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Investing in a worthy optical sight does not have to bloat your bank account balance as markets are now filled with cheaper and highly effective red dots that come equipped with durable batteries. But then again it depends on what you want to use the red sight for; sights acquired for duty or job applications are normally highly effective with numerous customizable features that help increase operability, one such sight is the US Optics MCRS.

Lost dots under bright lights or the over-bright dots in low light, and short battery life, are some of the problems that most sight owners are likely to experience while using the optical sights but which are not welcome. What’s more is that not everyone prefers to use the red dot, because they are color blind and would rather get the green dot.

Overall, optical sights are not always effective and there is never a one size fits all option because everyone has their preference as regards features and functionality. The US Optics Mcrs is equipped with most of the relevant features, such as a clear glass, the sight sports a low profile, a feature that makes it adaptable to most weapons, and is thus, effective and fulfilling in so many levels, check below.

Us Optics Mcrs Review and Breakdown

The Mcrs optical sight is among the high-end sights retailing at a high price of $550, the units offer the 4MOA red dot, which means that @ 100 yards the dot will cover approximately 4 inches. The 4MOA dot is, therefore, a good option for shooters who want to cover longer distances, and with maintained precision, the Mcrs remains highly effective, for shooters who prefer taking the close up shots,

Another feature that stands out in the Mcsr is the auto-brightness adjustment option, which will orient the sight with regards to the relevant surrounding thus offer you the relevant dot intensity. The sight doesn’t turn off, meaning that your battery will have to take the beating and might not be long-lasting as it is supposed to.

The sight is compact, and portable, sits low when mounted, which then attracts some serious disadvantages, so whenever you want to change the sights battery, you will have to dislodge the whole unit from the weapon, which could eat up a good chunk of your time. The battery sits under the sight with no protection covering unless when it is mounted.

The incorporated glass is wide enough and very clear, and on the outside, there is minimal shifting. No matter the number of shots you take, the sight effectively holds zero. Out of the box, the Mcrs comes with an Allen wrench used to dislodge and install the sight from the weapon. And when using the sight from concealment to draw, users will experience zero lag because the brightness auto adjustment feature is pretty effective and you will be provided with a red dot the moment you aim your weapon.

What we liked

  • Provides the 4MOA red dot that can be used in long and short distances
  • Brightness settings are auto-adjustable
  • The sight sports a low profile design
  • The incorporated glass is very clear
  • Equipped with an anti-reflective coating

What we didn’t like

  • The auto-brightness adjustment is not efficient when projected from darkness to light
  • Replacing the battery is difficult when in the field given its location

Us Optics Mcrs specifications

Us Optics Mcrs
Brightness settings
Auto adjustable
3v lithium battery, Cr 2032
Reflex sight
Lens coating
Anti-reflection no colored coating
Housing Material
Battery life
2 to 3 years

Us Optics Mcrs features

Design and Structure

Retailing at a high price of about $550, the US optics Mcrs features a matte black outer finish, which not only makes the sight attractive but enables it to complement the weapon with which they are being used on. The simple reflex sight is equipped with a wide anti-reflective coated lens, and the windage and elevation adjustments can be easily accessed at the side and on the top part of the optical sight.

The sight is relatively light in weight made with the durable aluminum shield thus minimal weight is exerted on the weapon during use.

Dot Performance

When taken to the field or the range for competitions the dot performance of this optical sight is impeccable. So unlike other optical sights in the market, users don’t have to keep on adjusting the brightness levels, because the sight is auto adjustable and upon draw, you will be provided with the relevant dot intensity which complements your environment.

The sight additionally offers an effective 4 MOA red dot meant to enable accurate target acquisition both in the long and short ranges.

Set up and use

Set up and use of the Us Optics Mcsr is pretty easy and all you have to do is use the provided Allen Wrench and the screws to mount on your weapon. The battery goes in under the sight, thus easy to install; the elevation adjustment screw is at the top back of the sight and the windage adjustment is on the side, the latter is customized with a small Allen wrench which comes fitted with a unique mini dial, necessary for achieving accurate sight adjustment.

Brightness settings

The brightness adjustment settings in this sight are automatic with the lowest setting provided for the low light environments while the highest is visible against the sky in bright daylight. The performance of the incorporated levels of brightness settings is however not as fulfilling, so even when you are using the sight under the glare of the full sunlight, even the brightest setting is not as visible. The above then means that users will have to strain before they can see the red dot.


When it comes to weapon handling the weight of the sight plays a very big role; the Mcrs, therefore, weighs approximately 61oz, which makes the sight quite heavy thanks to the 58mm objective lens diameter. Now, for as much as a good number of shooters would prefer to use a heavy optical sight, a good majority would rather settle for one that has shed off a few pounds because it makes operating the weapon with the sight in position easy.

Who is it best suited for

The Us Optics Mcrs sight is best suited for shooters who like competing in the range; it is a simple sight for your everyday carry gun and can, therefore, be used for defense.

Are there alternatives to the Us Optics Mcsr?

Yes there are alternatives to the Us optics Mcsr, and these are the Vortex viper red dot sight dot, we then have the Burris fast fire III, and lastly the Truglo Tru Tec Micro red dot.

Features of the alternative optical sights

Burris Fastfire III
Truglo Tru Tec Micro red dot sight
Vortex Optics Viper Red dot sight
Dot Reticle
3 MOA Red dot
6 MOA dot
Illumination settings
3 manual brightness settings and the automatic brightness settings
10 brightness settings
Manual brightness adjustments settings
Over 1.0oz
Water resistance
Waterproof and shockproof
Objective lens diameter
Operating Temperature
-10 -130
 14°F (-10°C) to 122°F (50°C)
22 -122
Hunting or tactical rifle
Tactical and target shooters
Easy to pick red dot for use with handguns

Final Verdict; So, should you get the Us Optics Mcsr optical sight?

The Us Optics Mcrs is a high-quality optical sight, and given that the brightness settings are automatic they are incredibly responsive and will provide you with the appropriate dot as regards your environment. It is a pretty simple and compact sight, with a wide objective lens diameter at 58mm.

The above enhances images in low light conditions; the user can also use the higher magnifications for longer as the available light diminishes, so when out in the range you can expect to be provided with a higher resolution image quality.


  1. Why do I see dust on my US optics Mcsr reticle?

If you are seeing dust on your US Optics Mcsr reticle then there is nothing normal about it, you must, therefore, contact your supplier or the company to get a replacement or have it checked out.

  1. Does the US optics company run discounts?

US optics runs a couple of discounts, more especially to the Government/military or law enforcement, the company has great admiration and respect for the hard work exhibited by the men and women in uniform; and, therefore runs a special discount specifically targeted to those who have served the country and those who are currently serving. Enthusiasts in and out of service should, therefore, not delay in taking the offer.

  1. Is the US Optics Mcsr durable?

The Mcsr reflex sight is made with durable aerospace-grade aluminum and hard anodized durable material; it is a 4MOA dot reflex sight offering unlimited eye relief.

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