Vortex Sparc Ar Vs Sig Romeo 5- A detailed comparison guide


Optic sights come with different quality glasses, some that are effective and others that are not convenient for the long haul. The sights from Vortex have been equipped with a crystal clear glass; they have a pretty nice dot and you can tweak the brightness settings to complement your environment.  The Sig Rome 5 sights are known for being robust and will offer a great service when used in a dynamic environment.

Both the Vortex Sparc Ar and the Sig Romeo 5 are highly functional scope sights in their own right and retail at a budget friendly price. If you are therefore, looking to purchase one, then it is only fair that we steer you to the right direction by providing the relevant information as concerns the unit’s features and functionalities. So, since both sights have received positive reviews from users, we will further dig into their features and functionalities to establish which of the two stacks up better than the other.

What are the differences between the Vortex Sparc Ar and the Sig Romeo 5

Vortex Sparc Ar
Sig Romeo 5
Illumination settings
10 illumination settings plus 2 night vision settings (lowest setting)
8 Daylight settings plus 2 night vision.
IPX-7 Waterproof (1 meter)
Objective lens diameter
Mount type
T10 Torx Low profile & T10 Torx 141” Riser
M1913 Picatinny low mount riser & Co-witness 1.41” riser mount
Battery life
50,000 hrs on the red dot
7.5 ounces

Vortex Sparc Arv s Sig Romeo 5- How do they compare?

  • Illumination settings

Illumination settings in the optic sights can be effective in low light situations, yet some sights don’t come incorporated with customizable levels of brightness, yet the illuminated reticles tend to be easier to use than the ones that are not illuminated. And from a professional standpoint, an illuminated reticle enables hunters and individuals in the law enforcement to easily make follow up shots.

What’s more, is that target acquisition is enabled because the relevant controls allow users to raise or lower the various levels of illumination settings to their preferred comfort levels, and to relate with the lighting conditions. The Vortex Ar sparc is, therefore, the better sight thanks to the 10 illumination settings, and the integrated optics technology, such as anti-reflection lens coatings meant to reduce the surface reflections and the motion-sensing technology that powers up the illumination.

  • Objective lens diameter

Objective lenses are meant to provide a larger field of view which makes it easier for the shooters to see their target, through the lens. Some objective lenses are big enough such that they enable the shooter to evaluate the surrounding environment while also aiming at the target with both their eyes open; however, a larger objective lens also means that the weight of your rifle or handgun will be increased.

And with increased weight, balance becomes an issue especially for the weapons that are used in combat. Remember that these sights are at times bulky because of the extra features like the batteries used, so for as much as you will be provided with an enhanced field of view, carrying your weapon, drawing it out fast, and transitioning from one target to the other might be derailed by the extra weight.

The Vortex Ar is, therefore, the better unit because it comes equipped with a 22mm objective lens which is slightly bigger than Sig Rome’s 5 at 20mm. In essence, therefore, is that the Vortex will be able to provide you with a larger field of view.

  • Construction quality

The Vortex Sparc Ar is compact and light in weight thanks to the single-piece chassis, its construction has incorporated the O-ring seals meant to protect the lens from debris, moisture and dirt thus offer the best performance even when used in tough environmental conditions. The unit is additionally shockproof because of the rugged construction which makes the sight withstand recoil and impact better.

Lastly, on the outside, you have been provided with the highly durable, low glare matte finish, which apart from adding to the sights aesthetics, it also does not reflect light. The Sig Romeo 5 on the other hand, features light aluminum construction, which makes it tough but light in weight. If you plan on using this unit then it might interest you to know that it has two models.

The first one is the 1x20mm and the 1x 20mm tread which has been configured to be specifically used by the SIG M400 Tread with the other model being convenient for use with firearms. So as regards construction and build the Vortex Sparc is the better unit because it is corrosion and wear-resistant.

Vortex Sparc Ar vs Sig Romeo 5 – A Comparison Overview

Vortex Sparc Ar

Vortex is a reputable sight manufacturer with the user’s needs at heart, the Vortex Sparc Ar is a state of the art sight, featuring a lightweight form factor and a shockproof construction meant to enhance the durability of the optical sight. The unit comes equipped with a 2 MOA red dot that will suffice in various levels, for one it will offer the user pinpoint accuracy when used in extended ranges, and is much easier to acquire when used in close quarters.

Extended battery life means longer service in the range, the reason why the Vortex Sparc Ar offers up to 50,000hrs which is perfect for a whole day engagement, and even better is that it has an intelligent battery-saving feature where it will shut down automatically after 12hours of inactivity thus prevent battery run down.


  • The reticle glass is clear
  • The unit offers a wide field of view
  • Tough and sturdy when used in different types of ranges


  • High price point

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Sig Romeo 5

The Sig Romeo 5 features a tough build and is highly waterproof with an IPX-7 rating, and can, therefore, be used when it is raining or underwater but at 1meter. Users will get up to 10 adjustable brightness settings, with two that can be used in low light situations such as in the night. This night vision is also among those that are compatible with almost any type of weapon.

The unit has also been equipped with some of the most innovative technology meant to enhance functionality, for example, the incorporated spectra coat, helps to enhance sight performance by reducing the surface reflections. You also get the Motac motion-sensing technology, which makes the sight to power up once movement is initiated.


  • Incorporates an effective battery life-saving feature
  • Submersible up to 1 meter
  • The reticle offers a larger field of view


  • The battery is not as effective

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Sig Romeo 5 is a lightweight but highly effective optical sight solution that will enable easy transitioning between targets and faster target acquisition when speed is of the essence. The vortex Spar Ar, on the other hand, will add some extra weight on your weapon but is highly effective with a huge customizable number of brightness settings.

Final Verdict: so which is better, the Vortex Sparc Ar or the Sig Romeo 5?

The Sig Romeo 5 is the better unit because apart from incorporating the latest technology to help enhance the sights efficiency, it is light in weight, offers a larger field of view, which is perfect for target acquisition, and has incorporated a durable battery that offers up to 50,000hrs with the red dot.


  1. Is the Sig Romeo 5 waterproof?

Sig Romeo 5 is IPX-7 rated and can, therefore, be immersed up to 1m deep into water, and offers the best fog-proof performance.

  1. Does the Vortex Sparc Ar come with a lifetime warranty?

Vortex does offer a worldwide lifetime VIP warranty that covers the products purchased through the dealer worldwide but in the country that you purchased the product.


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