, the battery can only run for 180 hours.
  • Not resistant to factors such as fog – This red dot optic is not able to perform well when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Fog and moisture can easily penetrate the optic making it blurry especially when you are firing at a target in a foggy area.

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 Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Review – Key Specs  

Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro
Reticle Type
Single-Dot, Cross hair, Circle-Dot, Multi
Objective Lens Diameter
Eye Relief
Body Material
Aluminum body with metal protective shield
Field of View
150 ft at 100 yards
3.7 inches
9 Oz

Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Features  


This Ultra Shot Pro-Optic comes with a Sightmark 3x Magnifier. If you do not want to use the magnifier, you can easily slide it over. This entity comes in handy and it is so easy to use. As a shooter, you may have to get used to what position you will place your head for every shot that you take when making use of this magnifier. However, as soon as you have figured this out, the magnifier proves to be an excellent addition to the Sightmark Ultra Shot. If you are positioned at a closer range to your target, you can simply slide the magnifier off to the side.

Rapid Target Acquisition  

To achieve a quick level of target acquisition, the optic comes with a side-mounted laser. This laser works well in allowing the shooter to fire from the hip when positioned at close quarters to your target. The night vision optic is designed with an internal interlock locking system. This system gives you the chance to maintain precision by holding zero so that you do not have to continuously modify the optic.

Reticle Patterns 

To be able to achieve a co-witnessed riflescope set up, the Ultra Shot Pro comes with a night vision mode. Shooters can mount the Ultra Dual Shot Pro Spec in front of a monocular that is compatible with night vision. To ensure that you benefit from accuracy and precision the optic is designed with a total of four reticle patterns. This will give you the chance to perform properly during the day and at night.


Sightmark Ultra Pro is designed with a durable aluminum body and it comes with a metal protective shield. This enhances the durability of the optic allowing the sight to function properly even in harsh weather conditions and environments. To ensure that shooters can benefit from a fast level of target acquisition, a laser is mounted onto the side of the red dot. This laser gives the shooter a chance to fire from the hip even when positioned at a close range. Attaching the laser is quick and easy thanks to the fast-detach mount.

Internal Interlock Locking System  

The Sightmark industry designed this optic with an internal interlock locking system. This system works well by giving you the chance to maintain precision by holding zero. With this factor, shooters will not have to continuously modify the sight.


The Ultra Shot Pro-Optic is manufactured with four different reticle patterns. This includes the Single-Dot, Circle-Dot, Multi, and Crosshair. These reticle patterns work well in ensuring that shooters will be able to benefit from accuracy and precision no matter what environmental or climatic condition they are exposed to. This red dot also provides you with a brightness level that can be modified. This ensures that shooters will benefit from a brightness setting that is great for all types of environments and lighting conditions.

Who is it best suited for?  

This sight is one of the most ideal options for hunting activities as well as range shooting. Shooters can fire more precise shots with this optic. Ultra-Shot Pro is also a good option for military use. The premium features improve any kind of shooting experience and the sight is effective at adapting to any kind of scope no matter what situation is at hand.

Are there any alternatives to the Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro?  

Yes, there are. Some of the most ideal alternatives include the Trijicon Sealed Reflex Sight and the AT3 Leos Red Dot Sight

Features of the Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Alternatives

Trijicon Sealed Reflex Sight
AT2 Leos Red Dot Sight
Reticle Size
1.75 MOA
Housing Material
Durable aluminum
Durable aluminum
Brightness Setting
Eye Relief
13.8 Oz
8.3 Oz

Verdict: So, should you get the Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro?  

If you are looking for a red dot that is not complex in any way, and an affordable option the Ultra Shot Ro is a great option for you. It is durable and reliable, designed with high-quality features and technology. It also provides you with flexibility and precision making it one of the best options for shooters who are working on a very tight budget.


  1. What is the eye relief?  

The eye relief is at an unlimited level. This is because the sight is not magnified. You can place it on a forward-mounted rail or you can mount it on a receiver. It is your choice.

  1. Is there ever any glare from the Ultra Shot Pro model?  

Yes, when the optic is in use, there is a little glare. It is not too harsh and for the affordable price of this red dot, it functions well on 22 and 223.


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