TRUGLO TRU-TEC Micro green dot sight Review


When you’re looking for a red dot sight, you should always pay attention to how the sight performs, how it fits on your weapon and its price. Using a red dot as an aiming reticle has more benefits over traditional sights and magnifying scopes. It’s much faster to acquire your target and is parallax-free gives you more consistent shots without any blurry sections that you have to strain to focus.

Most of us don’t have 600 or 700 dollars to buy an expensive optic because I certainly can’t afford that kind of cash lying around. That’s why am always looking for a budget-friendly red dot sight that is still high-quality. The cheap sights you’ll find in the market stops working and always break because they aren’t durable. So I would rather use an iron sight instead of using an air-soft grade sight that I can’t rely on. Luckily I found the Truglo Tru Tec micro green dot that is durable, can deliver very fast target acquisition, has a durable battery that can last for hours, and is at a relatively affordable price.

Truglo Tru Tec micro review and breakdown

The Truglo Tru Tec micro green dot that you can use with your rifle, shotguns, pistols, and handguns. This green dot sight provides you with the perfect combination of magnification, reliability, and fast target acquisition. You can mount this sub-compact sight on any Picatinny rail or weaver style base and you can easily use the elevation and windage adjustments just like a traditional sight. It comes with an Allen wrench that you use to loosen the adjustment screws and allows you to dial in the dot just like the crosshairs in a traditional sight.

The locking set screw helps to prevent unwanted adjustments or vibration when using your rifle or shotgun. This green dot features 10 brightness settings that you activate using a digital push-button controls and is constructed using CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum that is tough and ultra-light so you don’t feel the weight. The multi-coated lens on this green dot gives you a very clear and bright view with unlimited eye relief for a comfortable shooting experience while locking the elevation and windage adjustments to give you great accuracy.

This sight is shockproof which makes it able to handle your weapon’s recoil and fog proof to ensure you get a clear sight all day. This sight has a very crisp 3 MOA green dot reticle that is nice and clear and you can easily see through to ensure you acquire your target fast. It has a water-resistant sealed O-ring design that makes it perfect to be used in most weather conditions.

What we liked

  • Very easy to mount
  • The locking set screw prevents vibrations and unwanted adjustments
  • Super-fast in target acquisition
  • Can use it for tactical and target shooting
  • You can keep both eyes open when finding your target

What we didn’t like

  • The adjustment knobs stick up a bit high
  • Not very useful in bright light

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Truglo Tru Tec micro specs

Green dot sight
3 MOA green dot
Aircraft-grade aluminum
Eye relief
Brightness settings
Weather resistance
Shock and fog-resistant
Optical coating
Battery type
Mount/base type

Truglo Tru Tec micro features

High-quality optics

Among your many firearm accessories, having high-quality optics is one of the most important. Many companies produce their green dot with different features and specifications that haven’t earned the trust and respect of most users. This green dot is a high-quality optic that is small enough to be easily mounted directly on your pistol, but also tough enough to be mounted on your rifle. The size of this optic weighing just above an ounce makes it one of the smallest optics placing it in a class of its own.

Design and construction

The Truglo Tru Tec micro is a sub-compact open green dot constructed with a tough and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. This material is very durable which makes it great for withstanding even the toughest weather conditions and mishandling. Its compact design makes this sight easy to mount on your pistol or rifle without adding more weight to your weapon.

The 45-degree mount

If you’re a tactical shooter you must have a backup or dedicated close-range optic mounted on a 45-degree mount. The Truglo Tru Tec micro comes with a 45-degree Picatinny-style mount made from machined aircraft-grade aluminum material that has an asymmetrical design that makes it easy to use the mount on either side of your rifle.

The auto-on/off feature

Even with an outstanding battery that can last for hours, this optic has a clever feature that will automatically turn off if you’re not using it for more than 8 hours. You can also program it to even 2 hours depending on your preference. This auto on and off feature will also automatically turn on once it senses movement. So if you’re in a hurry to pick your rifle you don’t have to turn it on because your movement of grabbing it did it for you.

The 3 MOA green dot reticle

This sub-compact 3 MOA green dot is ideal for shooters who prefer using a green reticle. This green dot reticle will ensure that you can quickly acquire your target and give you accurate precision of your shot. The lens has a clear and clean glass that you can easily see through it without any distortions whether it’s during the day or night.

Who is it best suited for?

The Truglo Tru Tec micro green dot sight is best suited for any shooter who prefers to use a green dot reticle. You can easily mount it on your pistol, shotgun, rifle, or handgun. It’s a great optic if you want super-fast target acquisition.

Are there alternatives to the Truglo Tru Tec micro green dot sight?

There are other green dot alternatives that will help you acquire your targets faster, shoot better from a distance, and shoot more focused shots.

Features of the alternative red dot sights

Trijicon RMR Type 2
Vortex optics venom
1 ounce
0.45 pounds
Military-grade aluminum alloy
Adjustable brightness settings
Automatic and 8 adjustable
10 adjustable
Picatinny rail
Picatinny rail
CR2032 lithium battery
CR1632 battery

Final verdict. Should you get the Truglo Tru Tec micro green dot sight?

Yes, you should get this green dot optic because it’s made with durable and tough aircraft-grade aluminum, fast target acquisition, a practical auto on and off feature, and an outstanding battery life. This optic is small enough that it will comfortably fit on your with your pistol and also tough enough to be used on yourrifle, shotgun, and handgun.


Which is better, red dot or green dot?

If you have blurry vision, a red dot sight will help make things more visible, while the green dot sight is better for older shooters and people with Astigmatism.

Are Truglo red dots any good?

These red dots are durable and can handle recoil very well. They will never lose their zero comes with great features and a very good warranty.

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