Vortex Razor vs Viper Red Dot – Dependable Red Dots Compared


The popularity of red dots has really continued to grow as more shooters are now mounting these optics onto their scopes. Red dots are a great choice enhancing all your shooting activities. The Vortex Razor as well as the Viper Red dot are one of the most ideal options in today’s market.

For years, the Vortex industry has continued to release a number of high-quality red dots that hunters have come to rely on. Vortex Razor and the Viper model are amazing examples of red dots that are guaranteed to enhance the skills and experience of any shooter. Both these sights improve your target acquisition, aim and function properly even in environments where there is not enough exposure to light.

As a hunter, before I purchase my red dot, some of the factors that I consider is the dependability, the quality and even the warranty. These factors give me the chance to pick out the most suitable option for all my hunting needs.

What are the Differences Between Vortex Razor and Viper Red Dot

Vortex Razor
Viper Red Dot
This red dot is designed with a very elegant look. The lighting functions are placed on the left hand-side as well as the power switch. You can also make use of the windage and elevation adjustment system. To ensure that you perform effectively users can also make use of the Weaver mounts.
Viper red dot comes with a very low profile. This design makes it ideal for scopes that are manufactured with a cut-out. It’s low height also makes it a great option for iron sights. Picking out your target and firing is so much easier when using this optic.
Reticle Size
3 and 6 MOA
Eye Relief
Water Resistant
Not Applicable
1 Ounce
2.1 Ounces
Power Source
1 x CR2032
1 X CR2032

Vortex Razor vs Viper Red Dot – How do they Compare?

Size of the Reticle

Viper red dot is designed with a 6 MOA reticle size while the Vortex Razor comes with both a 3 and 6 MOA dot option. There is only a small difference between the 6 MOA dot sizes. It can hardly be recognized while the difference between the 3 and 6 MOA dot sizes is quite large.

When it comes to aiming at your target and managing to get an accurate shot, many shooters prefer to work with the 3 MOA dot. Quick acquisition of any target that is in motion is very challenging. A much smaller 3 MOA dot improves your aim and is a great choice especially if you are maneuvering through different types of tactical applications. Since the Vortex Razor is designed with two different dot options, it is a favorite amongst shooters. The inclusion of the more precise 3 MOA dot makes the Viper red dot a better choice than the Vortex Razor.

Weight and Size

Both the Vortex Razor and Viper red dot are light in weight and very small. They have a similar length of 1.8 inches. This length size makes it so easy to mount these optics onto any kind of scope. When it comes to the weight the Viper red dot weighs only 2.1 ounces while the Vortex Razor is much lighter at only 1 ounce. The 1.1 weight difference can be considered quite small, however, according to many experts, even a difference of 0.1 ounces can affect your shot. The Vortex Razor’s lightweight and small size make it a much better choice than the Viper red dot.


Both the Vortex Razor red dot and the Viper red dot are manufactured from aluminum material. Aluminum is one of the strongest metals in the industry and you are guaranteed that these optics are of excellent quality. These red dots are hard and strong and the additional aluminum coating enhances their resistance level. This ensures that the red dots can withstand factors such as water and fog.

Vortex Viper is resistant to external factors that could harm it such as moisture and fog, however, it may not be able to withstand these factors for too long. Therefore, this optic should not be exposed to external factors for too long. Vortex Razor is manufactured with an O-ring seal that protects it from moisture. The seal also prevents dust and debris from penetrating the optic. In this category, the Razor red dot proves to be so much better than the Viper red dot as it will function properly no matter what external factor it is exposed to. 

Vortex Razor vs Viper Red Dot – A Comparison Overview

Vortex Viper 

Vortex Optics Viper Red Dot Sight - 6 MOA Dot
  • The Viper Red Dot Sight has a super low-profile making it perfect for handguns with cut-out slides.
  • The Viper's low height allows it to co-witness with iron sights and the 6 MOA dot is easy to pick up and...
  • The fully multi-coated, ultra-clear lens offers a wide, unobstructed field of view while Armortek...
  • Hard anodized finish- highly durable low-glare matte finish. 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments move...

This red dot is specially designed with a low profile making It a great choice for handguns that come with a slide cut-out. This design makes the optic work well with mini-red dots. It has a reticle size of 6 MOA and shooters are guaranteed that they will benefit from the rapid target acquisition even when positioned at a medium or close range.

Vortex Viper does not come with any additional dot sizes. Its 6 MOA dot size does not allow this optic to work well with a pistol sight that has a suppressed height. The sights lens is multi-coated, enhancing the transmission of light. This factor also nets out any excess light giving shooters a great level of clarity.

It also has a nice matte finish with low glare. This makes it able to withstand external factors such as water and fog. It also keeps the optic protected from shock. The control functions are designed at the side. Whenever you need to replace this battery, you must detach the whole sight. It runs with a CR2032 battery that operates for 150 hours.


  • It has a very low profile
  • Works well with pistols
  • Compatible with tall pistol guns
  • Small in size


  • Only comes with a 6 MOA dot size
  • The CR 1632 battery is not easily accessible

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Vortex Razor Red Dot

Vortex Optics Razor Red Dot Sight - 3 MOA Dot
  • The Razor Red Dot Sight-3 MOA is designed to be mounted to a wide variety of firearms and used in various...
  • A premium wide field lens gives the shooter an impressive field of view. The daylight bright red dot has...
  • Anti-reflective XR coatings on the lenses increase light transmission for maximum brightness while...
  • O-ring sealed and a rugged one piece chasis constructed from aircraft grade aluminum ensure waterproof...

Vortex Razor red dot comes with a 3 MOA and 6 MOA dot option. It has a very elegant design. If you are looking to benefit from a sight that has an amazing level of flexibility and will perform excellently this is a great option. The window of this red dot is quite large and clear giving you the chance to make use of the edge to edge sharpness. You are also guaranteed to benefit from the wide field of view. This optic is covered with a very thick and strong aluminum housing material.

With the Razor red dot, you can make use of any kind of side load battery tray that works well. Changing the battery is also very easy because users do not have to detach the red dot from the scope. This factor makes it an excellent choice for shooters who use rifles and shotguns. When placed on Picatinny rails Vortex Razor weighs only 2.4 ounces. When the sight is modified to the highest level it can operate up to 150 hours, and when modified to the lowest level, it can operate up to 30,000 hours.


  • Small and light in weight
  • Its aluminum coating ensures that factors such as water and shock do not affect it.
  • Manufactured with an improved light transmission feature


  • Replacing your battery can prove to be a very slow process

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Both the Vortex Razor and the Viper red dot are designed with very similar features. The sights are light in weight and compact. They are also designed with an aluminum body and that safeguards them from harmful factors such as water, dust, and even shock. The matte finish also comes in handy ensuring that you are not affected by any kind of reflection or flare.

Verdict: So, which one is better – Vortex Razor or the Viper Red Dot 

Vortex Razor red dot is a better option than the Vortex Viper. The sight performs better than the Viper red dot in all of the mentioned categories. It is of great quality and very elegant. You also get to benefit from much longer battery life. The design and the dependability make the Vortex Razor an excellent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Are the red dots from the Vortex industry any good?

Yes, they are good. Vortex designs its sights with strong exteriors that can withstand any harmful external factors such as shock and heavy recoil. These models are also light in weight and the durable seals safeguard the sights from the harmful effects of dirt, debris, and also moisture.

  1. Is the Vortex Razor red dot designed to work with any night vision functions?

No. This red dot is not designed with any kind of night vision features.


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