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They’re very many shooters who are aware that the alignment process is very important. So many shooters end up customizing their optics, even before modifying any other factor. This is primarily because you cannot fire at what you cannot identify. Obtaining a target acquisition when you are placed under stress can definitely prove to be harder than expected. However, the Trijicon Night Sight is specially designed to make sure all of these factors are corrected.  

Very many experts have often mentioned that criminals seem just like animals who can see in the dark. Therefore, any scope that is manufactured for combat use or self-defense use should be designed with the ability to be fired even in the dark. During the daytime, the sight should be crisp, clear, and easy to use. For a long time now, the Trijicon HD Night Sight has been one of the highest quality sights for use even in environments where there is low light, no light, and bright light. This specific optic is one of the best options for self-defense handguns.

This sight provides you with two different types of irons for your pistol. They all come with a slicked-back shape for the rear optic, and for the front sight, you are not provided with any color options. In addition. These sights also come with a sight picture that is squared off. The alignment between the rear notch and the front blade is much tighter. These all-around optics are an ideal option.

Trijicon Night Sight Review and Breakdown  

This Trijicon Night Sight is an overall sight that is specially designed with a lot of focus placed on improving any kind of defensive handgun. First, an optimum level of precision is considered. This night sight is very similar to any kind of stock sight especially when it comes to the measurements and dimensions. The front sight measures 131-inches wide and it is coupled to a rear notch that is 141 inches wide. The HDs come with a front that is 144 inches and a rear notch that is 169 inches wide.

The HDs have a rear sight that is measured like the letter U as well as a notch that is squared off. This works well in creating a very quick acquisition of the picture produced by the optic. It is never really perfect when it comes to accuracy. If you are looking to achieve various hits when positioned at 50 yards with a number of optics, these sights will compromise your performance. However, if you want to rapidly obtain the front optic in a quick presentation from your pistol when positioned at a self-defense breadth, the features, design, and functions of the Trijicon Night Sight is a great option.

What we liked  

  • This sight comes with a Tritium illumination
  • The slide operation can be handled using only a single hand
  • The paint is luminescent. This means that it simply emits light without the use of heat. This can change depending on the light source in your environment.
  • Shooters are guaranteed that they will benefit from a very quick and effective target acquisition function
  • The edges are smoothened with a nice round design.
  • It has a very long-life span lasting to 12 years.
  • The shelf is very aggressive, giving shooters the chance to make use of a table, boot, and belt racking of the slide.

What we didn’t like  

  • It is not so affordable/ This sight is actually one of the most expensive in the market
  • Going through the warranty process can prove to be very stressful
  • It is an ideal option for close-range shooting activities and not the best choice for precision.
  • Some shooters have complained that the rear sight is pointy and sharp and this causes some discomfort when carrying it around.

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Trijicon Night Sight Key Specs  

Trijicon Night Sight
Front and Rear Sight Replacement
Yes-Tritium Lamp
Yellow at the front side, Black on the rear side and Orange.
Total Package Weight
Package Dimensions
5.85 inches x 5.75 inches x 0.3 inches

Trijicon Night Sight Features  


The highest element of this sight is the glass lamps that are manufactured using tritium. These are the best options for illumination. According to a lot of experts and a lot of research that has been conducted, most shooters can attain center-mass hits at a faster level when using the HD. Shooters can attain these hits at a higher rate of approximately 30%. This is all possible thanks to the focus of the picture and an improved lighting environment because of the tritium.

Each of the Trijicon Night Sights is singly designed for a certain scope make or model. The industry has designed this HD model for a wide range of firearms and optics for most high-level manufacturing industries.

Everything about this sight is meant for operating at a close-range level even in very stressful situations. It is manufactured with a sturdy metallic body. There is no use of any kind of low-quality plastic material. The rear item has a notch that is shaped in the letter U. This will not provide you with any kind of precision when you are positioned at around 15 feet. It is not designed to do that; however, you will benefit from a quick acquisition feature on a center mass target, at a proper distance for self-defense.

The front side comes with a deep hook and this permits an emergency one-handed operation. If you get any trouble racking your slide, perhaps because of an injury, you can simply rack off from your belt by using the hook, or perhaps anything else that you can access at the particular moment. You must train for these types of operations. Do not assume that you will be able to easily achieve this without any kind of practice.

Dependability and Ease of Use  

If you are used to working with mounting tools, you will not experience any problem mounting the Trijicon night sight onto your scope. However, the manufacturing industry often advises shooters to have a gunsmith or any other expert to mount it on the scope for them.

This night sight comes with a half-life of a little over 12 years. This proves that you are assured reliability and durability for over 10 years. It does not make use of any batteries, which is yet another advantage. Shooters will not have to go on the field worried about the battery life or destroying any kind of battery compartment


Many shooters have mentioned that they have experienced problems following the front sight through the recoil as they access to follow up shots and during the presentation. Professionals suggest that this is a result of an issue with visual acuity or perhaps it could be an issue with focusing. However, if you are experiencing any of this and you will be so impressed with the Trijicon Night Sight. The front comes with a really bright color that will attract almost everyone during the presentation. Tracking the sight becomes so easy as you press on your scope with the rear sight aligning during the process.

Who is it best suited for? 

The Trijicon Night Sight is not the best option for target acquisition or even any kind of long-distance firing even when situated at your preferred range. They are specifically manufactured for any user who requires a dependable target at a very fast speed even in environments where there is no light or the light is very low.

The advanced in-built sighting system and the battery-free feature makes it an ideal choice for hunting. With this, you get the chance to enjoy dusk to dawn hunting and the variety of thermal products is guaranteed to give you an upper hand whether day or night.

This rifle scope is also known for a legendary level of dependability and it is manufactured with industry-leading technology. This makes the sight a great solution for law enforcement officials and military officials.

Are there any alternatives to the Trijicon Night Sight 

Yes, there are several alternatives to this night sight. Some of the best options include the Truglo TFX Pro and the TRUGLO TFO handgun sight

Features of the Trijicon Night Sight alternatives  

TRUGLO Handgun Sight
Sight Dimensions
8.25 inches x 6.75 inches x 1 inch
5.75 inches x 3.75 inches x 0.75 inches
Fiber Optics
Green front and rear end
Green front, Green or Yellow rear
Notch Style
U-Notch on the rear sight
Square notch on the rear
0.06 lbs.
0.05 lbs.
Green Rear

Verdict: So, should you get the Trijicon Night Sight? 

This night sight is not so cheap; however, it is worth every penny spent. In case you are ever in any kind of self-defense situation with your scope, the amount of time that it will take you to hit your target could really determine if you live or not. It functions excellently even when you are in an environment where there is low light or no light at all.

The life expectancy of 12 years for the tritium proves that even at a high price point, you will get to benefit from a reliable optic for over 10 years. In addition, there is an increase in target acquisition proving that this sight is worth the investment. If you are in the market searching for a unit that is guaranteed to function properly at all times, this is an ideal buy.


Is it necessary to invest in a night sight?  

Yes, it is. If it gets too dark to view your sight or identify your threat then you definitely require light to illuminate. Night sights come in handy when you are in an environment where there is no light or low light. It also comes in handy at different times during the day, such as from dusk to dawn.

Is it dangerous to use a night sight?  

No, there is no danger in making use of a tritium night sight. Tritium matter is also used in watches that glow in the dark as well as all types of exit signals. It is a radioactive matter that only releases a very frail beta molecule.

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