Sparc Ar Gen 1 Vs Gen 2- A Detailed Comparison Guide


Sparc Ar Gen 1 and Gen 2 are optic sights developed by vortex and which seem to be in competition with each other; the Gen 2 as we are about to find out is supposedly a better version of Gen 1.

You will, therefore, realize that Gen 2 is more sleek and slim when compared to Gen 1 in that it is less bulky and has shed off the external control features that seem to be protruding from gen 1. Gen 1 also comes with a detachable riser, meaning you can remove or put it back as you deem fit, Gen II on the other hand, comes attached to its riser thus inseparable.

The structural differences in the two sights are quite many all of which are meant to enhance performance, given that the Gen 11 is a more advanced version let us find out what it has to offer, hunter, and range shooters.

What are the differences between the Sparc Ar Gen 1 and the Sparc Ar Gen 2?

Sparc Ar Gen 2
Sparc Ar Gen 1
Adjustment Graduation
1MOA / Click , 45 MOA Rotation
Night Vision Compatibility
4200hrs maximum brightness

4600hrs Minimum brightness

2 lowest settings
7.50” H x 2.88” W x 3.75”
5.6 x 4.65 x 2.7 inches
Battery Life
120hrs maximum brightness

3400hrs minimum brightness

Night vision mode 4200hrs (maximum brightness)

4600hrs (minimum brightness)

700hrs of battery life in the highest setting.

50,000hrs on the lowest setting

Submersion Depth


Build and Design

At 7.5oz the Sparc Ar Gen 2 allows users to set the sight in their most favorable height, for the above you have been provided with a spacer, a low, and a high mount. Spark two is also bulkier given that the controls and the battery have been incorporated on the sides of the unit. Gen 1 on the other hand, is compact with the controls and battery shifted at the bottom front and back part of the sight; you will also realize that the battery has been changed from the coin-like design to a triple-A thus more effective.

Gen1 is also equipped with flip caps used to cover the lens a feature that is significantly missing in Gen 2, the latter on the other hand, is equipped with the windage adjustment used to impact the horizontal direction of the bullet and the elevation adjustment for customizing the height of the optic sight.

Overall Gen one has the best build and design because it is a bit slimmer and sleek, and the intuitive controls have been placed within the reach of the shooter.

Optical performance

Both the Sparc Ar 1 and Gen 2 offer impressive optical performance, for one they provide increased light transmission, thanks to the multiple anti-reflective coatings. And when using any of these sights in the range, eye placement is not all-important as all you need to ensure is that you can see the dot, which will then make target acquisition easy.

You will also experience zero fogging, nor will the sights admit dust debris from the surrounding environment. There is, however, a slight difference in the illumination settings because for Gen 2 you will get up to 12, which will allow you to change the dot intensity with regards to your environment and the situation at hand. Gen 1 only gives you 10 illumination settings, and cannot be submerged into water.

The above then make the Sparc Ar Gen 2 optics the better units simply because it has more illumination setting and can be used when submerged into water up to 20m.

Battery life

The Sparc Ar Gen 1 and Gen II offer impressive battery performance but you will realize that their orientation and design are quite different. For example, Gen 1’s battery is the easiest to access given its location at the base of the sight’s lens, and it is a triple-A battery that can be sourced from most of the convenience stores.  Gen II, on the other hand, is equipped with a coin-like battery, placed at the side of the sight, and while it might be easy to access replacing it can eat up your time.

The battery life of both sights is also a matter of concern given that Gen 1 offers more hours during use while Gen II seems to be underperforming by offering fewer uptime hours. Gen 1 is, therefore, the better unit, one because the placement of the battery allows easy access, the battery is easily available and offers more uptime hours when compared to its counterpart.

Construction Quality

As usual, Vortex always seeks to offer the best when it comes to optics, but for the Gen 1, we must say that the construction quality is not at its best, first because it does not fare well in moist environments, and for as much as the construction quality is waterproof, the unit is not water-resistant. Gen 2 which comes out as the best sight overall does feature quite a sturdy build for the price and will be at its best when deployed in most environments.

Sparc Ar Gen 1 vs Gen 2 – A Comparison overview

Sparc Ar Gen 1

Vortex Optics SPARC Red Dot Sight Gen II - 2 MOA Dot
  • The updated SPARC features rugged construction that’s still compact, with a lightweight form-factor....
  • With up to 700 hours of battery life on the highest setting, 50, 000 hour on its lowest, and night-vision...
  • Increased light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces....
  • Highly durable hard-coat anodization provides a low-glare matte surface and helps camouflage position. A...

The Sparc Ar Gen 1 offers value for money first because it can be integrated into different platforms with ease, the unit additionally features a modular 3 piece base, which then offers up to four separate mounting heights. The above are important for both the user and weapon-specific customization.

The sight is convenient for use with the low base feature necessary for use with handguns; the outer body has been crafted from the durable aircraft-grade aluminum and the one-piece body design is rugged and light in weight thus offers better performance during recoil and is shockproof.


  • Equipped with customizable 10 brightness levels
  • Mounting the sight is easy
  • The incorporated glass is crystal clear and does not fog up


  • The red dot seems to appear only at the lowest setting

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Sparc Ar Gen 2

Vortex Optics Sparc II Red Dot Sight - 2 MOA Dot
  • The highly compact, daylight bright Sparc II is packed with performance features and lends itself to a...
  • A modular three piece base offers four seperate mounting heights for user and weapon specific...
  • Fully multi-coated lenses offer a clear field of view and the unit is parallax free with unlimited eye...
  • Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the one piece body is rugged and lightweight providing shockproof...

For this unit you will get a lot of the customizable features, beginning with the windage and elevation adjustments. And though slim the outer body features a tough but lightweight construction. The incorporated 2 MOA dot makes target acquisition easy, more especially in the close-quarter scenarios. On the lower part, you have been provided with a unique easy to integrate base that works great when used with the rifle platforms.


  • Offers the best red dot for the price
  • Easy to use even for the beginners
  • The Incorporated O-ring helps prevent dirt, debris, and moisture from penetrating the sight


  • Some users complain of a fuzzy dot

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The Sparc Ar Gen 1 and Gen 2 have more similarities than differences, but the one major distinction that makes the units to stand out is the fact that Gen 2 is can be function exceptionally well when submerged 20m into water.

Final Verdict: so which is better, the Sparc Ar Gen 1 or Gen 2?

The Vortex Sparc Ar Gen 2 is the better unit first because it comes with four separate mounting heights, it is lightweight and shockproof, and can be used underwater up to 20m.


  1. Why is it hard to get a clear red dot when using the Sparc Ar Gen 1?

An unclear dot can be caused by how your eye perceives the dot which then makes the dot appear misshapen.

  1. Why does the dot in Gen II appear bigger than it is supposed to be?

The dot appears bigger if you look through the scope when the objective flip cap is open.


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