The DDHB Red Dot Reflex Review


As a beginner or experienced hunter, the best advantage you can have over your prey is equipment that can give you fast target acquisition. With a red dot sight, you can quickly line up your target in different lighting situations with the help of many brightness levels which will prove to be handy. This means you can shoot in both bright and dim light and still see your target clearly.

With many types of sights available in the market today, you want a red dot sight that is safe in every manner. The Dagger defense DDHB red dot reflex sight is very durable, easily zeroed, and most of the time is both waterproof and shockproof. This reflex sigh will allow you to focus on your target even when it’s moving because it has been developed with speedy target acquisition and rapid-fire in mind. With this sight, you can easily pick your target regardless if it’s steady or moving and your bullets will be closer together while firing the gun. You can use this reflex sight on many weapons from handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

The DDHB Red Dot Reflex review and breakdown

DD DAGGER DEFENSE A Veteran Owned Company, The DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight, Scope Optic and Substitute for Holographic red dot Sights
  • Both red and green dot, four position reticles
  • Equipped with a locking set screw to stabilize your sighting adjustments (use only if needed and turn 1-2...
  • APERTURE:33mm LENGTH:82mm WEIGHT: 291g FIELD OF VIEW: 15.8m@100m
  • 1x Type Red Dot & Green Dot Sight scope, CR2032 Battery- 1x Instruction Manual- 2x Allen Wrench- 1x Lens...

The DDHB Red Dot Reflex sight is a good and reliable sight that is perfect for both beginners and experienced shooters. It’s a budget reflex sight designed as a rifle optic that you can mount on your Picatinny rail system to provide fast target acquisition. It’s a great option for using on your AR15 rifle. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t add any weight to your rifle and is very easy to install, you just lose the bottom clap with a hex wrench and tighten it on your rifle, and you’re done. You can adjust the windage using the hex wrench depending on your target’s movements. You can also use the hex wrench to set the zero lock when needed. You should only use the zero set screw if your zero isn’t holding and only turn it 1-2 times clockwise to lock your zero. However, only turn it if it’s tightened because you can damage it if you turn it more than 2 times clockwise.

It comes with 4 different reticles that you can choose from with 2 different colors, green and red with each reticle. It’s designed in a way that the optic will provide diverse adjustments for brightness which will vary from dim to light. The rotary adjustment knob will allow you to choose the brightness intensity of the reticles and choose between using the red or green reticles. This reflex sight is made with aluminum that allows it to withstand different conditions and its small design saves space on your rail. Apart from giving you the advantage of switching between the red and green reticle colors while using your firearm, this red dot offers you a high level of precision that’s unmatched by traditional sights.

This makes it easier to aim at your target since this reflex sight can give you a red dot that will allow you to pinpoint your target with great accuracy and a lot quicker than an iron sight which makes it great for hunting or target practice.

What we liked

  • Very easy to install
  • Budget-friendly with advanced quality
  • Excellent performance on range
  • Can focus the reticle with great precision
  • Reduced parallax

What we didn’t like

  • The battery doesn’t last that long
  • It’s not waterproof
  • Can’t adjust the windage and elevation dials by hand

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The DDHB Red Dot Reflex specs

DDHB Red Dot Reflex
Red dot
291 grams
Red and green, four-position reticles
Field of view
1 instruction manual, 1 lens cleaning cloth, 1 type red and green dot sight scope, 2 Allen wrench, CR2032 battery
Limited warranty

The DDHB Red Dot Reflex features


The DDHB Red Dot Reflex sight has a square-shaped window and is lightweight so there’s no added weight to your rifle. It operates with 2 reticles that have 4 different patterns. Its design allows the optic to provide different adjustments for brightness that ranges from dim to light. This reflex sight is durable, made with aluminum to help it withstand most of the conditions.

Easy installation

It’s very easy to install this optic on your rifle or shotgun and even with a bit of rail space, you can also install it on a big handgun. You can mount this red dot onto a piston using a Picatinny rail mount and you don’t need a manual to install it. This optic can withstand the recoil of your rifle, handgun, or shotgun without changing its position or losing the zero.

Different reticles

This red dot reflex sight comes with 4 different reticles not to mention the red and green color of those reticles. This gives you 8 different reticles to work with while getting an accurate aim of your target. While you’re shooting on a range, this reflex sight can zero in and stay on target for a longer time than other similar sights.


This red dot is designed with the user in mind because it’s designed for rugged applications and it has an aircraft-grade aluminum frame that can withstand any environment. This also means that you can use this reflex sight for longer periods when you’re out hunting which isn’t the same with other reflex range products.

Other features

  • The rotary dial fade adjustment knob will allow you to select the brightness intensity you want depending on the light in your environment.
  • The zero screws at the side of the optic should only be used if your unit isn’t holding zero and you can only turn it 1-2 times clockwise when you need to lock your zero. If you over tighten it, you can easily damage your unit.
  • The elevation adjustment uses the Allen keys that are included in the kit that you can use to adjust the elevation. The elevation nut is located at the center of the optic which moves the target up instead of the reticle.
  • The Allen keys are also used to adjust the windage. As you turn it clockwise the reticle moves as you adjust it.

Reduced parallax

Parallax is how your reticle appears to be moving with your target when you’re taking aim using the optic. If you shift your head just a few degrees, your pint of impact changes and this makes it difficult to focus on your target. Having a reduced parallax can help you two-fold. You get split-second aiming and this red dot reflex sight has been designed in a way that its parallax is only present at close range so it doesn’t affect the accuracy of your shot.

Target precision

With this reflex sight, you can easily switch between the red and green colors while using your firearm and also use it to achieve high-level precision that is unmatched by traditional sights. Aiming at your target is made easier with its pinpoint accuracy on your target.

Who is it best suited for?

The DDHB Red Dot Reflex sight is designed for any kind of shooter who has never used a red dot before but is looking for a fast target acquisition sight. If you’re a beginner, casual shooter, or an experienced hunter, the optic is designed to give you a quick target acquisition so you can hit your target with precision. However, this reflex sight is primarily designed AR15 style weapons. It’s a standalone optic that performs well in the field and a great addition to your hunting gear.

Are there alternatives to the DDHB Red Dot Reflex sight?

Yes, numerous brands in the market will give you a good reflex sight that you can use for your outdoor adventures.

Features of the alternative reflex sights

FieldSport red and green reflex sight
Browning buckmark reflex sight
4.2 oz.
8 oz.
Reticle pattern
4 red and green reticles
4 reticle patterns
Brightness adjustment levels
3.25 inches
3.25 inches
Battery type
CR2032 lithium battery
CR2032 lithium battery
Picatinnyrail mounting system
Standard Weaver-style base
Field of view
Open field of view red dot sight, unlimited eye relief
15.7 m, unlimited eye relief

Final verdict. Should you get the DDHB Red Dot Reflex sight?

The DDHB Red Dot Reflex sight is lightweight, compact, reliable, and durable. It has a battery that you can use for long periods and is you can easily switch from red and green colors using the circular knob on the side. You can also select the reticle pattern you want using the rear switch.


Does the red dot improve accuracy?

Red dot sights are more accurate which makes aiming faster, and is designed to get you on target very quickly.

What is better, red dot or reflex?

Reflex optics are slightly faster at acquiring targets because the red dot isn’t as confined in its head’s up display that has limited or obstructed peripheral vision.


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