Trijicon SRO vs. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro – Which scope is the better one?


Are you looking to acquire a riflescope for regular use? The Trijicon SRO and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro are great for persons who prefer small magnifying devices as they use their firearms. Here is a detailed comparison.

Small riflescopes are increasingly becoming popular, largely because they are able to offer good range while remaining light and versatile. A small riflescope can be used on a rifle, a shotgun or even a pistol. The Trijicon SRO and Leupold DeltaPoint are two small scopes that are ideal for short to medium ranges and can be used for recreational and professional hunting purposes. So, what sets them apart, and which one of them makes a better riflescope?


What are the differences between the Trijicon SRO and the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro?

Trijicon SRO
Leupold DeltaPoint Pro
2.2 inches
1.82 inches
2.5 MOA
2.5 MOA
Mounting Type
Cross slot mount
Dot Color
Battery Life
27,000 hours
300 hours

Trijicon SRO vs. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro – How do they compare?

Optical Features and Characteristics

A riflescope’s optical features are perhaps some of its most important specifications to consider before making a purchase. The best and sturdiest casing would not mean much if the optics did not deliver as expected.

That said, the Trijicon SRO comes as a small scope that is best suited to handle short and medium range activities. With a 25mm objective lens diameter, you can be certain that you will enjoy a wide field of view. Its objective window size measures 25 x 22.5mm for optimal visuals. Additionally, this scope is a non-parallax device that ascertains minimal image distortion as a result of parallax. Users also enjoy unlimited eye relief which allows them to maintain a good visual on the target no matter where the scope is placed on the firearm.

On the other hand, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro resents a 25.7mm objective lens diameter, giving it a little more clarity. This results in a 25.7 x 17.5 mm objective window. Even with a wide objective lens, it comes with a slightly smaller objective window, but this does not take away from its abilities one bit. With this scope, parallax is at a minimal which assures you of minimal image distortion. In addition, you will also benefit from unlimited eye relief which keeps the target within clear view no matter the position of the scope on the firearm.

Since the Trijicon SRO comes with a slightly wider objectivewindow, it makes a better riflescope than the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. 

Overall Performance

With a red dot size of 2.5 MOA, the Trijicon SRO comes with the capacity to support midrange shooting. It boasts a highly crisp dot that has a bright red color which helps the user acquire target in split second timing. Where brightness settings are concerned, this riflescope comes with up to 8 adjustment levels. 6 of these are made to support extreme brightness while two are ideal for night vision support. This makes certain that you can hunt at any time while still enjoying superior clarity.

Just like the Trijicon SRO, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro comes with a 2.5 MOA red dot size. This makes it ideal for mid-range shooting. Its dot stays red both in the daytime and during the night. For brightness settings, users gain access to 8 adjustment levels. In addition, it is night vision compatible, making it ideal for round the clock hunting. A characteristic that sets this scope apart is its Motion Sensor Technology. After 5 minutes of inactivity, this scope inactivates illumination. However, when it detects the slightest motion, it reactivates it instantly to make certain that it is ready for use.

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro outdoes the Trijicon SRO where performance is concerned since it comes with motion sensitive technology.  


For strength and durability, the Trijicon SRO is made using an aluminum housing. Before being put out in the market, they are put through pressure tests to verify their hardiness. This riflescope is made to be waterproof, allowing for a depth of 3 meters. Additionally, it is able to keep all dust and debris from penetrating and ruining the clarity of the lens.

On the other hand, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro comes with a good deal of strength and durability. This characteristic is owing to the fact that it is constructed using military grade aluminum. In addition, it is a waterproof scope that is ideal to use in multiple weather conditions, including rainy and largely humid environments. It also stands out due to its fog free feature which makes sure that the inside does not get foggy over time.

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is a well-constructed and highly durable device that is water and fog proof, making it better than the Trijicon SRO.

Battery Life

The Trijicon SRO comes with an impressive battery life. One battery can last up to 3 years which translates to approximately 27,000 hours. This makes it ideal for use over lengthy periods of time. However, keep in mind that the length of the battery life is largely affected by the brightness settings, with the brightest levels significantly reducing the length of time.  Its battery compartment is located on the top of the scope, making it quite easy to change.

Comparably, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro comes with a significantly shorter battery life of up to 300 hours. This is largely because it is a high performance device that is made for high precision shooting. The battery compartment is a toolless gadget that is easy to remove and put back as needed.

Since the Trijicon SRO has a longer battery life, it makes a better device than the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro.  

Trijicon SRO vs. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro – A comparison Overview

Trijicon SRO Overview

This device is largely preferred for its small size and wide field of view. In addition, it boasts an extremely clear and crisp red dot which allows for high speed target acquisition. With a 2.5 MOA dot size and a 25mm objective lens diameter, you will enjoy a good deal of clarity.

It comes with 8 brightness adjustment levels,2 of which support night vision. It also boasts a commendable physical build which is made of aluminum. For all-weather use, it is made to be water and dust proof to ensure that you enjoy good clarity no matter where you are.

The battery is an ideal feature for persons who go on shooting trips for weeks and even months on end since it boasts a 27,000 hour battery life. This duration is, however, dictated by the brightness settings used often.


  • Small and light
  • Wide field of view
  • Water and dust proof
  • Long battery life


  • The construction is not military grade

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Overview

What stands out about this riflescope is that it is constructed and even works like a military grade scope. This characteristic sets it apart from many scopes in the current market. With a 2.5 MOA dot size and a 25.7mm objective lens, this scope capitalizes on giving you the clearest and best vision possible. In addition, it boasts 8 brightness adjustment levels, and it also supports night vision.

Its outer body is made using high quality aluminum that is made to withstand lots of stress. Its build gives it the capacity to withstand heavy impact. In addition, it withstands recoil with great prowess. For all-weather usage, it is water, dust and fog proof, ensuring superior vision quality all through. The only downside to this tool is its short 300 Hours battery life.


  • Made to be a superior performer
  • Supports night mode
  • Water, dust and fog proof
  • Highly durable


  • Short battery life

Verdict: So, which one is better – Trijicon SRO or Leupold DeltaPoint Pro?

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro makes the better scope since it is made to be extremely precise and hardy. It was built using military grade aluminum and every aspect about it is made for perfection. This is what sets it above the Trijicon SRO by a long shot.


  1. Is the Trijicon SRO compatible with suppressor height iron sights?

Yes, it is.

  1. Does the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro fit a Sig M17?

Yes, it does.

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