Trijicon Mro Vs Rmr – which optical sight is better


Trijicon Mro is known for its low effective weight is compact sized and retails at a budget-friendly price. The Rmr, is an open sight, thus effective when engaging the CQB scenarios and can quickly revert to a magnified optic when used by individuals who want to engage the long-range shots.

It is interesting how enthusiasts are keeping tabs on the sights being released in the market, and companies that don’t produce sights but rather just embed their names on them, have their sights collecting dust on the shelves.

But companies that actually manufacture sights and have a better understanding of their client’s needs are continuously innovating their units and making a killing out of them, one such company is Trijicon, below is a comparison of two of the best Trijicon sights, to establish what they offer enthusiasts.

What are the differences between the Trijicon Mro and the Rmr

Trijicon Mro
Trijicon Rmr
1 click =1/2 MOA
1 click =1 MOA @ 100 Yards
Brightness settings
2-night vision settings, 5-day settings, and 1 super bright
8 settings, ( 1 dimmest and 8 Brightest
1.2oz ( 46g) with battery
Battery life
5 years of continuous use- at setting 3
Over 4 years of continuous use at 4 and 8 brightness settings
2.6L x 1.7W x 2.0H
 1.77L x 1.2W
Objective lens size
Mounting options
Can use a mounting plate, rail mounting, can be milled to a handgun slide
Picatinny Rail (in Low, Full Co-Witness and Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Heights)

Trijicon Mro vs the Rmr- How do they compare

  • Objective lens diameter

When it comes to the objective lens of your sight, one thing that is clear is that the lower magnification scopes normally have a smaller diameter objective lens, while the higher magnification scopes usually have a larger objective lens. The above are grounds that you can use to find the best sights that will match its intended use.

A large objective lens like the one incorporated in the Trijicon Mro, admits more light into the sight, which then results in a higher resolution thus clear images. Important to note, however, is that if you are looking to shed off the weight of your weapon then a sight with a large objective lens will not be effective.

The above then means that the Trijicon Mro offers a higher magnification power, making it the better unit at least when compared to the Trijicon Rmr 16mm objective lens.

  • Brightness settings

Both the Trijicon Mro and the Rmr have been equipped with customizable brightness settings, however, the Rmr might not suffice when used in situations where the lighting is low. The above is so because it only has 8 brightness settings with only one that is dimmest for the night vision devices. Trijicon Mro, on the other hand, has categorically distinguished its brightness settings and you will therefore get up to 5-day settings, 2-night vision settings, and 1 super-bright setting.

The latter is effective when used with a weapons light, or in the very bright conditions, with regards to the above, the Trijicon Mro is the better unit thanks to its two-night vision settings and the super bright setting making it quite functional in the different dynamic environments (bright sunshine and the Pitch black night).

  • Weight

Are you looking to add weight to your weapon or to shed off some pounds, most shooters are always looking to shed off some pounds from their guns so that they can easily transition from one target to another. But then again some shooters prefer the heavy sights because theoretically, it helps with recoil.

In overall, therefore the light optical sights that have shed off some pounds are much more appreciated because they can acquire a target easily and are effective where speed is of necessity, or when engaging the moving targets. The Trijicon Rmr is, therefore, the best unit as regards weight because with the battery incorporated you get up to 1.2oz, and the Trijicon Mro will triple that and offer you up to 4.1oz, making it heavier.

  • Battery life

Some sights will give you a short shelf life and have you combing the shops for a suitable battery, some that are not the easiest to find. There are sights that don’t use batteries but overtime they become ineffective, and we also have the sights with a longer battery life that will give you long service, thus no need for carrying extra batteries whenever you go hunting.

One such effective sight is the Trijicon Mro as it has incorporated a long-lasting battery that when used with the “3 setting” will give you a service of up to 5 years. The above then make Trijicon Mro the better unit given that its counterpart can only offer you up to 4years when using the 4 and 8 brightness settings.

Trijicon Mro vs Rmr – A comparison overview

Trijicon Mro

Trijicon MRO 2.0 MOA Adjustable Red Dot Sights
  • LARGE VIEWING AREA: Allows faster target acquisition and engagement with reduced “tube effect”
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS: Eight brightness settings with a mid-position “Off” feature
  • EASY-TO-SET ADJUSTERS: Adjusters provide positive-click reticle movement in _ MOA increments and require...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY GLASS LENSES: Multi-coated lenses provide superior clarity and light gathering...

The coolest feature that makes the Trijicon Mro quite attractive is its large objective lens at 25mm, designed to allow in more light and consequently enable high resolution and clear images. The incorporated glass in this unit is also of high quality meaning that it can comfortably handle the various harsh weather conditions without compromising on the quality of images or the red dot provided.

The unit retails at a fair price at least when compared to the quality of service offered, and even though the dot is small it is definitely bright enough for use during the daytime.


  • Offers the best micro red dot
  • Longer battery life on setting 3
  • The sight is light in weight


  • Only 3 daylight settings work when the sight is used outside

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Trijicon Rmr

Posing a rather traditional design the Trijicon Rmr has been equipped with automatic brightness modes, and 2-night vision settings, for hunters who love to target their prey in the dark of the night. And though traditional the unit features a true color multicoated lens, known to create a wide band-light transmission necessary for minimal change in target area color.

The sight is quite versatile and can, therefore, be used with a handgun, a rifle, or the variable and fixed magnification optics.


  • Convenient sight for the long term
  • The best sight for massive recoils
  • The optical sight incorporates a clear glass


  • Battery arrangement has been poorly engineered

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If you are looking for a higher magnification sight then the Trijicon Mro will suffice and you will also get an additional 2-night vision settings among the daylight customizable settings. Trijicon Rmr does have a small objective lens meaning magnification is not as powerful thus a good unit for beginners and for recreation.

Final Verdict: so which one is better the Trijicon Mro or the Rmr?

TheTrijicon Mro is the better unit because it offers high magnification, the incorporated battery will give you a five-year service and can be used with on a variety of weapons.


  1. Is my Trijicon Rmr waterproof?

Trijicon Rmr is waterproof and can be submerged up to 20 meters.

  1. Is the Trijicon Mro sight parallax-free?

The Trijicon Mro is parallax free only when the dot and target have been centered but if of the axis then you can expect some parallax.

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