Vortex Strike Eagle vs. Burris Mtac – Which Riflescope is more ideal for mid-range shooting applications?

Vortex Strike Eagle vs. Burris Mtac

The optical market is filled with multiple riflescopes that have been designed to meet all your hunting needs, from short range shooting applications to mid-range and long range shooting applications. Among a few popular riflescopes preferred by most hunters are the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Burris Mtac scopes.

So, which of the two works well for mid-range shooting applications when you are hunting? Generally, riflescopes differ in terms of their build quality and their optical performance because that is the only way you can use them in all kinds of environments and enjoy a guarantee of accurate target acquisition for successful hunting. To help you figure out which of the two works well for your hunting escapades, I have compared the Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25×56 Riflescope with the Burris Mtac 6.5-20×50 Riflescope in this review. The table below outlines their top features and highlights their major differences.

What are the differences between the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Burris Mtac Riflescopes?

Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25×56
Burris Mtac 6.5-20×50
Product weight
861 grams
516 grams
Riflescope Dimensions


14.6 inches
14.5 inches
Turret Style
Reticle scale
First Focal Plane
First Focal Plane
5 – 25x
6.5 – 20x
Objective Lens Diameter
56 mm
50 mm
Field of View
24 – 5.2 feet at 100 yards
18 – 6 feet at 100 yards
Eye Relief
3.7 inches
3.1 inches
Tube Size
34 mm
30 mm
Adjustment Graduation
0.5 MOA
 Elevation Adjustment

( Max)

110 MOA
50 MOA
Windage Adjustment


78 MOA
50 MOA
Internal Housing features


Nitrogen filled and sealed with O-rings
Nitrogen filled and sealed with O-rings
Weather Resistance levels
Waterproof and Fog proof
Waterproof and Fog proof

Vortex Strike Eagle vs. Burris Mtac – How do they compare?

Construction Quality

The Burris Mtac is lighter and slightly shorter than the Vortex Strike Eagle scope. So, if you are trying to reduce bulk from your hunting gear, you would be impressed by the portability levels of the Burris Mtac riflescope.

The Vortex Strike Eagle feature a locking turret style which is more convenient and efficient than the Exposed turret style of the Burris Mtac scope. Also, the Vortex Strike Eagle has a wider tube size than the Burris Mtac. This simply means that you are assured of brighter views with the Vortex scope.

Optical Performance

The Vortex Strike Eagle riflescope provides you with a more powerful magnification range than the Burris Mtac. It provides you with 5-25x while the Burris Mtac provides you with 6.5-20x. With the Vortex Strike Eagle, you are able to see distant objects better because of this.

The Vortex Strike Eagle has a bigger objective lens than the Burris Mtac, meaning that the Vortex scope has better light collecting abilities and provides you with brighter views during hours of observation while hunting.  The Vortex Strike Eagle also has a longer eye relief than the Burris Mtac which makes them more comfortable to use with glasses on. Also, the Vortex Strike Eagle has more adjustability than the Burris Mtac. This is seen in its maximum windage and elevation adjustment. Aside from that, the Vortex Strike Eagle provides you with a wider field of view than the Burris Mtac. This way you are able to easily locate fast moving subjects and view clearly at high magnification.

Vortex Strike Eagle vs. Burris Mtac – A Comparison Overview

Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25×56 Review

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 5-25x56 First Focal Plane Riflescopes
  • The Strike Eagle 5-25x56 First Focal Plane riflescopes provide the features needed to improve your long...
  • XD Optical System delivers impressive resolution, edge-to-edge sharpness and greatly reduces chromatic...
  • The RevStop Zero System offers an easy to set, rock-solid return to zero after turret adjustments....
  • An illuminated reticle eases use in low light and against dark backgrounds. The included throw lever can...

The Vortex Strike Eagle Riflescope features XD lens elements and extra-low dispersion glass which work together to increase color fidelity and resolution so that you can acquire sharp and clear images. It features fully multi-coated proprietary coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces to increase light transmission. It also features the first focal plane ensures that the scale of reticle is always in proportion to the zoomed image. It has a glass-etched reticle which is protected between two glass layers to ensure reliability and optimum durability.

It has been fitted with an ArmorTek scratch resistant coating which protects the exterior binocular lenses from scratches, dirt, oil and any kind of debris. Advantageously, they are shockproof due to their rugged construction meaning that they can with stand impact and recoil. It has a Nitrogen gas purging which makes it fog proof enough to inhibit internal fogging as you move across dynamic temperatures and its internal housing is sealed with waterproof O-rings which prevent dust, moisture and debris from tampering with their reliable performance in all kinds of environments. It has a 34 mm tube size diameter which provides you with increased internal adjustment and riflescope strength.

On the left side of the turret housing on the Vortex Strike Eagle riflescope, there is a side focus adjustment which is easy for you to access from the shooting position. Also, the side focus adjustment provides you with parallax removal and optimal image focus. It is constructed from aluminum which ensures its rigidity and strength. In addition to that, it has a matte anodized finish which helps camouflage your shooting position to avoid scaring away your target. It has locking turrets which provide accurate, fast and easily read windage and elevation adjustment.

For convenience purposes, it has a fast focus eyepiece and a throw lever. These two ensure quick focusing and easy magnification adjustments. Lastly, it features a Zero system streamlined design which makes it easy for you to set it back to zero after making turret adjustments.


  • Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof
  • Durable and Versatile
  • Clear, sharp and bright views for easy identification of your target
  • Longer eye relief


  • Middling parallax adjustment

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Burris Mtac 6.5-20×50 Review

The Burris Mtac 6.5-20×50 Riflescope has been designed to meet your medium to long-range shooting applications. Its optical performance has been optimized with Hi-Lume multicoated lenses that are index-matches to ensure that you are able to access clear, sharp and bright views that have high contrast and natural colors even when you are hunting in low light conditions such as dusk and dawn. It has a generous 50mm objective lens which is wide enough to ensure light collecting abilities at all times no matter the weather. It has exposed tactical turrets which have been designed to make adjustments fast and easier for you. Its Zero Click-stop system reduces the time you would spend counting clicks to return to zero once you are done sighting in.

Its turrets have a total range of 50 MOA and 0.1 MRAD per click adjustment to ensure that you are always on target when hunting. it features a third turret that is designed for parallax adjustment to ensure accuracy for your long-range shooting applications. It has been optimized with the G2B Mil-Dot Reticle which has been designed to match the MRAD scale on the turrets. Generally, the Burris Mtac 6.5-20×50 Riflescope has been designed to measure distances accurately, calculate wind hold-off, accurately range and ensure correct shot placement for successful hunting.


  • Decent eye relief
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof
  • Effective short and mid-range shooting performance
  • Accurate in identifying your target


  • Some shooters prefer more adjustability than ½ MOA

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The Burris Mtac and the Vortex Strike Eagle have been designed to meet your mid-range to long-range shooting application while hunting. They have multiple differences in their construction quality and their optical performance.

Final Verdict: So, which is better, the Vortex Strike Eagle or the Burris Mtac?

In this review, the clear winner is the Vortex Strike Eagle. The Vortex Strike Eagle has a better optical performance and a construction quality than the Burris Mtac riflescopes making it a better option for your hunting gear. However much so, the Burris Mtac is also a great riflescope but a side by side comparison with the Vortex Strike Eagle gives the Vortex Strike Eagle an added advantage.


Which size of scope mounts should I use with the Vortex Strike Eagle riflescope?

It works well with the 34mm or 1-inch mounting scopes.

What are the turret tubes on the Vortex Strike Eagle riflescope made from?

They are made from aluminum which makes them durable and rugged enough for all your shooting applications when hunting.


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